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Parked ships in the Atlantic

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1 hour ago, klc317 said:

You can also look up the Pztv port cameras, like Port of Miami for instance and go the the marine traffic box at the bottom of the screen, zoom out and in as needed.  When you hover over the ships it shows their name, speed, etc.

yes the link is on that little screen they show too.

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... not a great camera angle so early in the morning, but it appears Oasis is docked in Port Canaveral right now... ?





... took another peek late this morning, LOL! 




... much later this afternoon... looks like she's heading back out to sea for a bit...






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Exactly what happens when a ship cannot dock for any length of time in a port with its crew able to get off and hose it off after being at sea. Rust will find a way. Can you imagine the effort and painting time once they do get to sail?

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On 3/25/2020 at 2:25 PM, DunkelBierJay said:

every evening at 4, the ships around the Edge sound their horns...you can see it on @captkatemccue on Instagram...they have been around Symphony, Harmony, Oasis till she went to Miami yesterday, a couple other Celebrity ships, some MSC ships, etc


Follow #HopeFloats for their Sunset Salutes

captkatemccue is on Tik Tok as well as Instagram with Bug Naked, her cat. Cute little videos.

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