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  1. So last month we cruised on Anthem and had the time of our lives. It was our first cruise and I sincerly hope it won't be our last. While on the ship, we where treated to an amazing Strawberry Gin drink called "Pretty in Pink".... I'm sending out this SOS to anyone who can help us with the recipe!! We've searched Beefeater's website, scoured the interweb, talked to numerous bartenders we know on land... with negative results. Our bartender on the boat, Aneesh (Sky Bar) absolutely nailed the drink and hope you all can help! Thank you!
  2. So, just realized I missed updating you on this.....I'm sorry! But...We actually upgraded to a floating cabana for our sailing and it was the absolute best experience ever!!
  3. Breezed thru the COVID testing thru EMED, both the wife and I got our negative test result emails in 10 minutes. As much as I hate that we have to test, if you gotta do it, that was the way. Now that that stress is lifted, we can settle down and enjoy the rest of the pre-cruise prep!
  4. COVID testing day tomorrow!!! Final packing and house prep on Saturday, then CRUISE TIME Sunday!!! I am beyond excited for our first cruise.
  5. According to my Cruise Planner on the app, only the Continental Breakfast is complimentary. This is for our sailing next week on Anthem.
  6. @MattG Thank you for the info! 3 1/2 days to go!!!
  7. Since our group is so large, we are going to meet up at 270 after check in....that sandwich and a cold beer are gonna hit the spot!
  8. Truly appreciate everyone reading and responding! Love this community! Fingers are crossed that my wife enjoys cruising as much I know I am and this becomes a regular event for us. Can't wait to share our first cruise experience with you all!
  9. Looks we are on Anthem 3/20, thinking about the same number of cruisers?
  10. @PPPJJ-GCVABNot sure when you are looking to book, but we have 2 South Beach Cabanas booked for our group and we are sailing in 12 days. I will be more then happy to give you a run down of the experience once we get back.
  11. Hello everyone! So in 13 days, my wife and I and 4 other couples are embarking on Anthem of Seas for a fun week! This is our first cruise and I would love to hear some tips and tricks and advice on how to maximize our Cruising Experience. I've been watching all of Matt's videos and have been reading as many of your posts as I can and already feel like you all have been an amazing resource. One thing I've been wondering is, we have the Ultimate Beverage Package, so how early can you acquire a Bloody Mary or an Irish Coffee or Mimosa and where can we get such a thing? The UBP works at all the bars, including Brass and Bock and Boleros? Does is also work in Vintages or is it different because it's a wine bar? My wife is nervous about being sea sick, we have an interior stateroom, Aft....should we be ok with movement of the boat? The dress code for MDR, I have seen so many different opinions on what "formal" means...are jeans and a collared shirt for me, and capris or shorts and a nice top for the wife acceptable or will be scolded? I'm sure I have a million other questions, but maybe just reading your answers will help. TIA everyone and Happy Cruising!!!
  12. Very curious about the pub on Anthem...so your UDP is accepted there, but they tavern food is a separate cost?
  13. Great info! Thank you @Templecruiser!!
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