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  1. Hello All, We're going for it with The Key on our upcoming SoS cruise, despite what anyone has had to say about it. I've read many of post about the moving target that is the listed benefits. What I want to know about is any unlisted benefits. The two I have heard so far are: 1) Pool Towels Galore with no need to check out/check in 2) A somewhat random mid-trip fruit basket or plate Anyone done The Key and received a benefit never described in a RCCL missive? Thanks! Melanie
  2. Thanks All. We're sticking with it. To be honest, I'm hoping others cancel and we have practically have the place to ourselves. ?
  3. We're head out this Saturday and have been reading about the seagrass invasion of the Yucatan Peninsula. We have a reservation at Maya Chan that I was sooooo excited about. Got a letter from the resort over the weekend warning about the seagrass and their inability to keep up. Do I cancel? Is there enough to do there if the beach is inaccessible? I really want to try it out, but it's rather expensive. Thank you!
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