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A Tiny Slice of Mariner 5 night blog!


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Cutting my photos size seems to be working thanks @twangster.

Room service, excellent!

Loyalty "party" 14 pins seems to be not many top tiers pretty empty.

Napkins folding super fun!

OMG no ducks, I am looking like crazy. 






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14 pins on board not 14 loyalty members
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Oh boy. I must be having a lovely time, I just posted all about the Bamboo Room under dining and my Jamie's question. Readers digest version, Bamboo Room nice.

No blue towels in room, QR code request yielded nothing. Will get on Barefoot Beach and the Beach Club I hope.

Ice bucket went bye bye, did he think I would use it as a garbage? I asked for ice, he is not the best but I'm not complaining about him I can always make do just fine.






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Santiago is back! I knew it unless he is reading this he was just having a bad day. 

Tonight, at cabin turn down not one but two towel animals and a cruise Compass! 

And, drum roll please, the return of my ice bucket with ice. I believe he saw I was able to commandeer another garbage can...

At the Royal Theater now, a 70s and 80s music show. I'm looking forward to it!





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The suite lounge was standing room only, I ordered my ginger ale and left. I don't enjoy it like that & as an aside grown people walking past the sink, past the sanitizer right to the snacks offerings buffet style help yourself, just why? The youngsters tonight seemed sugared up and ready to rumble in there, poor Dudley. We made a quick exit. If we don't arrive earlier tomorrow we are going to skip the lounge moving forward, its kind of small for the capacity.

The theater was packed at 1930 and the show started at 2000. 

Adam Kario juggler was announced after an entertaining musical number by the cast. CD Mark Bing Bong said we were in for a treat, eye roll I don't enjoy jugglers.

OMG this guy Adam was hysterical,, the comedy along with the juggling had my eyes tearing, yes he was that good. The singing and dancing was nice but this guy stole the show. Great evening, tomorrow Labadee!




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Wowza, your room is gorgeous!!

and yes, full capacity….isn’t it funny how ‘normal’ now feels like some kind of travesty? So many people. That hot tub! Yikes! Who wants any part of that? I’m not sure I’ll ever readjust.

Food looks delicious! So glad the entertainment is great. On Allure, I scanned that towel code as well and got nothing. 

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Skipped breakfast and walked to Bare Foot Beach. It was nothing short of breathtaking in the morning only one other couple, no kids yet so right in the water we went. 

Landed amazing chairs and umbrella up front on the beach, retrieved our towels and floating mats and the water was our for about 40 minutes.

Cabanas, remember those prices? Huh, one over water and two standards booked, that's it all others remained empty. Um, hello Mr. Liberty are you listening? Lower the price and you will rent more yielding $$$ the cruiseline needs, gees!! I'll crop and have more pics later. Lovely day at Labadee!!!



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Dinners in the MDR are really good this sailing. We don't allow the phones at the dinner table but I had to sneak the Mississippi Mud Pie. Our servers are great, they rival #CK servers. Amazing young men, so personable and attentive. 

There is no body lotion, not even in the suites. I had to go down and spend a stupid amount of money because I looked like a baked alligator. My bad but I'm spoiled they usually have it, there were 2 other ladies in the shop for the same thing. 

Suite lounge again packed even earlier then previous, it reminds me of a Disney sailing concierge, lots of kids in there, going crazy with the sweets offerings. It was standing room only and the kids were having fun but I wanted to relax, not possible so we smiled and left to the diamond lounge, ahhh problem solved. Just old birds like us in there, lol. To Dudleys credit he appeared in the Diamond lounge checking if we were all right, he is a prince among men. Of course we are, no worries he profusely apologized but I told him there was nothing for him to apologize for. It's going to take a lot more then that to upset me. Dudleys attention to detail is what sets him apart. He really seems to be engaged in everyone having a great vacation.





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Day 4 Random thoughts and sea day. We started at Chops for breakfast the offerings for suite guests. The venue is very pretty inside but I still don't like how you have to wait in the Windjammer line to enter, huge gathering of people utter chaos yes I just didn't like it. Once inside the venue was  lovely, food well can it be greasy and burnt/well done at the same time? This morning not so good. 

Stopped by the suite lounge to make tea, as no tea kettle on entire ship I'm told and the fancy coffee thing in the room makes hot water that tastes like coffee no matter how many times I run water through.

Just one couple there, wow great but then I knew why, they were clearly sick. Sneezing, coughing wet coughs, lots of mucous sounds OMG we ran. We went to the Diamond Lounge much better. Why wouldn't they at least stay in their cabin? 

I like the gray curtains in our cabin. 

Sky pad 2X, first time we waited in the line all the way up the stairs, got up to the man and he spat at us daughters shorts were to short, needed to be at her knees or longer. Okay, safety I get it no worries they were about 2 inches above her knees. 

Go back get in line again, get to the top now her shirt only hits her belt line must go change to a longer one. Wait what? You could not have told me that the first time? So I proceeded to stay in line and told the guy I'm taking off my shirt right here and giving to my daughter, my bra is black and full coverage bigger then some bikini tops. As I went to lift it he said she could ride, gees. It was all good after that, I was just done but no one wanted to see my top come off, lol. I was relieved myself. What we do for our kids!

Funny story, after Labadee yesterday our feet and shoes were still sandy, we all marched into our shower tube where we rinsed our shoes and feet and placed our clean crocs on the floor, hubby used one of the bathroom towels to dry everything including the wet floor. Well shower time and I'm last, guess what no towels left; we get 3, that's it. So long story short our towel animal is no more, sad!

On the way to Coco cay. Doing the Beach Club for the first time tomorrow. Bingo in a few, thats all for now. 

PS entertainment last night was missing the entertainment. It was tough, like watching paint dry. Ouch, it seemed as if they were just doing fill in stuff. The comedian I think is an adult comedian so the family show was pretty painful, sorry! I tried to enjoy it but the best part was walking out the theater, yikes! And it was standing room only, it amazes me how people arrive at the show 2 minutes to showtime and then are angry they can't sit together. 





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Went to play bingo, standing room only in the star lounge, to small of a venue. The line to purchase the cards snaked out to the door, I like the dauber and the fun experience, it's thrilling but in totality. With no where to even sit we decided to wait until next time. I like to at least be comfortable and have fun when I throw away my money.

So we checked out the pool deck rut row accident in the pool. Closed for cleaning. Are we on a Disney ship? They closed a few times a day.

Just realized they split the flow rider in two by a blow up divider. 

Arcade for some games and a diamond voucher refreshing ginger ale. The band was fun, singing the song " there's a bathroom on the right"  (bad moon) clearly the person in the pool didn't make it! Yikes, my attempt at humor.

We went upstairs and checked out the Mariner Dunes. We can see now why we hear the golf balls, woof! 

Highlight of the afternoon, we went back to listen to the band on the pool deck and the suites area was taken so we just moved to the area in between, wait what is that little yellow speck under that pillow?? You guessed it, my ducky!! After I screamed, danced and thanked the area in case the family was watching we took pics and introduced Ms. Ducky to the suite life. My day is complete!







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Don't get me wrong, I am spoiled by the size of the Oasis & Quantum class. The views here are ahhmazing. Its nice when the winds are under control. It creaks a bit when windy and the storage as well as the bathrooms are so tight. But, there are 3 of us and a teenage girl with all her hair junk takes up a lot of space, I think its perfect for two. But again im spoiled. The suite amenities are practically non existent. The stateroom attendant is not a suite person. While competant thats it, we are not demanding, i keep a super clean cabin can i please get even one extra towel? He has so many staterooms. He is just overworked. When I asked for a paper cruise Compass everyday I thought he would keel over. 

But the people watching and the views are worth trying this one. If even just once. I do feel I'm at my limit and for me 5 nights in this cabin is plenty. 

***yes that's my finger pointing to the flowrider divider above.

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On 6/13/2022 at 4:37 PM, Neesa said:

Cabin 1804 @Lovetocruise2002 it's super tight. I liked the 2 bedroom aft much better. The views are gorgeous, but for the four of you, no way. Maybe just the two of you, but it's so so tight. 

Sorry, I just caught up on all this now, it's be a super crazy week at work.

I am so glad you posted this as I have always wondered if this would be good for us and the girls on a non-OA class ship. We have LB booked for next August with the girls for a 9 nighter and I passed on this room for the 2 bedroom aft suite. I was actually contemplating changing it so it would be cheaper, but after reading this, I don't think I will.

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2 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Sorry, I just caught up on all this now, it's be a super crazy week at work.

I am so glad you posted this as I have always wondered if this would be good for us and the girls on a non-OA class ship. We have LB booked for next August with the girls for a 9 nighter and I passed on this room for the 2 bedroom aft suite. I was actually contemplating changing it so it would be cheaper, but after reading this, I don't think I will.

Stick with the aft suite, way better.

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@Lovetocruise2002@GregD stick with the aft for sure. I promise you especially for 9 nights. This is quite short of a suite. Even the cabin attendant, not a suite guy....did you see my towel animal story? We never saw him and honestly I felt our gratuity 17.50 was a rip off. He had so many cabins, not fair to either of us.

Dudley in concierge was the only resemblance to a suite experience, the suite amenities are non existent on this ship. 

This itinerary was the best, this ship and cabin are a one and done for us. The wifi was hit or miss. OMG the activities were a miss and the entertainment was lacking well, entertainment.

Views A+ and people watching is great, other then that it's still to expensive. 



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Perfect day, perfect day! To combat the Symphony joining us on the Island I booked the Beach Club, wowza! We skipped breakfast and debarked as soon as allowed, we were on the beach set up and in the pool and running back and forth like kids for at least an hour. I never felt there were to many people, it was a great choice. A beautiful sunny day, and believe it or not you guessed it, chair hogs. The in the pool resin type chairs were littered with shirts and water proof bags no bodies though. Gees. No kooth! The place was fairly empty until the Symphony arrived. 

Lunch was a lobster fest for my crew, I had the salad and grouper. The food was elevated and tasty, what was not good were our lunch companions, they surround the outdoor dining area with hibiscus in planters, flying insects love these. You know what else they love? Lobster and grouper! The insects were swarming tables, it was kind of disgusting and gross. Our server said you can't get away from them especially this time of year, ewwww. We asked for extra napkins and slightly covered our food while eating. Not that enjoyable due to that little fact. 

The cabanas beach and overwater were all booked, I was surprised how many people pile in and party hard. The crazy thing was though most of the people all over the beach including the cabanas left early, maybe to hot? If it was me at those prices you'd have to pry my butt out if there with a shoe horn. So it's even less people early and later in the day. Just perfect!

Ugh as I'm typing this the golf balls are going crazy overhead tonight! 






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Okay, the crew went to laser tag, offered once today from 1600 to 2100. They went there and I stayed to pack. Luggage is now outside the door. This journey has come to an end.

What? My phone is ringing, it's Dudley checking on us. The suites lounge was packed tonight and lots of coughing and sugared up kids, running the room. We stayed for just a few minutes but had to wave goodbye as he was busting his butt for the room. He called to remind us he could walk us off tomorrow, so very sweet but we told him our plans to go it alone.

Dudley is genie worthy and I'm writing to Royal to let them know. 

Thanks so much for following, when I get home with good internet I'll try to add more pics, bye bye for now. 


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Surprise you must vacate your stateroom by 0800, Dudley saves the day. We met him at Schooner Bar which was packed with all cabin types. He told everyone to remain seated except suites and pins. Son of a gun if he didn't wisk us off the ship in minutes. I'll leave with some nice memories and am glad we did it but please beware the Mariner was a shock. Maybe include internet? Maybe allow more then one towel per person and maybe don't make me hunt down a garbage can because you say no. Probably our worst Royal sailing to date as far as ship, but Dudley and that itinerary just wonderful! Parked next to the Mouse this morning. 






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@NeesaI enjoyed your blog. Sometimes it's about the writing style and you tell it like it is - warts and all. I like when people write about the good and the not so good so it gives a good overall perspective on how some things on ship really are. And, maybe others can read it and take mitigating actions to improve their cruise. Glad non of that made you down and you were able to stay positive throughout your journey.

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Thank you, Neesa; that was super informative.

We've never cruised Mariner, although we have booked an 8-day next May, and now

I'm a little concerned.  Balconies were stupid high, so we opted for a promenade inside

room, which was our cabin on our first two cruises on Freedom.  I'm hooked on balconies,

and am a little disappointed to be back inside, but the itinerary is fantastic.

I hope by May '23 perhaps the Elon wi-fi will be installed and we won't have to deal with crappy zoom.



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@Floski I sincerely mean this, I think since it was the cruise directors last sailing before vacation & a five night that contributed to things. Also the capacity being ramped up so fast, was felt in the lack of activities. I believe in my heart by your sailing the Mariner will get her groove back! 

Your  itinerary is wonderful, I just did something similar on the Allure, it's glorious. This 5 night itinerary was fantastic also.

How about the Panoramic Ocean views cabins on 12 instead of your prom inside? It's so quiet on the sides of the ship as long as you choose one not directly under the dunes. That might be a great financially agreeable meet in the middle kind of cabin. The floor to ceiling views just stunning!

The better wi-fi will hopefully be better by then for sure, thanks so much for your feedback. 

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As an aside while this sailing again was not as enjoyable as I had hoped, I did follow up and send an email to Royal regarding Dudley & the energy he put forth trying to mitigate the ship's so many short comings. I didn't harp on those though.

The email was focused on Dudley the man who represented the company in a stellar way, I wanted to celebrate his efforts and let the higher ups know what a gem they had in that man. I hope my sincere communication is met with a smile and just maybe some type of positive recognition for him.

I just received an email back stating they received my email so I am excited that I could shine a good light on/for/with this very weird experience. They said they were in receipt of my email and appreciated it. Woo-hoo!

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14 hours ago, dansforest said:

We were on the same cruise! Unfortunately my brother and wife came down with covid when we got back. Most likely from Thursday at sea.

Oh no, I'm so sorry. While I loved that itinerary it took some fancy footwork to avoid the crowds, and there were a lot of ailing people by that last sea day. I still love when they ask on the after sailing questionnaire if we felt they cared about our health. Lol, No!

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UPDATE: Happy to report I received an email from Dudley! I'm not going to post it because I felt it very personal but I can confirm here the "higher ups" received my email explaining how he made our trip special & in turn notified Dudley. His message was so heart felt, he said he was being recognized from the ships Officers including heads of HR, Food & Beverage and more even to include some team mates. Congratulations Dudley & thank you Royal for following up with this positive action. 


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