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Where does your handle come from?

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Mine is an evolution from my DH Aussies love nicknames so.when we first met 'Petal' which turned into 'Petulia' then shortened to 'Tule' which graduated to 'Big Tule' when I was HUGE when pregnant with my second child my first child DD picked up the catchy name and it has stuck ever since I used to cringe but now I accept it has a loving history and own it .079.gif.f465a3680f679f5461a7242184a6bf40.gif

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Chalk mine up to not feeling very creative at the moment I created my account. It's one of the many nicknames my friends and family use for me. Usually on message boards/forums, I try to come up with a name that somehow ties in to the theme of the board -- so I really should've come up with something involving cruising. But, you know, other times, I like pulling out my all-time favorite...and now I wish I had.

"Landshark". That sounds like a creature longing for the sea, no? Well, when it's not delivering candygrams.

Image result for landshark gif

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