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The sweet firsts of Symphony--An as live as I can make it blog! March 2-9,2019

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Recap Day 6!  Sea Day!!
We love us some sea days!!  
I rolled out of bed a little late this morning (6:40) as I didn't make it to bed until almost 3:00.  Today we skipped breakfast as we had the Bottomless Galley brunch tour at 10:45 and at the end of the tour they provide us with brunch.  
We did of course have a couple cups of Seattles Best Coffee to hold us over from Cafe Promenade. They do have a free standing Starbucks onboard but their coffee is not included in the drink package.  We lived in Seattle for nine years and actually prefer Seattles Best 
Before our tour I did a scope of the sports deck here on Symphony.  It boasts a min golf course, two flow riders, the beginning of the Abyss slide, zipline, and basketball court.  The Wipeout Bar is also up there.  From the sports deck you can see the Ultimate family suite as well!  I continued the scope into El Loco Fresh which is in front of the basketball court.
We headed down to the Main Dining room for the tour and thought Dusty's Swedish chef shirt was appropriate lol!  
There were 19 of us on the tour. We had already seen parts of the galley from our All Access tour but they did go more in depth and we did see a couple additional areas like the bakery!
 I will be honest is saying we were not very impressed with the brunch itself although they did give you bottomless champagne.  Side note: The champagne given on the All Access tour was much better IMHO.  This tour is scheduled for two hours. The cost of this tour was $99 per person.  We may have been more impressed had we not done the All Access tour as well but it is not really a tour that I would recommend for the cost.
Additional photos of the tour and brunch
We spent the better part of the afternoon at Playmakers, probably our favorite bar onboard. Lucian, a fantastic mixologist, who makes amazing drinks that aren't on the menu, has also become a favorite!  Doesn't hurt that he kind of looks like a leprechaun ha ha!
Tonight we dined in 150 Central Park and had the roasted tenderloin for two that they cut table side.  This was in fact my favorite meal aboard Symphony!  We coupled this with the Urban Garden Martini which is their signature drink.  
After dinner it was on to the Theatre to see Flight.  Guests with the Key have reserved seating which is the same as Suite, Pinnacle, and Diamond Plus members.  We really enjoyed this show!  
Then it was off to the Battle of the Sexes and The Crazy Quest, both in Studio B.  We haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!!  The second Silent Hush party was after that right next door in the Attic so we headed over there.  These are all firsts for Dusty and he enjoyed them all!  Such fun!!
We hadn't gone into the hot tubs yet so we decided to at a little after 2AM.  It was the best way to end this fun filled seaday.
Came home to our last towel animal! 
On to our last day, also a sea day, tomorrow!
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We have made it to day 7....a sad day as our vacation on this amazing ship is coming to a close.  It was a nice, relaxing, fun day at sea!
We started our late morning by eating breakfast in the Windjammer.  We didn't get up there until about 9:00 so it wasn't too busy and there was still plenty of food to go around.  Right outside the windjammer is a model of Symphony with TV screens explaining many features of her as well as her stats!  Pretty cool!
Once we finished we headed down to Next Cruise for our appointment and YOLO booked a Jr Suite on Allure for November 2020.  This was actually the first time my husband has booked a cruise all by himself.  I was just there for a little guidance and support.  GO Dusty!  This will also be a sailing for just he and I.
We had a little time to kill before our lunch at Jamies Italian at noon so we headed over to Central Park and the Trellis bar for a quick Lava flow (with Kraken of course)!  We also asked a passerby to take a photo of us in our BLOG shirts under the Trellis.
The lunch at Jamies was included in our cruise fare as you get it, along with a bottle of wine, for booking a Central Park Balcony stateroom.  The Meat plank was the best part of our meal for sure!  The view of Central Park is wonderful out the window.
From Jamies we walked around the ship where we ran into the stowaway piano player near the main dining room and checked out some more fabulous artwork around the ship.  This has to be my favorite and reminds me of my daughter as she LOVES lollipops!!
This afternoon we had reserved times for the Zip line and the Ultimate Abyss.  When you are a Key guest, they set aside an hour for each of them on a sea day.  Suites, Pinnacles, and Diamond Plus members are also part of this reserved time.  There were no lines so it was great!  
The zip line was fun!  Short, but fun and I did it twice in a row.  I could have gone many more times within that hour if I had wanted to.  Just a reminder that you need to be wearing closed toed lace up shoes.  They do have some shoes available to use if you are like me and only had Keene close toed sandals....oops!
I was a little anxious while waiting my turn for the Ultimate Abyss dry slide!  I thought it was going to be a lot faster than it was.  The lights are really cool in it as well!
We decided to go hang out on the pool deck afterwards with a nice drink while hubby enjoyed a cigar in the designated section.
Pina Colada and Lava Flow
Then it was off to trivia in the Schooner Bar!  General knowledge and we brought in our "message a friend" @Laurac22 We did great but did not come home with the coveted RCL keychain or highlighter. 😢😢
For our last night we decided to try the ever so popular Playmakers Burger (we have heard from many folks that it is better than the burgers in Johnny Rockets). Ok, we totally could have shared this thing! Its huge and the cheese fries are plentiful as well as amazing!  It IS an awesome burger!  We spent the rest of the night at Playmakers with our favorite bartender Lucian!  
We ended our night walking around the boardwalk area and taking a ride on the carousel!  
Sad Sad to see....
Upcoming additions to this blog in the upcoming days...
Review of The Key
Food Porn---All the food we had around the ship with menus
Drinks--by popular demand I will post photos of most, if not all the different drinks we had onboard with the names.
Venues around Symphony 
Anything else I might think of that may be of interest 
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