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  1. My first two I got 2 weeks before their respective sailings, so you still might. Check your spam box
  2. Had that happen a couple weeks ago, when my girlfriend and I got put at a table for 6. One couple showed up the first night, but the second and third nights was just the two of us. Actually, I'd be more at home with the whole mad tea party than with a bunch of normals
  3. Scratch that. Was actually where terminal A is now. At the time was just an empty lot, with tents set up as the 'terminal'. Didn't occur to me that it was actually the cleared construction site of the new terminal.
  4. That's about how having mystery table mates works. You never know what you're gonna get.
  5. Are they still using the overflow 'terminal' down in Miami? Haven't been down there in a couple years, since well before the new terminal opened.
  6. Should still be some availability then. Give em a call and see
  7. I had to call Royal last week to modify my dining time for my April cruise, and they asked me whether I preferred a table for 4, 7, etc. First time that's happened. Try giving them a call and requesting a table for 4. How far out is your sailing?
  8. I'm too old and fat to get into the Coast Guard, so it's the GoFundMe for me
  9. That's when you break out the swimsuit, find yourself a good lounge chair up top, and when the rain stops you can transition seamlessly into sunbathing mode, and dry off at the same time.
  10. That's just good ol' Florida weather, and all part of knowing what to expect wherever you go. Did you get the good old fashioned pourin-down thunderstorm, or the classic on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off?
  11. Nah, just start a go-fund-me. Think yourself up a really good sob story, and the suckers will pay
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