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magnetic hooks not allowed on planes?

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Just like @PG Cruiser and @Lovetocruise2002 go ahead and sign one more up for having them in the suitcase without any issues!  I do not put them in an outside pocket, and put them inside my luggage in a bag that I keep all my cruise stash in.  I do not want them to mess with something that may be in another suitcase or bag that is close to mine.  But I have yet to have an issues.

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I purchased some of these. The magnets are unbelievably strong. There is a plastic piece between two of them. If you separate them, remove the plastic and allow them them to stick together again, good luck getting them apart. You will need a couple pair of pliers or a vise to help separate them. Also be aware that it's easy to pinch a finger or skin inbetween two of these and they will hurt. To the point of blood blisters or tearing off some skin. It will happen faster than you realize. 


Use extra care handling these things and keep the plastic disk to put back between them. It's best to handle them one at the time and keep them separated as much as possible. At no time should you allow any part of your body come between two of these magnets if there is any chance they will snap togather. 


If any one has any other suggestions or techniques for handling them, please share.

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57 minutes ago, GrandmaAirplane said:

Pack them in an egg carton, with a bit of tape. The problem with my suitcase is weight, not volume, so there’s extra room.

Good idea. Also makes me think of the plastic eggs so popular at Easter that snap or unscrew into two halves. You might could keep one magnet inside one of these to handle them separately.

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1 hour ago, JennyJenny said:

Brilliant idea for the plastic eggs!


Thanks. In search for possible containers for these magnetic hooks, on Amazon I also found small, screw top plastic containers. Often these are advertised as 'slime containers' in order to keep kids play slime in. I also thought those specimen cups that medical clinics have you use (unused of course 🙂 ) would be about the right size. Though I have not gone shopping for these, it seems Walmart or Dollar stores may have small, suitable plastic containers to individually store these magnets that would make them safer and easier to use.

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3 hours ago, SSprouse said:

Can you tell me what strength these are? If you have an Amazon link even better! Thanks!


I did not get them from Amazon, I got them from a magnet company.  They're not very strong (3.5 lbs)


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