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Bermuda Triangle SMH....


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My first cruise is not until Jan, 2020 but I've been telling all my friends and family about how excited I was.

I don't know if all can relate to this but I've got this one weird/crazy uncle (I feel like everyone has at least 1 haha) and he says " you should be careful and check to see if the cruise will be passing the bermuda triangle since you're sailing out of florida towards it. It's a uncessary risk, lots of boats and planes goes missing without a trace"

Given the fact I know hes weird/crazy I tried to look at the logical standpoint and tell him im sure there's a perfectly good explanation for all the missing vessels and aircraft, we just haven't found it.

And I know for a fact commercial airlines fly through there all the time and made it back safely, airlines are not going to actively make a huge reroute or detour based off superstitions.

What are your thoughts and does sailing through the bermuda triangle raise any questions or concerns for you?

Better yet who has had a sailing itinerary  that ran through the bermuda triangle and made it back haha

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When I was younger, I just figured that in the early days of travel, there were some magnetic anomalies that caused navigation errors in vessels/planes that relied solely on compasses.  I've been in places in northwestern Maine where compasses do not point north.

I never put much thought into it other than that, but the whole volume thing makes sense.


Edit: I'm not talking about magnetic declination, rather places where compasses are off by 90+ degrees.

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