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Okay, I'll ask the question: thermal scans and hot flashes

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@Brobbins246 Ha! They may feel that way. I had ovarian cancer, took my right ovary and started perimenopause at 32. I have had the flashes for 3 years now. Since I am so young-ish people always look at me crazy when they happen because I get red. Had one while going through a TSA checkpoint and the TSA tried to assure me I wasn't in any trouble.

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I like power surge but in my case I was having nuclear meltdowns!  My hot flashes started when i was 43 and the first year was hell.   They were never ending morning noon & night.  We were on a family cruise the first summer I had the flashes & I couldn't keep sunscreen on because I was flashing so often.    My poor sister was sharing a cabin with me and she had to wear a sweatshirt to bed because I had the AC on as cold as it could get.  My neck, face, ears and arms also turned red when I have a flash.  15 years later and I still get them but only a couple of times a week.

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