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  1. It can really vary from day to day. We spent Christmas on The Enchanment if the Seas in 2017. We spent the Christmas Eve day at Blue lagoon, and we were in the water most of the afternoon (highly reccommend Blue Lagoon) spent Christmas Day at CoCo Cay, and nearly froze...windy and rainy. Ended up back on the ship before lunch.
  2. Has anyone done the “Go Native Jamaica” excursion in Falmouth? if so, any feed back/comments? We are sailing on the Allure June 9-16, and are looking to get a flavor of the area, and are hoping this will fit the bill.
  3. I believe you are correct. Perhaps we’ll see something before setting sail!
  4. Sailing on the allure June 9-16 Western Carribean (Labadee, Falmouth and Cozumel) does anyone have a cruise compass with this itinerary?
  5. The Royal App shows a stop in Roatan instead of Falmouth. My reservation, as well as planned excursion are for Falmouth. Has there been a change of itinerary, or is this just another app issue?
  6. I am having similar issues. Not everything I have in cruisebplanner has carried over to the app. In one case, the app shows us docking in Rostand instead of Falmouth, so my excursion in Falmouth is not in the app. Hoping it clears up before our cruise in early June.
  7. I had the same question....so my assumption is that the fee I paid for a specialty restaurant will include the 18% gratuity, and will not show up on my card at the end of the cruise. Is that the general opinion?
  8. My wife and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary on The Allure of the Seas on the June 9, 2019 sailing. Is lunch available at Sabor during sea days? When I try to schedule, only dinner options appear.
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