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  1. Thank you both! I will look at contacting them!
  2. I'm taking my mom & her partner and my brother on their first cruise in about a month and we have a stop in Nassau that is basically all day. My husband & I went to Nassau in December and mainly stayed in the port area and walked around. Does anyone have a company they would recommend for a tour or to rent a buggy or something? There will be six of us and want to see as much as we can since not sure when I'll get the other 3 back to the Caribbean Any help or reviews (even negative ones) would be appreciated!
  3. we did not prepay our gratuities (yet, still waiting on RC to fix our FCC issue) and was able to book My Time reservations for 3 linked reservations (6 of us going on Freedom in Aug)
  4. I was able to choose our "check in/wellness check time" separate from uploading our passport/regular check in
  5. 30 days here! I am so excited even though its only a 3nighter
  6. Just confirmed our reservations for a quick 3 night birthday weekend trip! Taking my mom & brother on their first cruise and our first booking since Dec 2019 (Anthem) Will be our first time on Freedom! Looking forward to spending the day at Cococay!!!
  7. We have six people booked for Freedom 8/20 and I was able to set us all for 1pm wellness check no problem
  8. My first ever cruise was on a NYE trip on Vision and it was lots of fun! We were exhausted but were happy to have party hats & hanging out around the ship. Its one of the only photos we have ever purchased was a group shot they got of us on the night all dressed up with top hats and tiaras LOL We had a special meal that night in the MDR that was more intricate than the regular "formal night" dinner. Would do it again if I could convince the family
  9. Loving this! Debating booking a Freedom cruise for our anniversary next year!
  10. Just embraced the RCBlog motto and YOLO booked Anthem for Dec 1, 2019
  11. That's interesting to note, I just booked (in the last month?) connecting rooms for a May 2020 sailing and the per room price was the same as a regular interior on the same deck/area
  12. Just booked Oasis of the Seas out of Bayonne for May 24, 2020!
  13. When we were in CocoCay in October, I could get soda from any bar and it was in fact poured from a 2 liter
  14. @rickyz23it was a great trip! we had beach beds on Chill, they were in the corner alcove on the top left of the map This ended up being the windiest part of the island which was a little annoying but otherwise we had a great day All advertised amenities, wonderful service and beautiful water The beds were spaced to give everyone privacy and a view of the water, only 3 rows deep
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