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Secret Benefits of The Key - Spill the Tea


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Hello All,

We're going for it with The Key on our upcoming SoS cruise, despite what anyone has had to say about it. I've read many of post about the moving target that is the listed benefits. What I want to know about is any unlisted benefits. The two I have heard so far are:

1) Pool Towels Galore with no need to check out/check in

2) A somewhat random mid-trip fruit basket or plate

Anyone done The Key and received a benefit never described in a RCCL missive?



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Check out the VOOM, which would cost you $$ if you bought it a la carte.  We haven't used the Key because we don't see the ROI and we have other perks from the loyalty program.  Nor are we electronic buffs who need constant wi fi.  That said, there are those who love the Key and it is all tied into to splurging on vacation to feel special or eliminate worries.  Dropping off carry on baggage on Day 1 is a case in point.  Here is what RCI says:

"The Key Guests will enjoy the following exclusive and special amenities during their cruise vacation: 

  • Priority check-in and boarding*
  • Exclusive carry-on luggage service with stateroom delivery**
  • Private lunch at Chops Grille®, Jamie’s Italian, or Giovanni’s Table on embarkation day (Venues vary by ship)
  • Private hours on marquee activities*** like FlowRider, Rock Climbing wall, Ripcord by iFly. The private hours schedule will be provided at check-in. 
  • Priority port of call debarkation
  • VIP seating area at Main theater, Aqua Theater, Studio B, and Two70 shows
  • VOOM ® Surf & Stream (1 Device per each paying guest)
  • Choice debarkation with an exclusive a la carte breakfast

*Priority check-in and boarding will not be offered in Vancouver, Canada or at any ports in Australia.

**Carry-on luggage drop-off service is limited to two pieces per guest and can weigh no more than 25 pounds per carry-on.

***Onboard activities included in private hours vary by ship and sailing."


I find the service on RC so good that I don't see the need to pay for "premium" service, but that is just one opinion.

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Interesting.  I had not noticed before that they are advertising a reserved area in 270.  Is there a suites reserved area in 270 ?  Is upstairs  the balcony (I've never been up there !) ?  I did not notice any reserved areas in 270 besides the occasional Star Class drapes.

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