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Being Irish I put a base coat of lotion on before leaving the cabin ... If for some reason I use spray in the cabin it's on the balcony. As far as spray outdoors, I do it the same as I would at the beach ... Do my best not to spray anyone else but know it's sometimes unavoidable. Just keep moving with the wind LOL.

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Remember to protect our reefs and choose a sunscreen without oxybenzone or octinoxate if you plan on going into the water. Google: Reef-protecting sunscreen. I am also an Irish ginger by heritage and have just begun to research this topic since we go to Hawaii every year and beginning in 2020, proper sunscreen must be used. Sure is expensive, though. If you find a less expensive solution, please let me know. 

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is this even a thing?? This has never even crossed my mind.......and I cruise and travel all over the Caribbean for the past 15 years. Millions of ppl do this every year on cruises....resorts....etc. Don't worry about it.....


Put it on wherever you like.....outside is probably better than inside as there is air movement......common sense is you try NOT to spray ppl with it but...


Also.....if anyone would like to send me $ to use "proper" sunscreen...feel free...until then...my god, they should just ban travel and vacations period..its all bad for the world and killing things so....

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