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2 minutes ago, Lori Rawlins said:

Good point! Thanks :12_slight_smile:

I usually get a bit paranoid and super cautious when I do things for the first time.

I'm sailing on my first cruise this Jan, 2020 and I have been planning for ridiculous things ahah.

I am not missing the boat or complicating my vacation by not being prepared.


"better safe than sorry" overused by still so relevant!


Its weird because I'm bringing my old phone which is used as an alarm now on top of my current phone as an alarm so I make sure to wake up on time from the Hotel to the ship lol.


Made a huge list of things to buy before I get on the ship and triple checking all my documents, flight bookings, hotel bookings, excursions on/off board, and cruise bookings!

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9 hours ago, mk-ultra said:

you'll just present your ID at check-in and they'll just look you up and you'll be on your way.


22 minutes ago, RatedPG said:

It would not be the end of the world IF you don't have your Set Sail Pass with you. They can print it out for you at the port.  It will hold you back a few minutes, but you will be able to board.

This is why I never print a copy anymore.  

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19 hours ago, Lori Rawlins said:

Do you have to print your set sail pass or can they just scan it off your RC app?

NEVER TRUST TECHNOLOGY, completely.  Ive had too many phones go out for no reason to trust anything to JUST my phone. I use my phone for tickets to EVERYTHING, but still always have backup printed in my pocket. I have this ridiculous fear that on my way into an event, or getting on a plane, or something....THAT is the moment my phone will get stuck in a boot loop, or something. 

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This January the night before my flight to Vision of the Seas my iPhone 7 Plus just died.  One minute it was working, the next time I grabbed it it was dead.   Too late to get it fixed I flew to NOLA without a working phone.  

Last year boarding Symphony I used my phone to check in but once the ship started boarding and they needed to scan it, the Royal app froze and crashed.  I had a screen shot but it was buried in photos from a few weeks prior.  It was easier to reach into my pocket for my paper copy which is what I boarded with.

As a frequent flier I gave up using my phone as my boarding pass a long time ago.  So many times a paper copy works out better, a lesson learned from that time the gate agent dropped my phone, or it wouldn't scan, or Apple's infinite wisdom that when you turn your phone over it should kill the screen, except you have to turn it over to scan it to board the plane.  

I use paper always now.  Phone is a backup.  It's safer and easier.  Whether a plane or ship my paper boarding pass is always in my left pocket.

Plus once I'm on board and want to buy a drink handing a paper setsail to a bartender is a lot better than handing over a $1,100 smart phone.  


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paper is much easier and never fail.....we rely way too much on our phones for everything and anything( I do not, but society in general)


Putting all your eggs in one basket....


I still print boarding passes for flying and sail passing for cruising..I still even print out hotel reservations...

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5 hours ago, twangster said:

As a frequent flier I gave up using my phone as my boarding pass a long time ago.  So many times a paper copy works out better

One time there was a massive nationwide shutdown of Delta's electronic boarding system. I was about to board for an NYC flight when it happened.  A few minutes before they totally suspended boarding, they let passengers with paper boarding passes onboard. Man, was I glad I did not trust technology and I had a paper boarding pass.  I got to NYC on time but the rest of the Delta passengers suffered long delays at the airports that day.

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