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The Key - my experience last week

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On 2/13/2019 at 2:47 PM, spiralqueen said:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Key on a Vision class ship when you get back. I have it for Allure in May and I have a feeling it will be an excellent value. I'm a bit more unsure about the use of getting it for our November Grandeur sailing though. 

We just returned from 4 nights on Enchantment using The Key. We arrived at the port around 11:00 am and was directed to the Expedited line (guests with passports and a set sail pass) so we didn't use The Key but boarding was super quick. Once on board, we dropped off our carry-on luggage at the theater and then explored the ship before heading to Chops for lunch at 11:30 am. Once the cabins opened up, we made our way to our cabin to find our carry-on luggage safe inside as well as our Voom codes.

For the shows, the reserved seats where located on the balcony (above the reserved section for Suites and Pinnacle members). We never sat up there because we preferred the seats on the lower level. There were two private sessions for the Rockwall and two private sessions for the Jumpzone (one session each day).

Like @SpeedNoodles described, there was no one near the tender line for Coco Cay so we just waited in line. Everyone in line was able to board the tender so this wasn't an issue for us. For disembarkation day, we enjoyed our breakfast without being rushed and when finished was able to walk off the ship through the exit labeled with The Key.

Overall, we enjoyed the benefits of The Key and would consider it again. I definitely see where there could be more value on larger ships with more to do (i.e. Flow Rider, Sky Pad, Perfect Storm, etc).

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Thanks so much for this review @SpeedNoodles.  I'd read a lot of other reviews including @twangster.  We're sailing on Navigator in July with our 16yo DS and his best friend...I've looked at it thinking it might be good/fun for the best friend (and me) to be able to share stuff with his parents.  Appreciate the review.


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