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  1. Loving this! Debating booking a Freedom cruise for our anniversary next year!
  2. Just embraced the RCBlog motto and YOLO booked Anthem for Dec 1, 2019
  3. That's interesting to note, I just booked (in the last month?) connecting rooms for a May 2020 sailing and the per room price was the same as a regular interior on the same deck/area
  4. Just booked Oasis of the Seas out of Bayonne for May 24, 2020!
  5. When we were in CocoCay in October, I could get soda from any bar and it was in fact poured from a 2 liter
  6. @rickyz23it was a great trip! we had beach beds on Chill, they were in the corner alcove on the top left of the map This ended up being the windiest part of the island which was a little annoying but otherwise we had a great day All advertised amenities, wonderful service and beautiful water The beds were spaced to give everyone privacy and a view of the water, only 3 rows deep
  7. We did Bernard’s last fall and had a great time. Did the tour with the beach stuff & felt like we got to see a lot of both sides of the island as well as get enough beach time to enjoy the beautiful water.
  8. Have a great trip! We leave for Harmony tonight so will be excited to see what we missed out on with our choice đŸ˜‚
  9. South Beach is currently closed while they finish off the Beach Club and what not I believe they have for now moved the Beds to Chill, but no word on if they will go back to SB or stay put Can report back in a few days after our visit on Monday!!!!!
  10. Will try to check when I get on Harmony!
  11. @dahdoul44 thank you!!! I ordered a beach bed for our upcoming cruise but couldn't find much about their current conditions! so glad to see it looks like each bed also gets some chairs to lay out in the sun! 10 days until we are relaxing at Cococay
  12. We use our phones for boarding (so we can get expedited arrival) but once on the ship, I prefer using the paper copy to give bartenders, etc. if needed
  13. I'm seeing the same for my 9/29 Harmony sailing. It's been sitting at 799$ for awhile so was surprised to see the come down Oasis & Chill came down from 1,299$ to $999 as well
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