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5 minutes ago, CruisinForABruisin said:

How to become a Karen 101

🤣😂 Touche! 

But the sad reality is... large enterprises only respond to large statements. I worked in customer service over the phone (selling auto/home insurance for one the largest in the business)... trust me... even if UKFamily were able to get a hold of someone who cared about their circumstance... the sad thing is they probably can do nothing to fix it. Companies this large have policies in place, and they will only get attention when it's escalated to a higher authority. And nowadays, what gets an immediate response is social media (we had a policy to give people who posted to social media almost anything they wanted... sooooo ... you call it being a Karen... I call it knowing the system 🤷‍♀️)

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11 hours ago, Rfk said:

My question is more of an aside, but is $136USD/room or $133CAD/room typical upcharge for refundable deposit?  

I've read references to converting from refundable to nonrefundable deposit, is that a full rebooking or just refunding the upcharge and recharacterize remaining deposit as nonrefundable?

You rebook at the prevailing rates to switch from refundable to non-refundable.  

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