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Best price on deluxe drink package

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If you want it just buy it and then watch everytime it changes price. Right now on my cruise it just dropped (or did it) to $49. Remember unless you are cruising solo that price is for each person in your cabin. Prior it was $62 and half price for 2nd person , that actually may be cheaper, but you have to check out half price of what, $62 or onboard price. There are deals to be made but RCCL has to make a profit and it appears they offer a lot of different types of prices that in the end are close to the same price

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On ‎6‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 12:22 PM, WannaCruise said:

Definitely.  I have 5 cruises booked between Aug and Mar 2021 and each price is different.  Our Adventure seems to be the cheapest varying from $62-65 CAD depending if a "sale"  that day (which I guess is $46-48 USD) and Anthem Mar 2020 is most expensive about $10 more.  (Mar 2021 not released yet).

I just booked the beverage package for Allure in October, just over $61.00 CAD. Quite pleased with that.


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