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What a bunch of thalassophiles


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So my wife was talking with our neighbor yesterday, catching up on local gossip and letting her know that we would be heading out of town in January for another RC cruise (she is our unofficial neighborhood Mrs. Kravitz). My wife thought it best to give "Gladys" a heads up so that she didn't lose any sleep worrying or wondering if something terrible had happened to us, noticing the loss of daily routines that myself and family normally endure and display each day.

Knowing in advance the quick witted and somber responses that our neighborhood Karen is accustom to, her response really should not have surprised my wife. But she called us out like a closet Swiftie, stating "Well, aren't you a bunch of thalassophiles".

It's true, I am one.

It's been over 3 months since my last cruise and ocean sighting. But I have a wonderful support group and attend meetings via forums and discussions as often as I can. So thank you fellow board members. It's one cruise at a time .


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