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Is there anything on board that's a must buy?

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12 hours ago, Wanderlust876 said:

I'm not usually a big shopper on vacation but are there any deals on board that should not be missed? 

On a regular land vacation I usually just bring back local liquor and maybe a few souvenirs. 


There aren't any "must buys", but we love to get in a sort of funky, vacation mood by purchasing such items as:  T shirts for a port we haven't been to, a $10 watch (they last about a year) or maybe a wallet and watch combo, and a souvenir pen for the ship.  When we cruised the Med, we found regional gifts that seemed unique, but the Caribbean itineraries don't really have that flair, except for perhaps rum cake we buy as gifts.  For us, buying items on the ship is really a form of entertainment.   We won a shopping raffle once in about 15 tries....something to do on a sea day!

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I really only recommend looking at the promenade sales - not always a winner but sometimes you can get great stuff. On one ship I was able to get a brand name purse for 20% of the initial cost with matching wallet. Pretty sure I didn't spend over $50 on them both.

Other times, I've gotten the cruise brand watches for $10 - great to look pretty onboard but not so pricey that you worry about losing it - and most recently I got a couple really nice cover ups and an excursion bag for $10 each.

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17 minutes ago, Ken Edgar said:

Didnt I hear that buying your next cruise is cheaper on board?  This is our 1st one but I guess if we like it and there is a big savings, might be worth looking into. 

No, it's the same price. But you get onboard credit for booking onboard.

You should book your cruise from home if you know you want to book because waiting to book onboard could mean price goes up, thus negating the extra onboard credit you'd get.

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