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Back To The Seas..on Allure October 1, 2022 -October 9, 2022

Cruisin and Boozin

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We will be a party of 4 this time. It will be hubby and I my sister Renee and her better half Vithana.


Vithana: retirement 

Cruisin and Boozin: birthday



Aqua theater suite deck 8


Oct 1: Ft. Lauderdale

Oct 2: Sea day

Oct 3: Labadee

Oct 4: Sea day 

Oct 5: Oranjestad Aruba

Oct 6: Willemstad Curaçao 

Oct 7: Sea day

Oct 8: Sea day

Oct 9: Ft Lauderdale and travel day(sad day)


We will be driving. It will take us 2 days. Stopping first night in Lake City, Florida. Second night we will be in Ft Lauderdale. We will be using Best Western hotel chain this trip. On the way home we again will drive to Lake City,Florida. Last day of driving on to drop Renee and Vithana off at there house.

About us

This will be Vithana’s first cruise ever. Having said that we just want him to be wowed. This will be Renee’s 4th star class cruise and our (hubby and I ) 8th star class sailing. 
Star class info 

The star class questionnaire never  came.🙁

22 Days till we sail no email from a genie 😢as of yet. I have been in contact with both my travel agent and Royal Caribbean and still nothing has been done.

Even though we haven’t heard from a genie we are super excited. None us have been to Aruba or Curaçao so this should be fun.



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Today is 19 days away. Still no email from genie. I had travel agent to contact royal again today they said give it till Thursday and call back if we haven’t heard from the genie. Well I can’t wait so I took it upon myself to reach out to the concierge by email and with in an hour they replied that I soon should hear from a genie. Fingers crossed 🤞 

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Well where do I began? Let’s just say we thought all was well not having to worry with pre cruise testing. Turns out that was nothing. Up pops hurricane Ian. Now I have new things to worry about. Looks like over night stay on Thursday will now be changed because we don’t want to be in the path of that bad boy! Just hope driving on Friday in Florida to get to Ft. Lauderdale is clear. Watching James van Fleet very intently.

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Saturday was great. The day started out with boarding we arrived by 9:30 which was an hour before our boarding time. Zipped right away to the waiting area for our genie. We never had to show our boarding passes or covid cards. During checkin they scanned only our passports. This is our 5th cruise since restart and the fastest easiest so far.

lunch:  We  had lunch in coastal kitchen.0AB60157-9CF0-4958-B886-16D79C0CF011.thumb.jpeg.f069c20129939c0bd7bec6193ada5923.jpeg602F2BAF-5B56-4D79-B0F6-0403B7CBE098.thumb.jpeg.950925f6412635225d631bebed8800e3.jpeg

Then was our sail away toast . Below picture of sisters toastingBC7489ED-9A94-4D5B-8E08-F228E61A640F.thumb.jpeg.745375a770b4813e360ca005ef83f461.jpegDinner was in MDR

B7364B6D-A008-4B41-B9A7-B223FA59747D.thumb.jpeg.b5ad4c595b9674b009862869aa2ddd64.jpegJamaican pork chop Sister says it wasn’t good65EE8844-9924-4CB1-8951-541469DEE699.thumb.jpeg.9549205a1b0044905af18099ad04c6dd.jpeg escargot…very good22B1F90A-3D50-4C6B-8257-2B2DA9FC086D.thumb.jpeg.b6f9606fbe036b499c0746fcf9411ba9.jpeg Crab cakes were the best. Sorry no picture of Prime rib but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll try to get better with pictures.

We watched Ocean-aria the Aqua show from our balcony. It just didn’t hold a candle to Oasis Aqua Show.

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Special update:  We were able to get more information as to why we never had heard from any of the genies or received the questionnaire and the problem was that Royal didn’t have my correct email . I just would like to make clear it was never anything the genies had done. I now understand if that happens again how to connect before sailing.

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Dinner 10/3/22

Coastal kitchen: filet night  filet was so tender you really didn’t need a knife!270B4875-6E07-4DD3-B71E-9E6E64F88830.thumb.jpeg.fc954682a8a576f0bac970d856eeb864.jpegsides:29E5F94A-CDF4-4AE3-92CC-477D0F7932EB.thumb.jpeg.26490ad0b8c85dd49263bfbe66689c04.jpeg



And then i was surprised with a song And cake to celebrate my birthday. The entire crew and even other patrons joined in to sing . I was very impressed!!

6241C9A4-D7CE-4F7E-9CB3-6799787FE2DF.thumb.jpeg.661e705a16bdc57360054ebe3d4fcba8.jpegRed velvet cake

Romina our genie is very sneaky with the celebrations and I 😍 loved it so much!

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10/4/22 continued 

lunch we had Giovanni’s 

dinner-we had Samba Grill E6A7CDBF-01E4-4503-9084-0C244F11C3B4.thumb.jpeg.c4e9656944489a53e08e58d02be13987.jpeg

8D853286-138B-47DC-A8A3-B2B080BDB157.thumb.jpeg.93ba6fd3fea1aed79f839b1f5ed8690f.jpegWe enjoyed Samba. Filet Mignon is wonderful, that was my choice because I love a good filet! Others who ate lamb said it was very good.Our server was one of the best 

So today was our galley tour and bridge tour.B906F496-5A91-4586-9464-71E634A2DA5A.thumb.jpeg.bfeda734e4d1a8a31d2e1ed57e1ee456.jpeg

helipad from bridge902899BA-5212-43C0-AFC9-BB9F29C3941A.thumb.jpeg.09dec9667060038d892cce93e1f69855.jpeg

our sweet genie Romina giving our tour!


captains chair 



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