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  1. I am so with you! If this SC cruise doesn’t blow me away-I will rebook my others in Sky. The cost-with the perks SC originally started with-are the ones that my family will use. Flowrider, rockwall kind of stuff. If that perk is removed-not sure it’s worth it for us. Sad they are pushing the food coma. Not that I don’t want some awesome snacks up in my suite- but I can do that kind of stuff without the help of a genie. You are so on point with the sloooow reduction of SC perks and the outrageous prices that come with it. RC has absolutely no reason to reinstate them. It’s saving them $$. I am trying not to be to harsh on them. Enjoy RC product. I haven’t tried the SC yet. But the changes have been posted all over social media. Those changes raised a real red flag with me. I have 4 SC booked in the next 18 months. This cruise will determine a lot for me.
  2. Well, I sit here, full belly, watching the cold rain come down and I want to be on cruise already! It was an amazing Thanksgivings. So much to be Thankful for! Close to the top of that list is this SC cruise! 34 days and counting. The time just keeps flying by. What the heck? We maybe adding another to our cabin. My younger brother Gunner- is trying to work it in! That makes me so happy. An adult to hang with would be nice. The boys are probably thinking the same thing- she’ll have someone to get up early with her! Not sure how adding him after final payment date goes, but we shall find out. I know the cabin can hold 8. We are at 5 now, so no issue there. I’ll be chatting w TA Monday. There are only 2 types of cabins sold out already. I don’t think adding him will be an issue capacity wise. Because I just can’t help myself-I did make show reservations when they opened. I’ll let Genie know he can change whatever he needs to. I’ll leave that up to them. It just occurred to me-if I add my brother those reservations will be mute. Oh well, I’ll just go to the app and take them off and leave all to the Genie. This is what I get for doing their job. Lesson learned. I’m still awaiting my Genie assignment. From my research, Alan R, Romina & Smitha are on board Allure now. Read great things about all 3. Excited! I imagine we can’t go wrong with any of them. It’s almost time to bring the suit cases down! Boys all ordered shirts for Caribbean night and are using Halloween costumes for 70’s night. (They all went as Club 54 dancers.) So that’s two nights down. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  3. The official 45 day countdown has begun. We are all checked in. Oh my, 90 days to 45 days out flew by. Of course, I was up at 545. I guess I was more excited to check-in than I gave it credit. Check in on the app was super easy. I was a tad worried. 3 of us have passports and 2 do not. I worried for nothing. Scanning passports was so simple. The whole check-in process for all 5 of us took under 10 minutes. The available check in times started at 10am and closed at 3 or 330. Our check-in time is officially 10am. Putting the SetSail passes in my Apple wallet made it REAL. I did find out we will have Red, 70’s Disco, Formal/dress to impress, and Caribbean nights. So outfit ideas are flowing already. Is it too early to start packing? I was pleasantly surprised that the “boys” (use that loosely due to their ages 14-16) are looking forward to the dress up nights. Jonas even picked themed socks to go with his Caribbean night get up! I was told to make sure to bring NYE party accessories. So I’ve ordered a few extra things for them to enjoy while ringing in the New Year. Boe asked what theme I was going for on the cabin door! Magnets ordered. I guess, the next milestone will be Genie assignment email. From what I’ve read, that’s like 2 weeks away? I hope he/she is ready. I have a PDF with all our wants/needs ready to attach & send. I hope I don’t end up on their “She must have OCD” list! After reading many blogs on here, I do know-you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Let’s face it-this SC life doesn’t come cheap. On that subject—I’ve seen a lot of strange changes to SC floating around various websites. Like cupcake class not being included and special hours for things like flowrider-zipline etc. Granted-this might only be on select ships. They where cruising on Harmony. They also had a snap shot of the letter they received from the Genie, stating as such. It really seemed to limit the things I paid this price for. Easy access to flowrider-zipline rockwall type attractions are important for me. Now it seems they are just giving SC random hours of access. I’m not sure if this one was true but, they where saying on our NYE sailing even SC had to pay for speciality restaurants on NYE night ? That is yet to be determined. But it was floating around. I have to say-if I have to pay extra for Chops on NYE, I will be very disappointed and make it known. I am holding out hope this doesn’t happen. Anyone sailed on a holiday type cruise that can answer this one for me? Oh-and that new Galveston terminal! Watching the videos, it looks amazing. I cannot wait to see it. The photo op wall and the Galveston trio so adorable. Love that they got local artist to put finishing touches on it like that. For anyone sailing out of there-1) North covered premium lot is closest. 2) Use door on your right for suite class/pinnacle check in. Okay-next check up will be about the excursions! Again-a big TY to all the people on this amazing site!
  4. @MLH I do know this about new terminal parking-North Premium Covered is the closest to new terminal. 20% off parking prices for new terminal start today. Port of Galveston parking.
  5. @ScooterScott22 OMG!! I never thought about those two. But your right! Please let me know your thoughts on both cabin types. Very curious on that! #deck17anddidntknowit? Is there a blog on your RL trip? Newbie sorry. But would love to read/follow along.
  6. The one where they find a Genie! 7 Night Western Caribbean Holiday December 30 2022-January 6 2023 About the travelers: Well, first off I had all intentions of waiting until check-in to start this blog. But I got our SC questionnaire today! So I am beyond excited! There will be 5 of us. Myself-Tina, my twins sons Boe & Jonas, and their 2 besties Connor & Ian. Ian will be celebrating his 16th birthday on embarkation day! That’s wasn’t planned. Just a bonus. The boys and I have been on Allure once before. Such an amazing ship. We are ready for the walking. I maybe #deck17 by the end of this one. I know it will be a totally different experience this time around. The boys are older and bringing friends. This group of boys travel well together. We’ve been on multiple major league baseball game & theme park trips. They also play various school sports together. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed, between the zip-line, mini golf, rock climbing & flow riders etc they’ll stay busy. They’ve been informed Sea days I will be found pool side or on balcony w a good book. They are welcomed to join me but I’m not moving. Every night we will do dinner and shows as a group and the rest of the night is there’s. Cabin: 2BRAT 9330. I stalked the website for over a month and low and behold this cabin opened up. Over the moon we got this cabin. From what I’ve read on this amazing site, it will be perfect for us. With that being said, could anyone, please tell me why I’m still stalking the website for other cabins to become available and is this normal? #deck17 again. I’ve watched so many YouTube videos- I’m gonna start a new drinking game. Rules of the game: I have take a shot every time Danny from Harr Travel says “I’m 6’6” or “I’m a big guy”. That way I’ll be primed & get the most out of my drink package! Don’t cancel me for that one! I’m sure he’s a great guy. I really do enjoy all his cabin and ship videos. There very informative and helped me immensely. I am so excited about our first Star Class cruise. I mean, who isn’t excited about going home with all clean laundry after a vacation? Our original first Star Class cruise was scheduled for March 2023. But—Star Class & NYE—I just couldn’t say NO! So even better-we will now have 3 Star Class cruises in the next 7 months. Is there such a thing as Star Class trifecta? Star class and never going back. Next two are: OASIS March 19-26. We are booked in 2 BRAT 10330. Coco Cay here we come! Allure July 2-9th. We are in the Royal Loft for that one. (Lift & Shift from 2020.) Don’t get me started about this one just yet! 12 of us going. All in SC! That’s a story for another blog- I am an event/wedding planner by trade so I’m not sure how having someone else plan it all will go! That’s just my personality. I like to cross my T’s & dot my I’s months in advance. This time- I’m just gonna breath and let go and have faith in the genie! That’s my plan. Now-if I can just stick to it! My sons already said there’s no way that’s happening. I think they even have a side bet going as to when I’ll actually cave and start planning. Full disclosure- I already told them excursions & spa do not count. I had those in the cart 6 days after booking! Any good cruiser knows those book fast. Wink. Wink. I haven’t told them I’ve been looking at old Star Class itinerary’s posted on here. We’ll keep that between us. But with the holiday season upon us, the Genie maybe my saving grace. Between cooking for 32 for Thanksgiving (yes my blessed family is that big) the 3 weddings, 4 private corporate holiday parties, I have on the books, I may not have time to plan this cruise. How many wishes do we get with our Genie and do they work on land? Oh, let’s not forget family Christmas. I am proud of my restraint. It took all I had not to start this blog the day I booked the room. I figured, by waiting until the official check-in date, I wouldn’t break any records for the World’s most prematurely posted live blog! But I think receiving my email today blew that plan out of the water. Most importantly, so my sons can’t call me an overachiever. I have booked our pre cruise hotel & parking at the terminal. I’ll put those under the excursion & spa category! Mostly likely to sell out! We are leaving out of the brand new all green energy use terminal out of Galveston. Excited to see it and see how it will function. I think we are the 6th Allure sailing out of the new terminal. I’ll be sure to take notes & pics of that. I heard parking booked up early. So, I’ve book the North Premium lot. No clue where it will be. But it was the closest covered parking to the RC terminal. I’d like to say a big Thank-you to all the folks who have shared their experiences on this site. It’s been invaluable information for many of us. It also helps alleviate some anxiety for those who stress about wanting to give their friends, family & loved ones memorable vacations, that are talked about for decades. (The title of the blog is a reference to the show Friends by the way. The name of all the episodes always started The one..) Now I will have to order those dang magnets for the cabin door! Dang you Etsy!
  7. I am so excited to do a NYE cruise. It’s a first for us as well. I can’t believe check in is almost a month out! 11/15!
  8. So I’ve been stalking NYE cruises for a few weeks. Who am I kidding a month at least. With a bit of luck on my side~ a 2Br AT opened up. So I snagged it. I must add my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw this room was available. Who’s going~ Me. Twin boys 14 & their 2 BFFs. This is will be our first star class cruise. So excited. So now the excursion research begins! Cruises to come oasis 3/19/23 Allure 7/2/23
  9. So excited for this cruise. Who’s sailing~ Royal Loft Suite~Me my two twin sons, their bff & my dear brother. 2Br Aqua (10330) my BFF of 26 years her DH & her two sons. Hope to meet other cruise crazy travelers.
  10. So happy to see our roll call on here officially!!! My name is Tina. I’ll be traveling with my twin boys (14) and my dear brother. We are staying in a 2 BR Aqua. I think it’s 10330. So excited. It will be our 1st star class cruise. Have become completely obsessed with YouTube videos of the ship & cabins. About to start deep dive into STAR CLASS & the magical Genie! Is it too soon to start a countdown? ‘We are also booked on ALLURE 7/2-7/9 Star class as well. Hitting up that roll call next.
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