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Anthem 11/25/17 - 7+12 B2B

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Day 4 - San Juan, Scheduled Arrival 3pm  As we approached San Juan our sunny day ended and it became apparent we would have some liquid sunshine, emphasis on liquid, to contend with. We

I don't always live blog my cruises,   But when I do I live blog on RoyalCarribeanBlog.com.  Live from my balcony. Note to @Matt - need a full screen logo 🙂  

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13 minutes ago, Boston Babe said:

OMG Sabrina, I was going to message you! Was thinking of you looking at these pics!

And I was thinking of you! You stand a better chance than me! I am seriously going to do what @tiny260 is doing and next time I have a year off work I am going to go through every sailing and find a week where Star Class is slightly more affordable. That's my plan anyway... 😜

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We have arrived in Port Canaveral!

After taking the photos in the Grand Loft Suite I headed forward to take in our arrival from the Solarium.  


Majesty of the Seas is in port today.  The two ships saluted each other with a blast of their horns as we sailed past.


Today we will be beside a Disney ship on the other side of the port compared to Majesty. 


From my port side balcony I can see Cape Canaveral and the shuttle building in the distance. I think that was the shuttle building.


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I ventured off the ship earlier to scout locations where I might get a decent night photo of Anthem since we are here until 9pm. While looking around I saw a painter hanging around aft, just randomly painting parts of her rear.  This photo gives you an idea just how 270, two70 really is. Love those aft loft suites above two70 as well.   


Back on board and waiting for sunset I caught Northstar in action:


Here is the photo I took from the DCL parking garage after dark once the mouse infested ship got out of the way:


After that back to the ship.  I missed my MTD reservation and my cabin was being cleaned when I returned so I ventured off to the Solarium and was pulled into the Solarium Bistro for dinner.  Quite good and not busy.   


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3 minutes ago, Sabrinaklai said:

Been meaning to ask you @twangster, what was the water like before arriving in Port Canaveral?  Choppy?  Smooth sailing?

So far smooth seas.  I use the Windy app and the website Ventusky.com to forecast wind and waves.   I don't tend to get motion sickness.  Between my next 2 weeks and my return to Anthem in January I may get some waves, or maybe not.  So far, so good. 

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13 hours ago, twangster said:

The Next Cruise desk announced a Grand Loft Suite tour for today.  Apparently there was a no-show, so me and 1/3 of the ship went for the tour this morning.  Cabin 10720.  

There was a recent photo tour of another Grand Loft Suite on Anthem


This is a corner cabin on deck 10 aft.  I think I like the loft suites on Oasis class more, but to each their own.

This cabin has three outdoor balconies. One aft, one lower balcony on starboard and another starboard balcony above it accessed from the 2nd level.

Two and half bathrooms.  Powder room downstairs, separate shower downstairs, bathroom upstairs with shower but no tub.

Great views aft.

EDIT - I snuck back in after the crowds lost interest and moved on.  Updated photos included.




Main level aft balcony:

Anthem GL Tour-2.jpg

Aft views:

Anthem GL Tour-3.jpg

This is what you see when you 1st open the cabin door.  Straight ahead is the starboard balcony.  To the right is the main living area.  Stairs to the 2nd level:


The main level starboard balcony:

Anthem GL Tour-9.jpg


Main level powder room.


Main level shower:


Upstairs starboard balcony.

Anthem GL Tour-10.jpg





Master bathroom upstairs:




I do feel those corner Grand Lofts are cramped. Lot of "wasted" space as you mentioned. Had originally booked that room, 10720, for the sailing back in August. Changed it later to the one in the photo tour link.

Ones in the middle are so much more open not having that entryway. They do feel much more like the Oasis class Crown Lofts.


Living that ship again with your pictures. Never really did venture outside at night. Just too tired after the port stops and dinner.

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Day 4 - Coco Cay

Pretty decent headwind as I woke up but small seas.  Hoping we would make Coco Cay but as the morning progressed it was looking a lot less likely. 


Watching our arrival from the Solarium when the Captain announced the good news and the bad news.  Good news - we found Coco Cay!  The bad news - weather conditions would not allow tendering operations.   I was expecting this and was left with a choice.  Complain and threaten a near mutiny (as I heard some guests grumble) or come up with plan B.  So I immediately implemented plan B and grabbed a mimosa.  I was supposed to go scuba diving in Coco Cay so I had avoided my morning mimosa.  I had also loaded up with coral-friendly sun screen which isn't the nicest sunscreen to use but when diving or swimming in the Caribbean it's what I use.  It leaves a white pasty layer on your skin so I only use it when required. Pale as a ghost from the coral safe sunscreen I found myself at the Solarium bar.

I managed to grab a few photos of the Coco Cay pier construction as we continued on to Nassau where we will overnight instead of calling on Nassau just tomorrow. The pier is scheduled to begin taking ships in June of next year to avoid this exact issue - missed calls due to risky tender operations.


I thought I had spotted some new construction on Coco Cay towards the undeveloped end of the island: 


But between rain showers it became evident those were just work ships and barges taking shelter on the other side of the island:


Soon after a line of storms helped to wash the salt off the ship. I've never understood why people get upset when a last minute itinerary changes happens due to weather. It happens.  



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3 minutes ago, twangster said:

Soon after a line of storms helped to wash the salt of the ship. I've never understood why people get upset when a last minute itinerary changes happens due to weather. It happens

Ditto. I wouldn't be happy to have to skip CocoCay, but I also get there's nothing RC can do about it either.

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Too bad about Coco Cay. Glad to hear you made the most of a disappointing situation. Why some people grumble and complain is beyond me because RC obviously doesn't control the weather. Loving the pics so far. You have inspired me to go out on deck more at night 😊 So goals for Anthem now are: WJ nightly recon thanks to @CGTLH and walking around the deck more at night. Your pics make Anthem look beautiful!

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I ended up having an impromptu lunch yesterday with our Cruise and Entertainment Directors in two70.  They had been pretty busy coming up with activities since we missed our call on Coco Cay.  Dennis Charles has worked on all ships except Ovation over the past 30 years.  You can tell he loves his job and Royal Caribbean.

The Kummel Weck in cafe270 remains a favorite sandwich for lunch.  

two70 is a nice spot to hangout and there were families, singles reading books and couples snoozing.  There is a Library off the 2nd level of two70.   I'm waiting for some better pictures of two70 before going on too much about two70 but it is a great venue and unique to the Quantum class ships.

We arrived into Nassau around noon.  A classic photo many people take is the lighthouse on the barrier island that protects the harbor.  Lighting wasn't perfect today but I knew we would depart after sunset tomorrow so I captured it anyways:


It was very humid and had rained prior to our arrival and I was treated to a rainbow off my balcony. 


Sunset was around 5:20pm tonight.  This guy on the Flowrider was pretty good.  


We had three other ships in port with us and since we are spending the night here we watched all of them sail away one by one like a parade of ships.  First to depart was a Carnival ship.



The Disney Wonder which I sailed a long time ago.


Finally the Disney Dream.


I enjoy spending a night in port, it gives you an opportunity to see things from a different perspective.




Back to the ship for my 8:30pm My Time reservation.  This was my first trip to the MDR, deck 4 American Icon.


 had the Duck Breast, Caesar Salad and Roasted Veal Medallions.  It was a very good meal.  My wait staff Jimy and Nives were very good but you could tell they were also very busy.  


I didn't feel like a rich dessert so opted for some orange sherbet.

On my way back to my cabin I popped into the music hall to see a bit of 'Groovy Town' the 70's dance party:


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Day 5 - Nassau

I woke early while it was still dark out and spotted a couple ships in the distance lining up to arrive into port.

As the sun rose I could make out the familiar shape of an RCI ship in the distance.


As she entered the harbor I realized it's Majesty of the Seas who we met upon our arrival in Port Canaveral a few days ago.


I'm trying to arrange a cruise on her but since she only does shorter cruises and I have to fly to Florida so I am struggling to find the right combination of ships and dates as I plan a 'Tour de Petite Ships'.


An NCL ship also arrived into port this morning.

I have a smile on my face today.  While many on board are waking up to the realization they only have two nights left, I still have two weeks.  :4_joy:

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24 minutes ago, twangster said:

I have a smile on my face today.  While many on board are waking up to the realization they only have two nights left, I still have two weeks.  :4_joy:

Well if you run into the Disney Fanatsy on your second leg of your B2B I'll be on it so I won't be as jealous lol 😜

Need to find a way to keep up with your live blog. Disney wifi on board is no where as good as VOOM. Thanks for all the pics so far!

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14 minutes ago, Sabrinaklai said:

Well if you run into the Disney Fanatsy on your second leg of your B2B I'll be on it so I won't be as jealous lol 😜

Need to find a way to keep up with your live blog. Disney wifi on board is no where as good as VOOM. Thanks for all the pics so far!

Disney?  You do realize that this talk of cruising another line is like cheating on @Matt don't you?  :1_grinning:

Doesn't look like our paths will cross but enjoy your cruise!

5 minutes ago, Matt said:

Great photos! 

Did you end up getting off the ship in Nassau on day one of your visit there?

I only got off to take some pictures around the port area, never left the terminal.  Today though I plan to.  I'm letting the guests from the other ships enjoy the local vendors before I make my way down.   Watching the weather as I will be bringing my camera and lens with me.

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2 hours ago, twangster said:

Disney?  You do realize that this talk of cruising another line is like cheating on @Matt don't you?  :1_grinning:

Doesn't look like our paths will cross but enjoy your cruise!

I know!  I actually feel terrible lol.  I always feel weird when I am on another cruise line other than Royal.  It's our last Disney cruise this time.  Our money can go way further on Royal.

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After eating breakfast in the Windjammer I returned to my cabin to get ready to go ashore.  That's when the Captain called out "Abandon Ship!".  Just kidding.  They were exercising the lifeboats today part of a routine maintenance schedule to ensure everything is in top shape.  




Shortly after this I saw a wall of liquid sunshine coming our way so I delayed my departure.  Twenty minutes later back to sunshine.


Something I haven't done in a long time in Nassau is a horse drawn buggy ride.  It's $15 per person so I figured why not. Meet Elvis and his trusty steed.


Elvis provides a running dialogue on this tour.  He pointed out lot's of attorney offices.  An attorney is required to hide your money in the Bahamas he tells me so there are a lot of them.  Guns are illegal here.  Seven years if caught with one plus an additional year for each bullet.  This island has a population of 175,000 residents.  He points out various indigenous trees and historical buildings.  



Back to the cruise port and straw market.  A lot of people have complained about the vendors in the straw market and I used to be one of them.  I avoided cruises with a stop in Nassau but that was based on an experience during a cruise here in 2000 and a lot has changed in 17 years.  I returned here on Grandeur this past August and I noticed the difference on that occasion.  In retrospect I shouldn't have avoided Nassau all this time, it's much better compared to 17 years ago and it is quite pleasant here.  The waters have a beautiful turquoise color.  Sure there are taxi drivers offering you are ride but a polite 'no thanks' and they let it go.   


In the corner is a tribute to the Bahamian Woman.




Since Majesty of the Seas is in port with us I thought I get a closer look.


Back to our ship.   This time in the daylight.


I booked Northstar for 5:30pm tonight hoping for a pretty sunset.  Until then I think I need a nap.

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