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June is Cancelled (Except Restart Ships)

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Dear Guest,

As we continue to get ready for our Royal Comeback, we’ve had to review our upcoming cruise departures.

Our most recent plan was to resume our broader global operations on June 1st, 2021. However, we will be extending our sailing suspensions for the majority of our fleet through the end of June 2021. As a result, your sailing will unfortunately be cancelled.

We’re sorry for the impact to your vacation. Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked around the clock preparing for our return and have spent countless hours hyper-focused on developing new protocols and procedures, so we’re disappointed too. Our plan is to now resume operations for most of our fleet on July 1st, 2021. And, our primary goal continues to be a seamless and healthy return to service. We’re really looking forward to welcoming our guests back! We’ve teamed up and have assembled the “Healthy Sail Panel” – a multifaceted team of globally recognized experts – who is working closely with governments and leading health authorities worldwide to pioneer innovative ways to guide the cruise industry’s path forward in response to the pandemic. It goes without saying, we’re all in this together.

While we are sorry your original sailing will not happen, we hope you can join us on another one of our sailings! And, we do have some options for you, including one that has been very well received by our guests, as it provides a little something extra to use once you can rejoin us!

Your Options

  • Option 1: Automatically receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit

We’re providing you with a 125% Future Cruise Credit to book a new cruise by April 30th, 2022.

    • This amount is based on your total cruise fare paid, and we’re giving you a little extra knowing that this is such a unique circumstance.
    • Your certificate can be used on any Royal Caribbean International sailing that departs on or before September 30, 2022, as long as it’s redeemed by April 30, 2022.
    • We will automatically issue your Future Cruise Credit via email by May 13th, 2021, so there’s nothing for you to do!
    • Taxes & fees and any RoyalUp upgrades will be automatically refunded. Current refund processing is around 45 days. We are working as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience.
    • Please note:
      • If you opted into the Cruise with Confidence 100% Future Cruise Credit, this offer does not apply.
      • If you previously used a Future Cruise Credit (including previous Global Suspension FCCs), you’ll receive a new Future Cruise Credit. This will be for 125% of any new monies paid on this sailing, plus the value of your original credit at 100% of its value, with an expiration date of April 30th, 2022 and a sail by date of September 30th, 2022.
      • If you were already impacted by a sailing that was previously cancelled due to a global suspension, paid additional monies on a new booking within this extended suspension period, and you opt in for a refund via the process below, it will be for both bookings.
  • Option 2: Select a New Sailing (Lift & Shift)

If you prefer to move your existing booking to a sailing in 2022 - we’re happy to move you! We will price protect the original pricing and/or promotion on a sailing that has the same embarkation port, sailing length, product, and stateroom category as your original sailing within 2 weeks (before or after) of the original sail date the following year. For example, if you are moving from a June 1st, 2021 sailing, you can move to another sailing that has the same embarkation port, length, product, and stateroom category, and has a sail date between May 18th, 2022 – June 15th, 2022.

    • Please know, price protection covers your cruise fare/promotion on an applicable sailing only and excludes taxes and fees, gratuities, and other non-cruise fare items, as these may change.
    • You must decide to move to a new sailing by April 22nd, 2021. If not, we will automatically issue you a Future Cruise Credit.
    • Complimentary Casino offers, Charter sailings, and select rates are not eligible for this offer.
  • Option 3: Select a 100% Refund

If you prefer a full refund, which is a lower value than the Future Cruise Credit offer above, we’re happy to process this for you. Given how fluid this situation is, and the opportunity to use the extra credit being offered, you have until June 30th, 2021 to request a refund and deactivate your certificate.

    • Please contact us to start the refund process, forfeiting the higher value of your 125% Future Cruise Credit.
    • To avoid waiting on the phone to cancel, click here and we will get the refund process started for you. Note: Please know, once we receive your refund request, we unfortunately won’t be able to accept an FCC request if you change your mind.
    • We’ll then deactivate your Future Cruise Credit and process your refund to your original form(s) of payment, which will include any non-refundable deposits.
    • You can expect to receive your refund 45 days after you submit your refund request.
    • Please note: If you used a Cruise with Confidence certificate on this sailing and you request a refund instead, we’ll refund any NEW funds paid above the certificate amount, and we’ll reinstate your original Cruise with Confidence certificate.

Cruise Planner Purchases

If you purchased Cruise Planner items for your sailing, we also have a special offer available for you.

  • You can opt-in to receive an Onboard Credit in the value of 125% of the total Cruise Planner purchases on your reservation.
    • Click here by April 22nd, 2021 to request your higher value credit, and we’ll email you your credit by May 13th, 2021.
  • If we don’t hear from you on or before April 22nd, 2021, your Cruise Planner purchases will be automatically refunded. You’ll receive your refund within 45 days of your booking’s cancellation. We are working as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times.
  • Also, if you opt for a cruise fare refund or for Lift and Shift, you are not eligible for this Cruise Planner Onboard Credit offer.
  • Questions about how the Cruise Planner credit works? Click here for more details.


  • Refundable air or hotel accommodations purchased through Royal Caribbean will be automatically refunded to you within 45 days after we process the cancellation.
  • If you booked non-refundable air through Royal Caribbean or booked on your own, please contact the service provider directly for your options with them.

If you have any questions, please contact your Travel Advisor immediately or contact us at:

  • 1 800 754 500 in Australia
  • 0344 493 4005 in the U.K.
  • 1 866 562 7625 in the U.S. or Canada

We appreciate your understanding, and we are optimistic that every day is a step closer to a healthy and safe return to service. Stay healthy and safe. We miss our guests, and we’ll be ready to welcome you backsoon.



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  • twangster changed the title to June is Cancelled (Except Restart Ships)
3 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

Glass half full or half empty?    Safe answer:  It's at the halfway mark

That never bothers me as I always something to top it up ? 

Do you think that the rest of European summer cruises will be cancelled? 

MSC is the only major cruise line in the med at the moment and they are cleaning up most balconies on their ships are gone and suites are gone as well. I'm surprised that Royal have Harmony of the Seas still sitting idling while Anthem is already announced.


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5 hours ago, teddy said:

Half the year gone. ?


5 hours ago, AlmondFarmer said:

Half the year left ?


4 hours ago, teddy said:

Much better. 

thank you for the perspective. ?


4 hours ago, PG Cruiser said:

Glass half full or half empty?    Safe answer:  It's at the halfway mark



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1 hour ago, Morganno said:

I'm surprised that Royal have Harmony of the Seas still sitting idling while Anthem is already announced.


I think it's just a matter of time before they announce something for Harmony, given what Marc Walker posted on his FB page. Of course her size means there are limited options from the get go.

I am hoping still to be able to sail at the end of September but that's going to require a lot of stars aligning. DH thinks it's toast already. We'll see.

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