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  1. Love following along! Looks like you are having a great time I'm going to need to find me a lemon drop on Harmony in Sept! Very interested to see how that "fast track" works as we have the key booked
  2. Sorry for disappearing! Work got crazy but I appreciate all the responses here I sure know where to go whenever I am feeling hmmm should I book this cruise and need encouragement My husband was pretty down on the idea, I think he would miss me 😂 Looks like its working in my favorite to convince him we need a second cruise anyway! But for now back to counting the days to Sept 29 and HARMONY
  3. @WAAAYTOOO i wish! harmony for 2 weeks gets a little pricey, i would be more worried about getting off and flying if Anthem wasn't in NJ (would go home Thursday, cruise from Florida isn't until Sunday, we wanted to spend Saturday in Orlando) I'm not picky about the convenience of it all just want to spend my 2 weeks as best as I can (and 7 days on Harmony by myself seems less ideal) @Boston Babe happy anniversary! sorry to hear about your husband 😞 Very tempting thoughts on here, going to talk my husband tonight about what to do....
  4. thanks @twangster and @KLA I'm not too worried about being by myself on the ship, and wouldn't venture too much in Bermuda (would just save that for a real trip with my husband) Another questions: If you had to choose, would you pick 5 day Bermuda before or 4 day Bahamas after (will have already gone to Cococay on Harmony) Both are looking to be around the same price, only added cost would be a hotel in FLbetween Harmony & Mariner
  5. @Matt I had a feeling that would be the answer to that one LOL guess I just put that out there for people to tell me I should do it @ChessE4 I don't think getting from Orlando -> Miami or vice versa is an option for me otherwise I would be tempted! @ellceethank you! I am so very tempted by this Bermuda cruise because of the closeness, I just almost feel bad if I didn't invite anyone to come with me I don't think 7 days would be possible by myself, I would miss my husband, we spent 9 months apart after college but haven't been apart for more than 5 days since so it would be weird for sure! I'm currently paranoid that the cruise would be late getting back to NJ and I would miss a flight to Orlando even though I have 3 days
  6. I’ve been thinking about the ways to best expand my vacation time in Sept/Oct despite my husband not being able too Currently we’re booked on a 7 night cruise on Harmony out of Orlando (departs 9/29) Would it be too much to take a short 4 or 5 night cruise before or after just by myself? My options would be: 1) 5 night Bermuda cruise (Athem) On Anthem 9/21-9/26 (home port, no need to fly/hotel, only about 30 minutes away) by myself Fly to Orlando with my husband 9/27 (evening) Cruise Harmony 9/29-10/6, fly home and back to work 10/7 2) 4 Night Bahamas Cruise (Mariner) Fly to Orlando with my husband 9/27 Cruise Harmony 9/29-10/6, send husband home to NJ Cruise Mariner 10/7-10/11, fly home 10/11, back to work 10/14 I have never taken a trip like this by myself, have no idea what solo cruising is like any thoughts for me? Am I crazy to think I can fit this in and not be Cruise-d out? How likely would it be to be able to do this? Should I be worried about storms messing with getting from NJ to Florida and vice versa? Otherwise hope everyone is having a good week!
  7. Congrats to Matt! RC Blog & podcast have been so instrumental on keeping me entertained and informed! I'm a speed listener so I appreciate the fast speak 😂
  8. Yup! I am one of the lucky ones who has access to those things, hence the 10 days off Locked out of the building & all systems, I'm not mad about it 😂
  9. I grew up in the tippy top of Rockland County! Welcome @sk8erguy1978 I've never been to SWF but drive past it all the time We now live only 20 minutes from EWR so thats our go to
  10. I have 4 weeks, plus 11 Federal Holidays (whenever US Gov market is closed, better than the NYSE :P) I honestly don't know any sick/personal leave details but I've never had problems when I had to use it We also are mandated to take 10 business days off in a row so no frowning at 2 weeks here! Sadly, my husband can't do this so its typically a 1 week and change actual vacation and 5 business days of "relaxing" at home
  11. Sadly I hate to burst your brother, only an older sister 😛 younger sibling is a brother
  12. Haha! I never come across people with my name! You have good taste in naming your kids 😛 Thanks everyone for the warm welcome 🙂
  13. Sept 29, 2019; Harmony of the Seas; 1 year anniversary! 7 night cococay & western caribbean
  14. Been creeping on here for a while now, but trying to get more involved so figured I'd introduce myself! My name is Brenna, I'm from NY but now live in NJ due to working in the big apple. I went on my first cruise with my husbands family in 2017/18 (Vision of the Seas, New Years Cruise out of TX) and was instantly hooked. My husband and I were on Allure in Sept 2018 for our honeymoon and fell in love with Oasis class. We'l be sailing on Harmony this year for our anniversary. I'm eyeing Oasis when she comes up here after AMPing 🙂 This blog & forum has been such an amazing help to me both with planning, enjoying and keeping busy at work dreaming over everyone's live blogs!
  15. Congrats on your graduation! You’ve got me craving cheesecake & bread now 😂 looking forward to your blog, we’re doing the Western internary in Sept and I can’t wait
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