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  1. They were showing movies in the platinum theater and On Air. It would have been more fun on the pool deck, though!
  2. Is anyone else hoping to visit Tulum? There aren't any Tulum excursions listed currently, but I'm hoping they'll add one because my daughter has not seen the ruins yet.
  3. Thanks for letting us know! That's so amazing that you got an OWNERS SUITE last time wow!
  4. So far they aren't offering any excursions to Tulum on my July sailing during our Cozumel port visit. Does anyone know if those will get added closer to the sailing? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if you can still set the TV to the bridge cam on Royal Caribbean ships? I would like to use this hack on an interior cabin if it's still working! Thanks!
  6. We sailed last month, and I was SO stressed about the test. I booked an appointment with Quest Diagnostics using the link Royal provided. My parents sailed with us and took their test in Florida about 36 hours ahead of embarkation. My daughter and I got tested in Albuquerque 48 hours before embarkation. My parents had their results within 24 hours, but my results did not come in until 1am the night before the cruise. I was freaking out! As a backup plan, I was going to show up at the terminal and ask that they let us use the testing they have at the pier for unvaccinated children since in that case our test results would still not have arrived in time. But that wasn't necessary. I printed everyone's results from the hotel, and check in was very smooth. I would likely choose this option again because it worked, it was free, and I didn't have to worry about anything going wrong since I got tested at a professional lab. And it was a PCR test as well, so it's extra accurate. Additionally I would say that I have a lot of confidence in the labs that do testing in Florida because they seem to know the drill when it comes to cruise testing. And finally, another thing that gave me some comfort was I used a home test to confirm that we were negative before we went in for our lab test. It's bad enough having to wait for the results without also worrying that they'll come in POSITIVE! I hope that helps!
  7. You should be able to make the change online. My mom changed out several excursions while planning our recent cruise. If that doesn't work, call the shore excursions team (866-562-7625). and they will make the change for you. It shouldn't be problem
  8. I visited the Thrill Waterpark with my 12YO daughter last month, and though I only did one or two of the slides with her - we both had an AMAZING time. They have this really fun wave pool - no slides required. I don't think you'll regret tagging along. Although, TBH I don't plan to go with my daughter next time. As soon as she's old enough to go without me (14) I'll only be booking the one ticket for her. I hope that helps!
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