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    Great pictures ..... we were on it at the beginning of january and had a great time on it ....
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    South Beach Update?

    Food options are the same for all non-beach club cabanas.
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    And I have YOU to thank for it, because you encouraged me to have Michelle check again. So THANK YOU!!!!
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    Lift and Shift on cancelled cruise???

    WOW ! Waaay to go ! If it’s showing up in your online account I think you’ve done it ! That’s the best deal I’ve heard of yet !
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    I'm in the process of Lift and Shifting my Jan 2021 Empress sailing to 2022 Odyssey. I haven't received confirmation from Royal Caribbean, but the sailing is showing up on my Cruise Planner, so I'm assuming that's a good sign. The difference between the Owner's Site on Empress and the Owner's Suite on Odyssey is $9200. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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    Sorry but I've been hung over in my cabin the entire time! 😀😀
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