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  1. marcg125

    The Key - my experience last week

    Thank you for the input. Will definitely arrive early at Terminal A when I sailing Symphony this summer. I'm sure it will be crazy with the summer crowd so hopefully having The Key will make things just a little easier.
  2. marcg125

    Question on dinner at Windjammer

    Well I have a group of people sailing with my wife and I for her birthday cruise and talking to my travel agent she suggested late dining as it is easier and a more relaxed setting for a group of mostly adults and no rush for dinner when arriving back from the ports. I am fine with late dinner just checking if I can get something beforehand if hungry at WJ (more choices there which I why that would be a priority option to eat when hungry).
  3. I have late dining (on my reservation it states 8:30 for dinner at the MDR for my summer sailing). What if I would like to have a small bite to eat earlier at the Windjammer when it opens before 6 pm before I meet my group at MDR late dinner. Is this allowed or not?
  4. marcg125

    The KEY

    If you are sailing out of Terminal A in Miami can you tell us of The Key experience from that aspect when you arrive at the terminal (I notice that the terminal has sign's for Suites & Pinnacles when you walk in the door but not sure where The Key people are led when they walk in the terminal).
  5. marcg125

    The KEY

    I would check the details again for The Key in the cruise planner as they have changed for my sailing as well as others I heard from another blog (choice of Jaime's or Giovannis instead of just Chops; need to reserve shows in advance).
  6. I would check again as the details have changed for using The Key as of today (Jaime's or Giovannis as an option, need to reserve shows). They may have update the language to include the new information.
  7. marcg125

    The Key

    I noticed the same thing yesterday and cancelled my previous purchase of The Key to get the new price of $19.99. I wonder why they lowered the price. Not enough people buying?
  8. marcg125

    The Key

    I am taking advantage of this package for my August sailing on Symphony. It would be just my wife and I. I wouldn't do this if my kids were with us. I planned to eat at Chop's Grill and get the internet package before this perk. And since this is my first RC cruise I wanted to have some advantages that Suite guests will have. My main incentive on taking this cruise was to enjoy the shows the ship has to offer and now with this perk I have reserved priority seating. I don't get upset at people who purchase fast pass tickets at theme parks so people shouldn't be upset about RC presenting this offer to guests.