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Across the Seas & Through the Stars - Actually a cruise live blog - Quantum 1 March


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Getting home and dropping my bag onto the floor, tearing my mask off and slumping into a seat after an exhausting day at work, I thought to myself "I really need a vacation"


That's really the catalyst of what got me booking a cruise in the first place. For all intents and purposes, this would basically be my first cruise. I know I went on one when I was a really young kid, but all I remember from it was the inside of the cabin. ? Having not left Singapore in over a year and a half, I was getting stir crazy on this little island. I needed to get away from all of it, and low and behold, Royal announced the resumption of cruises to nowhere in Singapore. It was a no brainer.

Of course, I'm not one to jump head first into something without thinking it through; I'm paranoid like that. I did some research on cruising and stumbled upon a little website called Royalcaribbeanblog.com. I watched countless videos, browsed the message boards and I knew I just had to do it.

That was that, the start of my journey onto what I'm guessing is going to be a new addiction. So, come follow me on my journey as I experience cruising for the first time and get the full star class experience at the same time.

I would also like to thank everyone who has answered my questions and help me get the ins and out worked out for this sailing. Special shout out to @Lovetocruise2002 @WAAAYTOOO @twangster and of course @Matt for all the insight you have provided.

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18 minutes ago, Matt said:

Can’t wait to see your live blog.  

It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, and photos really are worth a thousand words.  

What plans do you have for the cruise so far?

My main goal with this trip is to really kick back and relax...and food...lots and lots of food. ?

Of course, all the usual stuff that we'll get to do onboard as well. Bumper cars, north star, shows, food. Wait...did I mention that already? 


My genie is already on it, planning everything for us.

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Who's going?

Mum, Dad, Sis and myself. Decided to treat the family after a rough year. Plus my dad's retiring and thought it a good way to celebrate.


Pre-cruise stay

I live 20 minutes from the terminal so...my house?



3 night ocean getaway. It's a cruise to nowhere so basically no port of calls. Sea day, all day, everyday



Owner's Loft Suite 8720


Booking and Pre-cruise prep

Originally, I was booked in a sky loft suite and as the days passed, I learned a fair deal more about Star class. Thinking that it's something I may want to experience, I thought what better way than to simply try for a RoyalUp to a grand loft. At the time of the bid, all the grand loft suites were still available, so I thought my chances were pretty high of getting an upgrade. But in the course of 1 week, I noticed the rooms disappearing and knew that the chances were getting slimmer and slimmer.

When there was one grand loft suite left, I decided to simply call in and upgrade to the grand loft instead. The amount increase was only a few hundred more of what I bid anyway. Waited for the next morning and to my horror, noticed that all the grand lofts were fully booked.

star wars no GIF

Saddened but ultimately taking solace that Sky was was still a very good way to cruise. I shelved the idea, until 2 days later when I went in and saw that the owner's loft had become available. Called in immediately to upgrade and the rest is history.


Check in on App

I was waiting at the 90 day mark to check in on the app and managed to get the earliest time slot of 2pm. When I upgraded to the Owner's loft, I noticed that My check in time got reset. Luckily, I was still able to get a 2pm check in time. It's definitely something to take not moving forward as I think any changes to your booking (i.e. you get a new invoice with update information) be sure to re select your check in time.

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First contact with Genie

With the date of the cruise approaching, and by that I mean 1 month before sailing, I was antsy to get my first email from my genie. So, I waited with bated breath, always hoping that the next new mail I got would be the one from the genie. I swear I felt like a high school teen awaiting a text from my crush. Yeah, if you haven't figured it out by now, I was a little bit too excited for this cruise. Lol

Then the day came. 5 Feb. That was the day I finally got my email and the name of my would be Genie. None other than Elizabeth (Eli) Wong. Now, I don't really know much or follow specific genies and who are well known, but I know I've heard the name go around before, so I guess that's a good sign.



And let the planning begin!!!

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5 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

@LogicallyLazy, there is no mention of COVID testing in your email from Eli.  Will you be required to produce any negative test results before boarding ?

Oh yeah, it wasn't mentioned by Eli but yes there will be a swab test conducted. I will update in a few posts the procedure for getting it done

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Here are some of the documents Royal sends to you when you book a cruise during the Covid period. It details some of the measures as well as the requirements before boarding.



Once check in is complete, you'll also receive an email detailing the some of the same information as well as required contact tracing apps.


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So while sending over some of our plans for dining and activities, Eli gave a little snippet into the boarding procedures at the terminal. 


Seems that while everyone is asked to adhere to their boarding time to ensure social distancing, priority boarding would still be in effect for Star class guests. I guess that's good to know as some Star guests may not have been able to snag a 2pm check in time. I'm guessing the same would be in place once cruising resumes in the rest of the world.

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5 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

You cannot have had COVID in the past 6 months !  That's incredibly restrictive.  Overkill, IMO.

That's probably a rule imposed by the Singapore Government. If I've learnt anything, is that the government here takes an overly cautious way of handling covid, which is not to say a bad thing, but can feel very restrictive. However, being an Asian nation, there is still a very strong culture of following authority.

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10 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Thanks so much for providing those documents.  This one really stands out :


You cannot have had COVID in the past 6 months !  That's incredibly restrictive.  Overkill, IMO.

WOW, that is crazy!!  especially considering that someone who had covid and recovered is now immune for about three months to that strain they had.

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So, with these cruises to nowhere, all passengers will need to undergo a rtPCR Covid test and have a negative results before being allowed to board. This is carried out in partnership with Eurofins and TrustOne. We received our email just a little more than 2 weeks before the cruise to book an appointment to the the swab test.

The swab test needs to be done between 3 days and 24hrs before the cruise, which means that we were given 2 dates to choose from, namely 26 or 27 Feb.






Overall, the booking procedure was straight forward and really easy to set up.

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T - 10 days to boarding. The anticipation is building everyday. Does the days seem longer all of a sudden?

Initial packing has started, pulling suitcases out of musty stores after being neglected for so long. Feels surreal that I’m actually packing for a trip of any sort. 

Luggage tags printed and at the ready. 56FBBB44-A5EE-4E4C-9D4C-64838C613C2E.thumb.jpeg.d97d1113f680c0ec9c95c3b1c002a5ae.jpeg

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