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Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?

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On 9/28/2020 at 2:23 PM, Morganno said:

Better not tell them about the balconies on the 12th deck then ?

This is what I've been posting on all news websites and pages reporting the family's account of the incident.  I think I have even posted on this thread something like "What is the cruise line to do, fence off the balconies?" 

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Reading it they are still looking to take RC to court for substantial damages due to the fact grandfather is colourblind and didn't know window was open!!!

So no its not the end..it should be because anyone whos seen the video knows that being colourblind has no bearing on your brain cells or lack of them when it comes to dangling a child through an open window 11 floors up 

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This is not a change in status – this was the criminal case against the grandfather, and he changed his plea to guilty in February. The civil suit against RC is yet to take place. So the book is far from closed.

I do think it was accidental, caused by stupidity, and my heart goes out to the family. Grief almost always takes the shape of anger, so they're looking to blame RC. Either RC will settle (for the same reason the grandfather settled – to put an end to it), or a jury will decide. My guess is that RC will settle and the family will receive money that will not take the place of their daughter or do anything to lessen their grief. 

No winners, really. 

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7 hours ago, tiny blonde said:

Grief almost always takes the shape of anger, so they're looking to blame RC.

From the time the lawyer showed up, a day after the incident, it ceased to be about the grief.  It became all about the money the lawyer thinks he could get from Royal.

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I have to believe the guilty plea to negligent homicide came about as a result of being advised by attorneys that the prosecution had a solid case for at least murder in the 2nd degree, if not murder in the 1st. Putting the case to rest in this way was how the "grandfather" minimized his prison time.


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Whenever I am near an open window or railing on a public deck I have a death grip on my cell phone.  I couldn't imagine putting a child on a railing to sit or stand while trying to hold them.  

If visiting a friend's high rise apartment would you hold a child up and hang them over the railing of a high rise balcony?  NO! 

Every year we hear of a child who falls into an animal enclosure at a zoo somewhere.   My reaction is always the same.  "How on earth did a child fall into that enclosure?  Where were the parents?  What?  The parents sat the child on the railing so they could look into the enclosure?"

I've tried to not think the worst about this family.  People do stupid things like what happens to children that end up in a bear or tiger enclosure at a zoo.

Here is what I presume to be a perfectly normal couple taking a picture on the Oasis sports deck near a Flowrider.  I was in the WJ eating breakfast.  She sat on the railing to have her picture taken.  The drop is only 12 to 16 feet.  A fall might only end in death, a broken neck, permanent paralysis, a broken arm or a bruised ego.  If she had fallen backwards from her perch I am confident we would discussing the multi million dollar lawsuit "so that this tragedy doesn't happen to anyone else".  



Otherwise normal people do stupid things.  I will give the family in question that much benefit of doubt.

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A lot of public opinion was to the effect "He has suffered enough, why is PR torturing this grandfather by persecuting him?".

I'm not saying I subscribe to the notion that he shouldn't have been charged.  A child died because of his actions.  When parents leave kids in hot cars and they die charges are usually filed despite the grief, guilt and loss that results.

The sleazy way the family tried to spin it didn't sit well with me and still doesn't.  Were it not for surveillance cameras their fabricated lies might have changed the outcome of the legal proceedings.

The plea deal will end with people who view it differently.  If it is consistent with other similar cases in this jurisdiction then one can understand the deal.  A child lost their life.  Is probation enough?  If a stranger had done something accidently that led to the same outcome should that stranger get away with only probation?  "Oops. Sorry".  Would the parents be so supportive of that stranger? 

I think not.

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On 10/16/2020 at 4:27 AM, Eternal Friends said:

Who would ever let go your child, even if there was no glass there? Most people would have a death grip on a child if they were holding it up to a window. It sounds suspicious, the entire family needs to be investigated. 

I agree. Grandpa worked as IT and drove cars so I do not buy his story about sudden color blindness preventing him seeing that the window was open. Especially, I am concerned with a video showing him sticking his head and torso from the window. Was he drunk or on drugs? We will never know because his lawyer daughter and cop son-in-law advised him not to agree to the blood test. Nobody sane and not under influence will dangle a child from the open window on 11th floor unless they  have a special agenda. The family deserves nothing and should be banned from all cruise lines for the rest of their lives.

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2 hours ago, JimnKathy said:

This whole case makes me wonder if the grandfather was under the influence of prescription drugs combined with some onboard cocktails. It is just a terribly sad tragedy for the whole family.

If he had cocktails (there was a claim early on that he didn't) the cruise line will know.  That will likely come out during the civil lawsuit.  

Only he knows what really happened and he is following the family's lead in their pursuit for big money.  My gut thinks he just made a terrible decision that day, one he he will always regret.  

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On 2/8/2021 at 12:05 PM, TXcruzer said:

And a lifetime of personal torment. 
sad, just sad 

Only if he actually can admit it was his fault

if not, then no feelings of guilt

SHOULD have been jailed, for at least a few days to a week minimum, and had to admit to what he did.

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