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  1. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Promotions/Snapshot_of_CruisePlanner_Offers.pdf See new cruise planner sale offering attached for sailings from 8/10/19-2/29/20.
  2. I believe this being done on the Oasis class ships. I believe UDP plays a part as some ships allow using this package on the first day and they can have access to Chops.
  3. NP, also the UDP may play are part in this too as some people who bought UDP and not The Key will want CG for lunch on Day 1.
  4. From what I read in reviews even though the Key lunch is moved to the MDR, people still loved the meal. I believe in what Twangster stated earlier in this thread as many people are probably showing up around the same time (probably between 11:30-12 pm) to have this lunch and the seating capacity of the restaurant is only 100 so the move to the larger venue.
  5. I read this was happening on Symphony as well.
  6. I am reading recent reviews of The Key and noticed that on the certain Oasis class ships, people who purchased The Key are now having the special lunch located in the MDR as opposed to Chops Grille restaurant. Can anyone confirm on recent trips if this is happening? Don't mind but just knowing ahead of time if the MDR is the place to go to have that lunch (I understand that this allows people who are not part of The Key to have the option of eating at Chop's on embarkation day without the extra wait time with the Key).
  7. Back up with The Key symbol finally showing up on my Setsail passes.
  8. When looking at the additional terms section of The Key it states offer applies to select sailings departing June 27, 2019 - January 15, 2020. I have it for my August sailing. Not certain if this is dependent upon my sailing, if the Key ends or is subject to change in January 2020 or if a revised program will take effect for 2020 sailings.
  9. Customer service emailed me back stating that I checked in using the app instead of my computer which is why the symbol is not showing up but they confirmed my purchase of The Key. I will print out that email and use it if problems arise when I go through priority boarding.
  10. I just emailed customer service at RC if you state The Key should show up on the setsail pass because I am not seeing it on my pass for my upcoming sailing. Trying to avoid any issues when I do priority boarding.
  11. I've read a post where the owners are building barriers on the beach for the sea grass and they will stop dealing with removal while guests are there to help stop the smell from roaming around the beach. I reserved Maya Chan too in August so I am looking out for more information to see if I need to cancel. From what I read many people still enjoyed the food and the relaxed atmosphere even though they did not get in the water.
  12. I was worried about having issues with checking in early with The Key group seeing it is not showing up on my setsail pass too. I received an email from RCCL customer service and they stated that reps should have a list of all guests who purchased The Key and told me to print confirmation of the purchase (I still am questioning this - the reps could be inside the ship, not in the terminal). But I will be persistent like you if trouble arises.
  13. I also like that I get a chance to use the flow rider - I felt that since I am going during the first week of August there will be some many families on board and that the line will turn me off from even trying - I don't mind now going to a 9 am time slot so that I can at least have a few times to have a run on the flow rider. And since I am going cruising with a group of people the MDR will the main place to eat but it is nice I get to have lunch at Chops with my wife on the first day (As long as they have a steak for me and fish for my wife than that's fine).
  14. As of now, I am going to keep The Key package for my summer sailing on Symphony and wait to see the observations of those that used The Key on Symphony in the next few months to make me decide if I should cancel it or not and not base it on people's personal opinions of why they will not purchase the experience.
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