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    Favorite after-dinner drink

    I enjoy a toasted almond before retiring. It's kahula, amaretto & cream. Nice, soothing, relaxing drink.
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    When is your next cruise?

    Jewel of the Seas, December 22, 2020
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    Favorite after-dinner drink

    Okay, bourbon guy here. Woodford or Blantons neat (not very lucky on Royal cruises for this). But, refreshing is 150C's cucumber martini. I order 2 every time.
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    From what I gathered, cruiseline will be forced to sail a some percentage of capacity. Let's just say half capacity for the sake of argument. That alone, should help alleviate hotel capacity, in a given city. Not sure they can legally force a overnight stay & imagine they(cruiselines) will follow some of the airlines screening protocols to boarding. A bigger concern i have, behind a potential force 14-day quarantine upon return...is the sailing capacity of the ship, one is to cruise. There has been numerous of claims that bookings have been up from Sept through early 2022. If a cruise is booked...i dunno, let's say Oasis otS, near 80% capacity & the mandate is to sail at half capacity...how will the line determine who sails on that particular date. Reservation are made. I imagine there will be just as much difficulty and trying to move selected passengers to other dates, given many dates booked are just as likely to be over the mandated capacity...if booking has truly been up significantly, for the time period previously mentioned.
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    Windjammer love it or hate it?

    100%. Generally, no flavor at all. Huge disappointment
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    This is standard for American Queen. All passengers fly in the day before. Hotel is included in your Cruise fare.
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    Windjammer love it or hate it?

    There's a dry spot in the Windjammer?
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    -Masks on cruises -MDR dress codes -Passports on excursions
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    Covid 19 Memes

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    Your Next Move?

    Michelle (MEI) just booked us with a February Oasis Cruise (St Kitts, St Thomas, Coco Cay). My first move was reserving a Chill Island Cabana. Second move, taking advantage of a cruise planner sell, the unlimited dining package. What are your next actions when you first book a cruise?
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    So happy I got 125% OBC!

    It finally posted today to my CP. I’m able to take advantage of the great sale prices which left me with $400 left over! I decided to get The Key for $20. I originally got the DBP with VOOM but since VOOM is included with The Key, I rebooked just the DBP. Also did Ultimate Dining and CocoCay Beach Club. I still have $225 left and still have $100 to add for stock holder OBC. I may splurge on a spa thing or buy really good champagne! This one (October Symphony) better sail! Lol 🤞🤞🙏🙏
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    What’s your deal breaker?

    The most important part of that citation seems to be something that was completely glossed over... Surgical masks are designed to capture bacteria from the wearer’s mouth, and prevent them from spreading to other surfaces (or people). While Wikipedia goes on to delineate between surgical masks and masks used to prevent airborne illnesses (like N95 masks or respirators), we can still use surgical masks to prevent infection through universal use. One of the primary benefits of wearing a surgical mask in the “healthy” is by acting as a physical barrier to your mouth and nose (something humans touch constantly without realizing it).
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    USCG Teacher


    Have heard anecdotal evidence of some particularly dogged TAs getting Royal to reconsider their math on split FCCs. Can neither confirm nor deny personally, but a number of recent threads have indicated some successes. Best of luck to you!
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    Can confirm, total refunds received today, 22 payments to my CC. Only took 74 days from date when RC cancelled. Now feeling very rich..
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    Real men do not wear masks, it is a sign of weakness. Some wear masks in public just for show(or if they know the camera is on them) but they do not wear them at home in their basement with their wives. I find that odd, very odd. Real men do wear masks, it is NOT a sign of weakness. I spent 15 yrs in the Navy, 2 tours in Viet Nam, I wear a mask! I don´t think anyone who knows me thinks I am weak, because I wear a mask. We know 6 people who have perished from this. W wear it not for me, but to protect others. re
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    I'm shutting down this thread, as the discussion of what Richard Fain said is long past, and this is entering "yet another political debate" thread.
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    A free(ish) drink package! Our Next Cruise OBC plus the 125% from our cancelled cruise planner purchases (just a 4 day for me and DH) covers the current sale price of the deluxe beverage package for the three adults on our 7 day in January 2021. With the amount we actually paid on our cancelled cruise, the DBP in January works out to the equivalent of costing us $20.18 per person - who needs an intern! Now I can spend new money on Coco Cay excursions. We've all started Spanish lessons so hopefully by November on our next cruise we can speak a little more with the locals...something other than "una mas cerveza, por favor!"🥴 Since we moved into this house three years ago, we have been talking about putting in a garden. We finally started a container garden this spring with real plans to put in raised beds in the fall. My kitchen and bathroom cabinets are all organized and my closet is on the list for next week.
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    Well We Are Now Docked In Nassau Today But Here Are Some Photos Form Our Relaxing Day In Coco Cay. Again Today On Our "Cruise" We Went To The Beach That Where The Former Tender Lagoon Was Located. The Kids From The Ship Were Playing With The Lizards Form The Island. Another Photo Of The Lizards. And Later That Night Look What Was On My Bed!
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    That money is going to a mere balcony instead of a suite so the garage doesn't turn into a Solarium swimming pool?
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    Saved on gas. I’m one of the very blessed ones that kept my job while working at home. I have left my house to market shop and go to Lowe’s. But kept it at once a week. I do not like delivery services. I like to go out and see people. My husband works for the P.O. and works 6 days a week. We really haven’t changed much. I will add that at first I was NOT happy with becoming a homeschooling mom also; however, I think it was a blessing in disguise. I helped my daughter with things she was struggling with and the teachers were too busy for her. She is definitely ready for 8th grade!
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    That big, honking pair of pants that my wife bought me for Christmas....
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    @Chadster Netflix, Hulu or any streaming service 😜. I have to put on mindless garbage, otherwise I am behind. The worse is when you put on a kid show/movie that you don't expect to actually watch and end up loving it.
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    My friends and family now have more understanding about how I'm really working when I work/study from home and that it's not all about watching Netflix all day (I can do that WHILE working, thank you very much! 😝).
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    I get to wear funny t-shirts 7 days a week instead of 2. Also, I think my job will be more open to flexibility with telework - they already were pretty flexible, but i think if I asked to work part time from home in the future, they wouldn't blink. We got 2 puppies right at the beginning of this, and I'd like to be able to keep up with their potty training by being here more.
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    I have learned just how important traveling is to me and how lucky I have been to be able to travel without restrictions. I know I am going to miss a lot of the things that make vacations so great but at the same time I am so thankful for the memories. This whole pandemic has helped me appreciate the small things. And I have had to reintroduce myself to cooking. 😂
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    I decided to add 600 sq/ft to my garage. And since a tree fell on it damaging one of the eaves I was able to get it done during lock down because it was covered under essential construction because the crew had to come out and repair that damage.....and since they could come out....they knocked out the addition....and loved me for it because otherwise they weren't working.
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    I'm learning to be more patient, especially with companies that might not deserve it (United for example). I've also realized how wasteful my wife and I are ... Paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, etc. We have learned to conserve. Of course saving money without eating out, me not commuting (wife still does) and all that.
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    I save two hours a day on commuting
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    A. No B. Maybe C. Yes
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    A. No B. Maybe C. Yes ( mostly because I dont love other people all that much and encouraged isnt mandatory) I keep thinking that even if they make masks be worn at some occasions, they cant at anything that involves food or drink. Because once you start playing with your mask on and off youbare basically contaminating yourself repeatedly.
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    Some incredibly funny memes ..... yeah, there's something good to come out of this.
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    I’ve disproven my theory that I don’t sleep well in hotels, normally I’m in them three to four days a week, now i just don’t sleep well at home those same days.
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    @Matt BTW, Matt's blog post is interesting. There were some Cruisers who felt like this person: "Will only even consider a cruise if masks are mandatory. Not a chance I am getting on a ship with thousands of high risk strangers from all over for a week without them." If that is the case would they then want gloves to be required too? So how would they be able to enjoy: Pools, Dining, Drinking, Snacking (popcorn in the theater, ice cream on decks), Smoking (not me)? And I am sure you can think of more. Would all these things have to be done in your cabin in that case?
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    ^^^^ This! We haven't filled up.since we left for the airport March 5 Downside: haven't been anywhere since we returned March 16 😖
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    Projects in the house are caught up, yard looks great. Already retired so nothing gained there. Lol Actually somewhat enjoying the peace and quiet.
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    A - hard no B - no if it included embarkation (start of cruise or ports) - otherwise yes because I don't care about the shows anyway C - yes, but "encouraging" distancing won't impact the reality of personal space
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    A - No B - Maybe - would depend on the definition of large gathering - Cats? Not going anyway so yes, Casino? - no, can't drink through a mask C - Yes
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    I've lost 10 lbs since my last cruise 😝
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    More time with family. My wife and I are essential workers but our college and high school kids have been home since end of March! We also took up kayaking, does that count?
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    I got 2 months closer to retirement for free! 150 working days left!!
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    I can focus on my passion projects and hobbies. I am actively writing again. I really wanted to be a writer when I was younger but life got in the way. I have been lucky enough to write a short story every now and again over the last decade. But to write when inspiration strikes has been amazing. Since I am working from home until 2021, I might even be able to finish my children book and collection of short stories. I guess also that the color scheme I chose for my living space is on point......you would think slate grey and grape candy colored walls would be detracting but its quite soothing.
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    Parked ships in the Atlantic

    I know! It looks like a Carnival ship! Just kidding Carnival fans!
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    Favorite after-dinner drink

    That is why early dinner is nice....Eat a multi-course dinner in the MDR and then hit up the buffet around 8:30PM acting like a Hobbit asking for second dinner.....
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    Favorite after-dinner drink

    After FIRST dinner or after SECOND dinner?
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    As long as these go to the CREW.... I don't care what the price is.... They work their butts off and I am willing to pay
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    I never know what the daily gratuity is since we’ve been sailing Star Class. I think it’s included in the bazillion dollar cruise fare😂
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