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Oasis of the Seas Star Class - 9/12/21


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Some things I have noticed on the cruise. They are very strict about wearing masks indoors and everyone who is vaccinated needs to have their bracelet on when leaving the room and they are checking. I like knowing this is being taken seriously. There are vaccinated only venues and you have the choice to keep your mask on or take it off.

For Windjammer, Main Dining Room and Coastal kitchen reservations are either recommended or required. For Windjammer, we have only eaten breakfast once there and did not make reservations.  As many have posted, they serve you at the buffet and if you order a fresh omelet or eggs they give you a number to bring to your table and they deliver it to you.

As far as our Genie Derick, he is amazing! I went to guest services today to get a new card as mine wasn't always working.  Within 2 minutes of me being there he came down and told me he can take care of anything. After getting my new card he made sure it worked down at the casino where I was having the most problems.

I mentioned to him that I love the navy royal caribbean masks and he said he would smuggle some for us 😁

Tonight is Hibatchi and will try to take some pictures. 


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We have done Chill island cabanas a few times and decided a few months ago to purchase a floating cabana for the day.

Prior to getting on the ship we had contacted Derick asking him if we could reserve Cabana 16 for us. We had looked at a map and figured since it was the furthest out, the water would be deeper at low tide and there would be a better breeze. Derick worked his Genie magic and had that cabana assigned to us.

We had a late night last night so decided to get off around 9 instead of any earlier. We took the Tram with Derick to the cabanas and all I can say is wow!

The slide was so much fun too!





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Some things that I noticed today. The outdoor pools have capacity limits but they weren't being strict with that. The furthest Aft pool across from the kids water park was NOT refreshing at all. It had to be close to 95 degrees...Definitely too warm to be refreshing. That pool is limited to 9 people while the other two are 7 people. There were a lot more people than 7 in the other two pools...maybe around 15 or so in each.

Because we are sailing at less than 50% capacity,  getting an elevator,  drink at the bar or anything else you would normally have to wait for doesn't exist which has been Amazing! Plus, with so few guests, you run into the same people a lot...sometimes I do wish there were a few we didn't constantly run into! 

For those that love BBQ, Portside BBQ is amazing but there is a lot of food. I ordered ribs and pulled pork and it didn't even look like I touched it when I was done!

We watched Aqua 80 again from our balcony and I definitely recommend it! It was very entertaining and scary what they do at times!!

We didn't do anything in Nassau today but relax, get a little burned and eat a lot.

We are on our way back to NJ and have two days at sea so we are going to try some slides and zip line next.

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