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The sweet firsts of Symphony--An as live as I can make it blog! March 2-9,2019


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Recap Day 1

 We started our day off driving from Naples to Miami. The anticipation was killing me as we  made our way across the state and then to drop our rental car off at the airport. We took a Lyft which ended up being a shared ride to the Port. Side note- The couple we shared the ride with we’re heading out on the carnival sensation.   We saw the sensation in port today in Nassau ...holy old, not so nice looking, ship (boat 😂)! 

 We arrived at terminal A around noon ...aaagghh.  I have never embarked a ship that late and I was getting very very antsy !


 Beautiful terminal! She even still smelled new!   Curb to onboard was about 15 minutes.  

 First impression of the ship walking on was that she is big, beautiful, and yes, a little bad ass!   The art on this ship is precisely placed and just amazing!  (I’ll post much more as the week goes on)


 My first stop was to set up our five night specialty dining and two lunches.  We received a lunch at Jimmy’s for booking a central park balcony state room.  Our other lunch was on embarkation day at chops because we have the key for this sailing   Side note- I will be doing a separate post in regards to why we have the key for this sailing and if in the end, it was worth it for us 



(feel free to ask for any photos of any of our meals as I will be taking pictures of food and menus)   Our meal at Chops was fantastic!

 We decided to walk around the boardwalk area where I did a Periscope.  To catch the replay please feel free to follow me at @karahvacatimes on Peeiscope  and to look at any other Royal Caribbean periscopes search under #RCPeriscopers  in the app!

We had an early dinner last night at Hooked.   I was very curious as to how this meal would be after hearing quite a few different reviews.   I would absolutely go there again and it was overall a wonderful experience with great  food!



 Hooked overlooks the solarium bistro and has panoramic views into the solarium.


We decided to head over to the solarium after dinner  to relax a bit after we had indulged in a few cocktails throughout the day and were pretty full from dinner! 

The Big Wonder


The “see through pool” 


 I just love these chairs with the huge cushions but of course being this comfortable makes you quite sleepy  so we decided to head in early tonight and start fresh in the morning!


 A couple views of Central Park from our double balcony before calling it a night.



 We shall see you tomorrow for day two Where we will be in Nassau Bahamas! where we will be in Nassau Bahamas 

@Wilson  I have not forgotten about your request for photos of the state room and balcony.

 I take requests folks so if you want to see anything just let me know! 



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Recap Day 2

As on every first full day of a cruise, I woke up quite early and headed down to Paek Cafe for a large Caramel Latte!  I headed up to the pool deck to take a look around when I noticed we were headed into the port of Nassau!  No photos as I promptly put my mic on my phone and scope our arrival.  (You can catch the replay on PERISCOPE by following me, @kaeahvacatimes) 

We started our morning by eating breakfast at the solarium bistro which is a fantastic alternative to the Windjammer, if you are looking for one. You can also have breakfast at El Loco fresh, MDR, park café and Café promenade for smaller dishes and pastries, and Johnny Rockets offers breakfast at no additional charge on Oasis class ships.  



We originally thought we would stay on board during the day in Nassau but at the last minute change our minds after the magnificent @PRCgave us a recommendation of something different to do onshore!  So another first for us was going to be GrayCliff hotel which has beautiful grounds,  a cigar company, chocolate company, and restaurant all on site.  If you have been to Nassau plenty of times like we have and have done all there is you’d like to do, this is certainly worth looking into if it is something that interests you.  It is about a 10 minute walk from Port and the last bit is up a pretty steep hill.  








All aboard was 130 and we were probably back on the ship around 1 o’clock. 


We headed over to Playmakers to have a quick lunch and a pint!  My husband says their wings have very good flavor and you’ll have to take his word for it because I am not a spicy girl, at least not in that way 😂😂69FC8A0E-5131-4EF4-B3E9-6D1AEB37A25C.thumb.jpeg.77275e792522ee15f7815d3397b394cd.jpeg


The pigskin and baller sliders


12 Major League wings (hottest they offer)

For dinner we had another first at Wonderland. We very much enjoyed the cuisine and the experience. Our main dishes were the halibut and the short rib.  Our waitress chose the appetizers to go along with our main dishes. We would do Wonderland again although I know it is not for everyone!  I think everyone should experience it once even if it’s just for the experience.  If you aren’t full when you leave, just do what @Wilson does and go grab a couple hotdogs at the doghouse!



Short rib


Halibut steamed in a mushroom marinade with pearl potatoes and more mushrooms!



After dinner we headed over to the aqua theater show. On symphony it is called HIRO.  Having the Key was “key” here (see what I did there?) as they have reserved seating for you and we sat with the diamond plus and pinnacle members right in the center of the Aqua Theater.  

This is an exhilarating and beautiful show that lasts about 50 minutes.





We ended our night listening to Billy Pando in the Schooner Bar and scoped a few songs for his favorite fan and fellow RCBLOG insider @Big Dawg Ron!



And we always love coming home to a new “pet”! 


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Loving this as I follow along...


The wings are good..I didn't go that hot though when I had them on Marnier...but I can smell them now and its making my mouth water.....


Noticed you flew into Naples....and your from NH...I usually fly out of Portland when I can...was there a good deal or flights into Naples out of somewhere in the North East?

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6 hours ago, Big Dawg Ron said:

I like that Billy too, oh wait, I mean Larissa!!! hahahahahahahaha

I'll always be second fiddle to Larissa, but that's alright.  It's something about 'arissas.  I mean, I know @Matt and I have never rolled our eyes together looking at Marissa, but Marissa and I at @Matt...

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18 hours ago, monctonguy said:

Loving this as I follow along...


The wings are good..I didn't go that hot though when I had them on Marnier...but I can smell them now and its making my mouth water.....


Noticed you flew into Naples....and your from NH...I usually fly out of Portland when I can...was there a good deal or flights into Naples out of somewhere in the North East?

Hi!  We actually flew into Ft Meyers and drove down to Naples.  We flew out of Portsmouth, NH on a discount airline (Allegiant). Frontier also flies from there.   We saved almost $500 flying with them and we’re still alive sooooo... it was worth it  hahaha!

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