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Perfect Day - Lelepa

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38 minutes ago, Vanessa77 said:

No need to think about it, the press release says specifically that it will be different from Coco-Cay:

I do however hope that they keep the dual elements of 'Chill" & 'Thrill' when developing Lelepa. I like to option to do both, and commercially this diversifies the customer base the island will appeal to. 


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Interesting info on Lelepa itself. 

The island has 2 towns, churches, and a population of 500. Wiki says that RCI will be creating a 'private resort' on the island, so there is already a big difference between Lelepa and Coco Cay in that I don't believe Coco was inhabited at the time RCI took the lease?

I wonder if that means guests will be restricted to the resort area, or if service will just be restricted to the area. Lelepa is quite a bit larger than Coco Cay as well, at 5km long vs the 1 on Coco Cay. 


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Ok a bit of trivia.....who remembers that before it was CocoCay it was Little Stirrup Cay (pronounced key)? I first visited Little Stirrup Cay when I was in college in 1987 aboard The Emerald Seas. Several cruise lines visited there. It was literally a beach with chairs and the sunken airplane. 

I returned in 1990 or 91 on my first RC cruise aboard Song of America. It was still Little Stirrup back then too and basically a beach with chairs and sunken plane. Lol 

I will return next weekend on Mariner as a primer for our Symphony cruise in May. 

Quite a transformation of that little cay. Can’t wait! 


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On 10/15/2019 at 7:10 AM, twangster said:

How exciting!

I suspect Perfect Day Lelepa will not be a copy of Perfect Day at CocoCay.  Already I sense a strong emphasis on sustainability and a carbon neutral footprint remaining in the South Pacific culture.  In general and broad terms the South Pacific is very different compared to the Bahamas and Caribbean, not nearly as commercialized or developed and I suspect Perfect Day Lelepa will follow suit.  I think it would be a challenge to create a massive waterpark with the tallest water slides in the region with a carbon neutral footprint but that phrase is open to interpretation.   

It will be interesting to see how far they go while remaining "carbon neutral".  

The word "Key" has long meant a small island so much so that the Florida Keys is good point of reference.  No one calls them the Florida Cays.   If anyone called them the Florida Cays no one would have a clue what they were talking about.  The Florida Keys are a string of islands that are collectively called "The Florida Keys" many but not all of which are connected by a highway.

When I was in high school I had an opportunity to spend the summer in the Bahamas at a marine ecology camp.  In the 80's I learned first hand that the local Bahamian people called them "Key".  No one on island pronounced it "Cay".   The difference is in how one pronounces vowels differently in original languages.  

Floridian here (now transplanted to CA).  As you mention, in FL it's always been "key" (with the usual habit of English just borrowing a word and then smooshing it into a spelling match).

What has surprised me has been finding that locations around the world, with English English being spoken (example: Singapore) also pronounce "cay" or "quay" as "key."  Clarke Quay in Singapore is spoken as "Clarke Key."

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