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Mobile App - putting things on the calendar????

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29 minutes ago, Doggidr said:

If you go on the single day view, you can tap on a time and an “add activity” button appears.  Then select “personalized activity”.  Just be sure to select the end time BEFORE you type everything in because when you change the time, everything you typed disappears.  Then select the people on the reservation that the activity applies to and click “add to calendar”. 

The only problem is this:  We are part of a group that has training sessions.  I went to add all of our workshops into my calendar so it’s all in one place.

I added a workshop 5-7:30 on day 2.  I tried to add it on day 3 and it adds a 2nd on day 2.  Same for group dinners.  If you try to add a similar activity at the same time on another day, it adds it to the first day you had that.  When you look at the calendar,  you see a colored square on the activity indicating who in your party the activity is for.

The more times I tried to add the workshop on day 2, the more squares on the same activity on day 1 kept appearing.


(along with the stupidity that you can’t book the same spa service for more than 1 person in your party.  Spa services default to # of people as 1 and then you can’t add it again because it says “already in cart”.  I called the 800 number and said “you mean to tell me that with thousands of people on this ship, they have 1 of those spa services available the entire cruise?”  They said “no but that’s how the system is set up, sorry we can’t book it”)

Thinking this is phone specific.  I signed in and out a couple times and show reservations finally showed up...but our Royal excursion is not there.   And there is definitely not the option to add an activity showing in general cruise planner to my calendar   

Where us the sing out/ sign in again?  Can't even find that option to try again. 🤔

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I am having similar issues.  Not everything I have in cruisebplanner has carried over to the app.  In one case, the app shows us docking in Rostand instead of Falmouth, so my excursion in Falmouth is not in the app.  Hoping it clears up before our cruise in early June.

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Be careful that you do not rely entirely on the app to schedule your day. Just finished a cruise on Liberty and there were programs that appeared on the app but were not on the printed planner. We showed up for the show (jazz band) along with several others and we were disappointed when the band set up and then disappeared. When we asked the Guest Services they just shrugged and told us the app does not necessarily get updated during the cruise and to use the planner.

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