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What's one thing you will never do on a cruise?

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On 7/8/2021 at 2:54 PM, Yo2slick said:

I'll never get my teeth whitened.  

I'll never forget that I'm on vacation and none of us know how many more cruises we have, I'll stay in a suite, buy the Drink and Dining package.  

I'll never forget my 2 rules onboard.  

1. Don't be an A--hole

2. Make it back to my room under my own power.

LOL - loved your two rules.


1. Never forget to be grateful to be able to cruise

2. Never get tired of the ocean

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11 hours ago, basil said:

Let my husband wear a speedo. I love him, but that is a sight no one wants to see.

My ongoing joke that people fall for every time. "I'm wearing my speedo bathing suit for boarding." I get all the DO IT, NO YOU WILL NOT, etc, etc... I have a pair of speedo BRAND bathing suit, but it's of regular size leaving EVERYTHING to the imagination, as it should be :). LOL.

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