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  1. Just got off the Navigator a few hours ago. I am going to be putting a photo book together and I forgot to take a picture of the “Monday” carpet banner that they have on the elevator floor. I have the other days but missing Monday. Any chance someone has a picture they wouldn’t mind sharing?
  2. Will be at Atlantis off the Navigator on Tue with my kids and would like to have our phones with us to keep in contact with each other. Are there lockers at Atlantis near the water slides where we can store stuff? thx in advance
  3. My daughter has a nut allergy so I need a fridge to store some stuff. I haven’t called Royal Caribbean, but does Anyone know if there are (mini) fridges in the rooms on Navigator? thanx in advance.
  4. Awesome. Thx for the quick and detailed reply.
  5. I understand that there are lockers at coco cay? I am mainly interested in a place to keep my phone while at the water park. Are there lots of lockers? Free? Do I get a key I can take on the water slides? Location? thx in advance.
  6. Going on our first RC cruise (Navigator) at the end of Dec. I have purchased the Key and my cruise package material says my embarkation time is between 11 and 11:30. Possibly silly question but does the Key allow me to board “anytime” (even earlier than my stated time of 11-11:30) or do I still have to show up at the terminal in that window but the Key has some form of separate line? thanx in advance.
  7. Planning my first Navigator cruise and I have a question about the Refreshment Package. I understand that the drinks packages (refreshment, Classic soda etc) are non sharing. But if I get my daughter the refreshment package which comes with the ability to use the coke freestyle beverage machines, can I or someone else get her a drink from those machines or does she personally need to go to the machine and swipe some kind of ID card to get the drink? (Or does the freestyle machine use a special cup and if so, is that somehow coded to my daughter - the “owner” of the refreshment package s
  8. Does anyone know where the Freestyle Coke Machines are on the Navigator?
  9. Do you have to buy the package for the entire number of days of the cruise ? For example I am on 4 night / 5 day cruise (get on Monday and get off early Friday morning). Could I pick the package for Tue, Wed Thursday? (I assume not but Friday doesn’t really count as you disembark first thing in the morning)
  10. Thx. If we cant use the coffee card in the Starbucks, it may be better to just get the refreshment package rather than the coffee card. Will have to think about that. (Soda package for the 2 boys!) Thx for the quick reply.
  11. I was trying to figure out whether I can use the Coffee Card at the Starbucks on Navigator or whether the Refreshment Package (for specialty coffee etc) would be good enough. I started doing some more research, and came across a number of web resources that talk about “On RC ships that do not have a free standing Starbucks (all ships except for Oasis class...)” I thought that Navigator does have a stand alone Starbucks, but perhaps not? (Going on our first RC cruise this December.) Maybe the specialty coffee you can get with the Refreshment Package is the same as the coffee you can
  12. Makes sense. Thx. Best bet for me may be to get 2 of the soda packages for the 2 boys and then a coffee card (or 2) for the ladies. Thx
  13. Thx. This is helpful. Still finding my way around all the information that is out there. The sod’s package might be good for my 2 boys - I have also seen conflicting info about how if one person in a room gets the package then everyone does, but in the small print from what I have read on line for the Soda package it just says no sharing. If I am on a reservation with my 2 boys, I would get it for both of them but would I also have to get the package? I have also been reading some posts where people have been saying that some of these drink packages are only “worth it” depending on the
  14. I will be going on the Navigator over December break and apologies in advance for this NUB / rookie question. I have been going through the different drinks packages, coffee cards, etc but one thing which is not yet clear to me. If we don't have any of the drink packages, does that mean the only drink we can get in the main dining room for dinner is water, and any soda (Sprite etc) the kids order is per glass charge?
  15. I also booked this for an upcoming (but later) Navigator sailing. Please post your thoughts about it after using it. TIA (Thx in advance)
  16. Thx. I found an updated map on line - which I assume is "proposed" - I think buying a cabana at this early date, might be a bit premature.
  17. Anyone know if Key is being made available for a Dec sailing on navigator? I don’t see it made available online. -Found it - thx
  18. Hi. I just booked a cruise this coming Dec on Navigator and this will be my first RC cruise (I have done Disney and Regent in the past). I have just spent a lot of time on the RC website and various forums trying to figure out some of the shore excursions and spoke to a customer service rep who was helpful, but did not really know very much. Apologies in advance if these are "easy" question but I have not yet found the answers. I will be travelling with spouse, 2 younger buys and 2 older girls - so different vacation considerations. Boys will definitely want to access the CocoCay w
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