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Spectrum of the Seas - 22DEC19 - Hong Kong B2B


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We are not going ashore today, since we live in Japan and have been to Okinawa, However, I know people are interested in the port, so here are some photos from our last trip here. These (after the first shot, anyway) are taken on a Sony RX-10 III for those whore are interested. Also, all of these shots are from places easily accessible from a Royal shore excursion.





Fukushuen Garden:




Shurijo Castle (before it burned down, under reconstruction currently):


Gyokusendo Cave:


A Muscovy Duck, which you can find all over the place as an invasive species:


A fun restaurant sign in Naha:



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Day 3 - Okinawa

Today we slept in again, which was lovely. Breakfast at the Silver dining. Then we cleared Immigration (see above) even though we weren’t leaving the ship. After that we found a nice spot near the Solarium Bar and settled in for some serious leisure. We fetched light lunch from the Windjammer and brought it out to our spot. The ship was quite empty — I was surprised there weren’t more who stayed onboard. I guess Japan ports are still a novelty.

At 5pm we processed out of Japan again and then went to dinner. Due to the margaritas, I failed to remember to photograph the menu 😞 I had holiday ham and MisterZ had Beef Wellington. Both were tasty.

One thing I really appreciate about non-US based cruises is the smaller portion sizes. It helps with the weight gain issue and allows you to try more things. They’re of course still happy to bring you extra apps or entrees as well!

After dinner we went to Two70 Alive, a little show on the robo-screens in Two70. It was interesting but not worth making a special trip.

Windjammer decorations for the holiday:



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Northstar costs money on sailings out of China. We decided to use some of our OBC to book the extended trip — $40 per person. We’ve not been on a ship with a Northstar before so we were looking forward to it. The day was beautiful, too!



Here you can see The Balcony, a Gold suite exclusive sun deck (center) and the observation area over the bridge wings (off the Solarium):


A crew member hamming it up for us 😉



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Hi there

Can you please confirm if the Royal Carribean app is able to be used on board the Spectrum of the Seas for free on mobiles without purchasing an internet package and if there is group chat functionality for free using the app?

Been on a few websites and other forums, but getting conflicting answers.


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2 minutes ago, Jeremy Chan said:

Hi there

Can you please confirm if the Royal Carribean app is able to be used on board the Spectrum of the Seas for free on mobiles without purchasing an internet package and if there is group chat functionality for free using the app?

Been on a few websites and other forums, but getting conflicting answers.


There is no chat function at all currently. The app has been hit or miss on staying connected without a VOOM package. Likely Guest Services could help with that, but we haven’t tried going down that road since we have VOOM. Also, it seems the type of phone matters — MisterZ’s Pixel stays connected better than my iPhone. 
Hope that helps!

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1 minute ago, Jeremy Chan said:

a 1970s disco night.

Yes, at least on this cruise (7 nights) there was a 70s party. We didn’t go, but saw maybe 30 people dressed up on their way to it. Honestly if it sounds like fun to you, just go for it! We always have a great time when we just plunge in to whatever event strikes our fancy. And the crew always appreciates the participation, since they have to be there no matter what 😉 

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Day 4 — At sea

Today turned out to be mostly about music. 

Breakfast at Silver dining again. This morning was Christmas, and Royal had 2.5 hours of Santa giving out gifts to the over 1000 children onboard this sailing. Crazy! We also did Northstar (see above) this morning. Lunch was room service on our balcony, watching birds chase flying fish. After lunch MisterZ napped and I trotted around the ship taking photos for you all 😉 

My first sighting of the Stowaway Piano Player was that afternoon. Music #1. 

Then we checked out the Bionic Bar. In the name of research, of course!



Diamond lounge before dinner, and then we ate at Silver dining. It was nice, but the menu doesn’t change so once was enough. You order your app and entree from the menu and then get sides, salad, dessert, and more entrees from the buffet. 

Crab cake and prawns:




Next we found the Stowaway Piano Player again and got to request songs. He’s quite good. Music #2. 

Then we went to the Music Hall to hear the Aura Band, a bluesy-pop cover band. They were fun and I really like the Music Hall venue. Music #3. 

Music Hall staircase:


Behind the Music Hall bar:


Last we stopped at the Schooner Bar to hear Girl Named Jake, who we had caught briefly two nights before. Music #4 was also excellent!

Schooner Bar:


We really have been pleased with the live music on this trip! 


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Sichuan Red

We wanted to try the specialty restaurant Sichuan Red during this trip, since it is currently only found on Spectrum. It makes sense a ship built for China would have a Chinese restaurant, particularly Sichuan cuisine (southern and spicy). It was $35 per person, with a few upsale menu items. The $35 included a cold appetizer, a hot entree, a soup, and either a side dish or a dessert. However, there were a number of substitutions you could make, like the broccoli entree instead of a side dish. The server was patient in explaining our options. Also, if you bought an upcharge item, it came in addition to all the other food. It ended up be one metric crap-ton of food (that’s a specific technical measurement on this side of the world 😉 ).

It was fantastic! If you don’t like at least a bit of spicy, this restaurant is not for you. But if you can handle it, everything we ate was amazing! If you get a chance, eat here for sure!



Sour & Spicy Soup:


Not even all the food we had. From top right — fruit appetizer (in case the pickles were too spicy), Chinese Lettuce Leaves with Sesame Paste Dipping Sauce, Green Pepper Chicken, Assorted Pickles, Sour & Spicy Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wok-Fried Chicken with Chilis, and Crispy Fried Sea Scallops (center, $25 upcharge). Not pictured: white rice, Sichuan Spicy Noodles, Stir-Fried Garlic Broccoli


Spectrum does not currently offer any dining packages, FYI

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2 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

They need to expand Sichuan Red to other ships!!  I desperately want try this more than any other specialty restaurants!  The food in those pics look amazing!

On NCL the noodle bar/dim sum restaurant was one of our favorites. Was hard to get in but the food was great and no upcharge. 

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