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  1. I think its like $16 from Uber- It is a fairly quick ride but it takes a few minutes for them to make it through the maze of traffic to get to you.
  2. Just got off the explorer and all we got were Cricket games! Football was not an option.
  3. I just got back from the Explorer at Sea yesterday and WOW the room had one outlet with 2 plugs. It was tough I really thought we would have a plug in the bathroom too but NOPE. @Pima1988 I think the problem comes when you want to charge your phone at the same time you want to dry your hair at the same time you want to plug in your curling iron or shaver?? We didn't take the internet package (because its nice to unplug on vacay) but still two plugs was tough!
  4. I just got back from a cruise yesterday and loved our GTY room.. Which we were assigned about 9 days out.
  5. I just received an email from RC that there will be a Coast Guard Inspection prior to our sailing and we have been asked to not arrive before 3:30 and all guests should be checked in by 4pm. We had planned on arriving at noon- due to hotel checkout etc. Does anyone know if passengers will be boarding during the inspection or if everyone has to wait? This seems like a tight window and certainly throws a wrench into all our pre-planning.
  6. Make a few copies of your passport. Keep a paper copy in your suitcase and then email a copy to yourself and someone in your family who is NOT on the cruise with you.
  7. So how much cash should one carry? And should you bring a lot of $1 bills ? I know this sounds like a crazy question. But for taxi rides and tips and a taco... not for big stuff.
  8. We have decided it was cheaper to Uber to our hotel.. Rent a car for 3 days one block from Hotel and then return it and Uber to port. Saves us a little over $50.00 And then there is no stress!
  9. We will be renting a car while in Miami for a few days prior to our cruise. is there drop off at the port or will we have to Uber or shuttle over to the port?
  10. I called yesterday because the suspense was killing me! hahaha an they told me that until they had sold enough balconys we would not get assigned.. but within 3 days of sailing we would get out room. Today I looked and it says Deck 6??? But mine does say GTY Balcony
  11. I used them for the first time 2 weeks ago and totally loved having each days outfits in a cube. Went on a 4 day weekend last week and I tried putting like things together as an alternative way of using them. Loved that too!! I am looking forward to using them next month as we have a few days pre-cruise that I want to keep those clothes separate.
  12. I am assuming that you need to purchase the ships internet to text between two phones right?
  13. We did a private whale watching tour with just 6 people and then they were sweet enough to drive us over to Mendenhal glacier! I would do it again without question.
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