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  1. I agree. Grandpa worked as IT and drove cars so I do not buy his story about sudden color blindness preventing him seeing that the window was open. Especially, I am concerned with a video showing him sticking his head and torso from the window. Was he drunk or on drugs? We will never know because his lawyer daughter and cop son-in-law advised him not to agree to the blood test. Nobody sane and not under influence will dangle a child from the open window on 11th floor unless they have a special agenda. The family deserves nothing and should be banned from all cruise lines for the rest of their
  2. As of September 2020, anybody heard anything about the Wiegand family lawsuit against Royal Carribean?
  3. What bothers me the most, all pictures showing Chloe banging on the window at the hokey game show her standing on the floor as these window are similar to the wall of windows from the floor to the ceiling at the pool area of Freedom of the Seas. The grandpa did not need to put her over the safety barrier and on the narrow window ledge (so called baby play area!). If he kept her on the floor as she was shown at the ice rink, she would be alive. It was solely the Grandpa moronic action which killed her. I hate to see her family going to the bank with a fat check from RCL after the poor child di
  4. So parents want PR to drop all charges against the grandpa so they can sue RCL for millions - if they get a dime from the cruise line it will be a travesty of justice. I guess we could say that crime pays!. They filed a lawsuit against RCL which is a lie after lie, after lie. The pictures they enclosed are more like pictures from the cruise ship ad and not relevant to the case. And even these pictures show occasionally adults walking and sitting at the tables and nobody putting kids on the railing or windows!. Another news source shows their lawyer by the railing and looking at this picture
  5. I have a lot of issues to accept that the Grandpa was only guilty of child endargement /negligent homicide. Look at the video I am attaching - he practically had all his upper torso out of the window for about 40 seconds. So our IT man had to know the window was open - https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/18/distressing-videos-show-moment-grandfather-dropped-toddler-death-off-cruise-ship-11929902/. CCTV cameras do not lie. If he can work as an IT person and drive cars he can see and he is not that dumb and decrepit as the family lawyer presents. Also, the picture provided of the railing in front of th
  6. So now the family wants the CCTV recorded images of the tragedy dropped because the CCTV camera lied! They want to continue to insist that window ledge on the 11th floor of the ship is a baby play area! And the grandpa who is supposedly working as IT man and drives cars, cannot tell whether the window is open? If the video gets thrown out and he gets acquitted, I think our justice system would need total overhaul. They are all for the money before even the child body turn cold. He should go to jail and the parents should get nothing!
  7. I believe the parents lawsuit against Royal Caribbean should be dismissed and negligent homicide charges against the grandfather should be pursued. I hope he will be convicted of the charges. There is so much lying in this case that I do not know whether it is not an intentional accident: 1. Grandpa put the child over the safety barrier and on the window ledge which is a reckless and negligent action by any child guardian. The window ledge never will by a safe baby play area, 2. The Grandpa claims he is color blind. However, this has nothing to do in determining whether the window is
  8. What is wrong with this family- they feed us one lie after another. Perhaps, they are unable to face the reality that the Grandpa reckless actions caused the death of the child or just want to get rich dunning RCL for the money: 1. They call the pool area baby play area although the CCTV video clearly shows the grandpa stood at the window next to the pool bar. We see adults at the counter and rows of pool chairs used mostly by adults! Actually, I do not see too many children in the CCTV video. 2. RCL placed a railing across the length of the wall of windows the creating an 18 inches
  9. I just saw the CCTV video from PR. I was appalled to see the Grandpa almost hanging out of the window - and he claim he could not determine the window is open? As he said, he felt the breeze and could not feel the window pane. Also, how the 18 month child can be put on that narrow ledge without her safety being endangered? In addition, please look at the shot showing distance between the baluster and the window- the distance seems to exceed the 18 month child ability to reach the window pane - she would fell either on the floor or outside for sure! By the way, does CCTV shows other cruisers p
  10. So far the family blamed RCL, ship captain, entire Freedom of The Sea crew, Puerto Rican laws, and possible protectionism of the cruise line for the Grandpa reckless actions. At the beginning they called open to all pool area, baby play area than picture the Grandpa as good IT worker fully capable of caring for the child. . Now, they picture the Grandpa as a senile (at age 51?) individual who has serious vision problems and is color blind! However, he should not place the toddler on the narrow ledge by the window as it is against the RCL policy and defies common sense. Just before the Gra
  11. How many lies Baby Chloe family can perpetuate to get millions from Royal? Although the Wiegand family never claimed that grandpa had any medical condition that would impair his ability to provide care for the toddler, the grandpa in the recent CBS interview claimed he is color blind. He never mention his color blindness until his indictment. Had he be color blind, it should be in his medical records preceding the accident, drivers license and perhaps as an impairment in his IT job. At this point, it is hard to accept his claim of a sudden color blindness as he over and over testifies that he
  12. I am surprised as much misinformation the press and the family lawyer are providing in this case. Firstly, they say the accident happened in the baby play area but the latest pictures show the accident happened in the pool area open to everybody (babies, children, adults). Anybody could open the window in question. However, the pictures clearly show windows going from the floor level to the ceiling and the windows on the child level were closed and if the grandpa he kept her on the floor level she would be alive today. I fail to understand the grandpa reason for putting 18 months old child on
  13. I agree that the grandpa and the family have to take the responsibility for the child's death. All the bloggers agree that it was the Grandpa responsibility to verify that the ledge was safe for the child. Apparently, the ledge was too high as he could not feel the breeze coming from the open window and he did not check whether the window was open. Had he look at the row of windows, he would clearly see the difference in color indicating the open window. And then, he lost a grip on the child ( drunk, overmedicated?)? I wonder, if PR police took a blood test to verify whether he was under influ
  14. I took several RC cruises and no children fell out the windows. The window have green/blue tint and are not perfectly clean so baby Chloe grandpa should be easily able to identify closed and open windows as they are clearly identified even on the photos taken on the day of the accident. Was the grandpa drunk, overmedicated and medically impaired on the day of the accident? Normally, we do not have problem to identify open window at our house, work place or any place else. It appears that the grandpa was negligent placing 18 months baby on the window ledge at least his waist height. The 18 mont
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