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  1. Yep that’s all I’m asking, terms state notify them within 5 days of any mistakes of the booking once confirmed which I did the same day. They won’t admit they are wrong. The website also has no back buttons on the page so can only use the browser back buttons. Large organisation being a bully trying to force me to take a future cruise credit or pay more. Because of their arrogance I’m never using them.
  2. Video showing same glitch booking allowing 4 guests against smaller rooms. first time I booked it just booked 4 guests against a suite guarantee.
  3. I’ve just replicated on video their website glitch again that isn’t possible because I’m a liar. Booking another 4 guests against a suite with loads of different rooms available showing room numbers and then going back showing 4 guests on the selection, booking process with 4 guest names. going back in again and price then doubled. Had a call this morning from sales trying to upsell on video. will see if I can add the video link
  4. Yep that’s the only way I can get that price to show now and to offer the option of the room guarantee now. Some sort of website glitch after spent hours going through all the rooms and levels that gave the option of suite price based on 2 but displaying on the page 4 people and shows exact same price less if you exclude the add on and remove the discounts. It did add the current discounts to the booking but didn’t apply any price change either so another part of the glitch. Shows the 2 current codes on the booking but no reductions. If they had just been friendly we would have c
  5. Think it’s pretty clear, shows 4 persons guaranteed suite room. Asked for 4 guest details. When you select that it doesn’t say for 2 people. Went straight to input 4 guest names, sat next to my 10 year old daughter joking about how old she was as we are inputting all of our names so it’s crystal clear it’s the error of RC. To be honest I’m horrified at how bad Royal Caribbean are being and calling their customers liars. All they keep offering is for us to call them and pay more to go for a quad room rather than cancel. I notified them within 24hours that their confirmation was wrong
  6. Booked our first cruise with RC and took a few hours choosing rooms etc. Finally popped up with an offer about a suite and let RC choose the room. I have a screen shot showing 4 guests with suite guarantee and showing the cost, after booking and entering the 4 names and details the email comes through missing the 3rd and 4th guest names. Now they are scamming us trying to get more money. I know 100% it was for 4 guests not 2 but they call us a liar. ive tried complaining but just get generic responses back so think it’s going to be an avoid RC at all costs as no customer service. Will
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