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    tiny blonde

    Freedom of the Seas Fatality?

    I totally agree that Grandpa used poor judgement resulting in a tragic mistake. But I don't think the family is necessarily trying to "strike it rich" - because I remember how I felt when tragedy struck my family, albeit under different circumstances. One of the early symptoms of grief is anger, and certainly this family has a lot to be angry about (Mom is angry at Dad for letting Grandpa take the baby over to the window, Dad is angry at Grandpa for lifting the baby up to the window, Grandpa is angry at himself for being responsible for the tragedy, Grandma is angry at Grandpa for causing the death of the baby, etc.) and when people are angry, they flail around looking for someone to blame. When my daughter was killed, I was angry at EVERYONE with whom I could find anything to be angry about, and her father was so angry he drove people away (a phenomenon you may have observed in other bereaved parents), but that was just a normal grief reaction that gave way, eventually, to the deep grief that comes when the energy provided by anger is spent. The only person I blame is the lawyer, who I think is the one trying to get rich by inventing this cockamamie story of it being a "kids area" and parading this family in front of the media. I don't hate lawyers, by any means. My dad was a lawyer, but he never chased an ambulance or a cruise ship or dragged his clients into the limelight. He honored the confidentiality of the lawyer/client relationship, that this lawyer apparently never heard of.
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    2 Perfect Day Stops

    The majority of guests boarding Mariner have never been on a cruise before. Perfect Day is proving to be immensely popular for good reason. Combine the two and I can understand why they are trying this. If the feedback is positive they'll likely continue, if not they likely won't. The idea of two stops is appealing. That's taking me two cruises, one last week and another next week. Let's examine this concept that the new Perfect Day is a money grab compared to the old CocoCay. Thrill water park is a small section of the island. Beyond the water park the same excursions are available that always have been at CocoCay, except... Remember the old Aqua Park? $37 for one hour. That's it in the distance. Yep, that's what you got for one hour and $37 back in 2017. Remember the old slides from 2017? $26 for a day pass. Not included in the Aqua Park. Now for roughly the same price of the old aqua park and old slide you get an entire water park with wave pool and multiple slides that are incredible. Thrill water park is $62 in most of my upcoming stops at CocoCay. To me that represents pretty great value compared to the CocoCay of yesterday. BTW - see all those loungers in the top picture? Notice anything missing? The $20 umbrellas! Here is a Perfect Day picture from last week. Now, umbrellas all over the place and they are free! If you just want a relaxing beach day without spending a dime that describes 90% of Perfect Day including a free fresh water pool and now Perfect Day is so much nicer than the old CocoCay. If you want a water park, the price today has so much more value compared to the old Aqua park and inflatable slide of yesterday's CocoCay at the same price. Plus no more tendering! Come and go from the ship as much as you want. What's not to love about Perfect Day?
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    One reason that I love the Intercontinental Miami is their Club level rooms which give you access to their Club Lounge. Happy Hour and Breakfast are complimentary here in the club lounge. The hours are 5-7pm and 7-11am. Here are the selections for Happy Hour tonight: Mini sliders Chicken Croquette Chicken Wings Specialty coffee Make your own cocktails My pre-dinner snack: The wings were so good I went back for seconds on those. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the time we actually headed out for dinner.
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    Perfect Day Love

    I have yet to be to Perfect Day at CocoCay but this pic is my desktop background. I have high hopes of the time we get to spend on the island. I invite others who have been there to share their favorite memories there here. I hope this doesn't sound too corny.
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    Our tour was very nice. Plenty of time to see things and get out of the very nice van. Here are some highlights:. Park guell:  I apologize in advance...I'm taking most pics on my camera but trying to do some for here on my phone. I had beautiful pics of the buildings with the columns in the back. I also have some amazing pics of the tile work close up. The pics here don't do it justice! Give yourself at least an hour here... We only had an hour and we'd have liked at least another half hour or so. Jane
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    Swim Dress Code

    I've not seen it with my own eyes but I often talk to the crew and hear interesting stories. Bartenders who work the pool bar see a lot. When Freedom came back from Europe in 2017 she had an area marked for topless sunbathing. Sadly did not see any participants. Maybe all my camera gear scared them away.
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    I miss Royal

    So after Freedom I was able to convince my wife to cruise more. She found a deal for the MSC Bellissima from Barcelona and thought we would give them a shot since it was a brand new ship. The ship wasn't bad it just wasn't a great experience compared to Royal so we have gone back to Royal and decided it would be hard to go to another line now. Is this how people become Loyal to Royal? We just booked our next cruise (unless we book another one before we go lol) on Freedom. Looking forward to the ABC islands.
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    When I talk about Empress not feeling small that comes from spaces like the forward elevator lobby that has spaces like this: One deck down. Even the computer area has awesome views of the sea. The Centrum is unique to the fleet. The generous spaces can be found around deck 5 and guest services. Of course no ship is complete without shops. Also not pictured is Port Merchants with tobacco and alcohol.
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    We walked right by a local resident and I told lil man we have to give him a name. Everyone...I would like to introduce you to Chic-Fil-A:
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    Too soon it was 12:45pm and time to head back to the real world. The barge returned victims back to the excursion boat. With that we were off towards Tortola.
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    Just Got Back from Alaska

    My wife and I rode the Radiance from Vancouver to Seward a week or so ago. This site was very helpful, so I figured that I would return the favor with some thoughts about our cruise. First off, we had a great time. The ship is nice and clean. The staff is great. Food was great. I probably gained 100 lbs. We booked a Grand Suite so I was expecting some perks. We got more that expected. We booked the starboard side thinking that we would see more than the port side since it was a northbound cruise. Maybe we did, maybe we didn't. If we ever do it again, I'll book the port side. We arrived in Seward before 4:00 am and docked on the starboard side. That is one noisy pier! Check in at Vancouver was a bit chaotic. The lines were long at around 1:30 when we arrived. We were ushered into the regular line. After about 5 minutes (and remembering what I learned on this blog) I inquired with security about a line for suite guests. He thought for a moment then escorted us to the suite check in line where we only had to wait for the couple in front of us to finish. Check in was a breeze then. They took our pics, looked at our passports and gave us our sail cards. We later learned that the computers had been down for a few hours causing the backup. Next up was security. I had bought a bottle of Havana Club while in Vancouver and had it in my backpack. I had every intention of declaring it and reclaiming it at the end of the cruise. The backpack sailed right through the scanner with not a word from security. My guess is that to the scanner it looked like a bottle of wine which is allowed. After that was US Immigration and Customs. Just used the scanners. Took like 5 minutes tops for both of us. Walked on to the ship and quickly found our cabin. Our luggage was there. So was a plate of welcome goodies, 2 sets of binoculars (GS perks) and a bottle of sparkling wine courtesy of our TA and Royal. We spent a bit of time checking out the cabin, sitting on the balcony, and finding the bottom of the wine bottle. A note here about outlets. There are 2 110VAC and 1 220VAC outlets on the desk / makeup area. There are 3 or 4 more 110VAC outlets under the end table by the curtain. If you book a GS, bring a long extension cord. With that and the CPAP cord, the wife was able to breathe all night. There is also a very low power outlet in the bathroom for a shaver. I used it for my Waterpik. The next morning (at sea day) we were surprised to find a note inviting us to brunch in Chops. Another perk of a GS. The brunch was quite good. Sushi, several types of finger foods, desserts, wine. All served by the officers of the ship. The Capt. even made an appearance and spoke to each guest individually. We had dinner at Chops that night. The filet was amazing. The following day was Ketchikan. While we were out exploring Royal left more edibles in our suite. This happened a few times during our cruise. We hit the Concierge lounge daily even though we had the DDP. There seem to be snacks there all day, but alcohol starts at 4:30. Drink types there are limited, but with the DDP the waiter/bartender had no problem going out of the lounge to make us Mojitos. Drinks in the lounge tend to be stronger than those in the regular bars. In the regular bars the bartenders are required to measure the shot - there is no such requirement in the lounge. Service in the lounge was impeccable. The Concierge, Ricardo, was super helpful before and during the cruise answering every request cheerfully and making reservations for us without delay. We used room service for breakfast one morning. We ordered full American breakfasts at no additional cost. It was delivered hot and on time. We could have ordered room service dinner as well. In a GS you are provided with the full MDR menu from which to order. We never did. On the morning of debarkation (or is it disembarkation?) we were invited to Chops for breakfast. After that we did go to the WJ to meet some friends. It was packed. The quiet Chops breakfast was a great perk. We did not have a priority debark time only because we were traveling with a group. Had we not been, we could have left as early as 6:30 AM. One last thing. We had been told that we had $100.00 on board credit. On the advice of our TA, I went Guest Services the next to the last night. There I discovered that we actually had $300.00 credit. The $100 was actually per person. The other $100 was because I got a RCI Visa and used it once before the cruise. The important thing here is that the credits are assigned to individuals not cabins. I had $200; my wife $100. Mine had been used up and there was a balance due. My wife's was untouched. The Guest Services agent cheerfully connected the two accounts which lowered our bill another $100. It also turns out that there are two types of credits - refundable and non refundable. If you don't use all of your credits, make sure that you ask for your refundable credit to be applied to your CC. I'm not certain that they will do it if you don't ask.
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    Cabin tour! Junior Suite 9630 on starboard. No tub in this JS, just a shower. Walk in closet. The balcony is covered by the pool deck extension. Looking aft. Looking down towards the sea. The view forward.
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    Day 6 - St Thomas After a short overnight ride over from Tortola we arrived to a rain storm in St Thomas at Crown Bay. Fortunately it's the Caribbean. If you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes. This is a work day for me. Gotta pay for these cruises somehow. I stayed on the ship. #boring I was curious where we went last night since it's a very short distance. Looks like we just puddled around for a bit then made our way to St Thomas.
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    Wait. WiFi coverage? Yes! If you bought a Voom internet plan on the ship it now works on CocoCay! It also works quite well. Voom on CocoCay uses the new O3b satellite platform used on newer ships such as Oasis and Quantum class and the speeds are very good. I tried a speed test at two different times and in different locations on the island. At one point I went back to the ship to get some more sunscreen and I wanted to see what results were on the ship while it is docked at CocoCay. Empress uses the old satellite technology including while it is docked at CocoCay. Big difference in speed and I'm super impressed that CocoCay has O3b technology powering Voom even though I'm using my Empress Voom plan when Empress uses the older satellite technology.
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    CocoCay Finally on the new pier! There were several shuttles running back and forth offering rides to guests. Empress next to her much bigger sister. Live music welcomed us to Perfect Day. Oh boy, which way should I go? Thrill Waterpark to the right is an exclusive area for those who have purchased a waterpark pass. Chill Island to the left. The Galleon for kids is one of the first attractions that's sure to grab the attention of kids. Since the Galleon is outside of the waterpark it's complimentary.
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    Day 13 continued... On our sea day towards a Perfect Day here are some pictures around the ship on a sea day. Live music by Mass Effect on the pool deck. Lots of sun, various pool deck activities by the CD staff I have neglected to capture but here is the pool deck situation. I love ships with these outdoor covered decks. A good book, a drink, good company, whatever... This is day 7 of an 8 day cruise and the 10 drink card has appeared for $79 plus 18% gratuity. What cruise is complete without a sale. T-Shirts, jewelry, watches, booze - all the regular stuff on sale and equally popular as ever. Ah... wake views. Plus forward views. Smooth seas.
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    More highlights:. Gaudi architecture is amazing. It is much more interesting than it is in the pictures. Our driver was awesome about stopping and having us take some pics! Apparently casa Mila (the first one) was called "the stone quarry" by the owners... They hated it. It is fascinating to look at these "modernism" buildings right next to Gothic type older buildings. Jane
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    Made it on-board the cruise and finally unpacked! Arrived to Seward shortly after 11am and took a shuttle ride over to the small boat dock where we boarded a boat for the National Park Tour. The tour was breaktaking and we witnessed so much sea life! We even saw Sea Lions fighting on the rocks. We also visited a glacier incredible how close we got. Time for muster drill. below are some iPhone photos from the day.
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    Cabin Tour! As we waited for cabins to become available at 1:30pm I was waiting in the elevator lobby near my cabin. As the hall door was opened by crew moving luggage, James my new cabin attendant spotted me. He was servicing the block of cabins right beside my last cabin so he recognized me. He waved me through telling me my cabin was ready. Nice touch. Junior Suite 9600 Starboard. This JS is the reverse layout from my last JS. Pretty much identical with the same "efficient" bathroom and shower. Walk in closet. I waited until we had left the port to take balcony pictures. This cabin is the most forward JS on deck 9 so the balcony doesn't have a divider on the forward side. You do lose a small corner and the elevator lobby can see this balcony but the forward view is better. The better sea views can also be enjoyed when sitting on the sofa inside the cabin. The pool deck above narrows so the overhang is slightly smaller. The view aft. The view down. Something I forgot to mention in my last Empress thread are the USB outlets. They are found on the bottom of the lights on each side of the bed. It's a great hidden feature. It's really nice having USB outlets on both sides of the bed.
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    This area of Chill Island has some activities.
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    Found these complimentary lockers a short walk from Oasis Lagoon Pick a 4 digit code and lock it up.
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    How much is too much?

    My feelings: Order as much as you want, try new things, multiples of any item you really like, just try to keep waste to a minimum.
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    Vegan choices!?!

    25% of American's 25-34 years of age identify as vegan/vegetarian. Eating a predominately plant based lifestyle is the future.....Royal Caribbean is a business and they are looking beyond the boomer generation because, frankly, they are dying off. Why do you think their new ships look the way they do with I-fly, rock climbing walls, flowrider, sky pad, etc....they are trying to attract new generations of people and their kids. People who eat plant based or gluten free don't think they are "elite" or "special", it's the way they eat for health reasons. Some people eat this way for other reasons as well, but it's never to feel "elite or special', it's a belief reason. We should all be glad for more variety in food choices, shouldn't we?
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    I've never seen a Miami vice work kracken melt so fast lol! Gotta drink faster! We are sailing in btw sicily and Italy I believe right now. If I were a good blogger like @twangster I would get pics from the front of the boat, but that involves moving from my very carefully guarded solarium chair lol! Random thoughts... @Joe01 I do like Steve as a cruise director and I think the thriller dance thing is unique! Fun! Vision has not really felt crowded. Solarium has chair hogs...I will check the pool and Sun deck tomorrow. There are big table/sitting couches in schooner so a little trickier to sit as a couple but we have managed. We haven't spent a ton of time there... Pacing it til the end. It's nice to realize this is day 5 and I have a whole 7 day cruise ahead lol. Gonna be devastated in dry dock till March (and maybe later if we go for GB next summer). Main dining room was excellent day 1 but to be honest the selections day 3 and 4 were kinda meh and we decided to windjammer. I think for us the balance of 4 night PKG, one night chefs table, and 7 nights combo of mdr/windjammer will be a really good one for us. UDP can work on a bigger ship but if we do that, we will build in the lost cost of simply not doing a big restaurant every night. It would be totally wasted on vision class for sure. @Lovetocruise2002 @Matt the key port boarding thing is way wasted on the little ships. We've never waited in line and really we've never had an issue on the bigger ships either. I think they are adding things trying to justify the 19.99 a day and for myself as a cruiser I could never justify it. ESPECIALLY on the smaller ships!!! Ok... My sun has left my solarium so I'm heading to sky deck!!! Jane
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    Day 10, Cruise 2 Day 4 - Costa Maya I stayed on the ship and took advantage of the much better Voom today compared to yesterday. The Celebrity Equinox would join us again today. She was with us in Key West and I caught her sailing into the sunset later that day. There is definitely a lot of sargassum (seaweed) floating in the ocean this time. Like many things in nature it varies day to day and it appeared there was more of it this time. I stayed on the ship and got some work done. Soon enough it was sail away time for both ships. We arrived first and we departed first with the Equinox's helipad a popular spot for sail away. The company ships did a "horn-off" each blowing their whistle following each others pattern. Empress needs to step up it's whistle, Equinox put her to shame. Dinner back in Chops for the second half of my BOGO. I often forget to take pictures of the bread, I usually jump right in when it arrives. The 16 oz bone-in ribeye tonight Mushrooms and tater tots as sides. Apple pie for dessert (with raisons). Tonight's Headliner Show with Finis Henderson, former Motown artist, comedian, dancer, impressionist. He did impressions of a number of different musicians and actors.
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    Yeah... I don't see myself booking a blow dry bar on board a ship, personally. Usually on vacation, I don't have a big interest in spending time in a spa unless it's for a relaxation massage.
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    Empress was ordered by Admiral Cruise Lines but then in 1987 Royal Caribbean acquired Admiral while Empress was being built so they absorbed her into the fleet. Since the ship was designed and ordered by Admiral before acquisition she has a unique design that couldn't be modified in a significant way before taking delivery. They were able to get a Viking Crown Lounge and a Windjammer cafe added as signature Royal Caribbean features. Admiral had plans to use her on the short cruise market to the Bahamas so the cabins were not designed to be as large as they would be on ship designed for longer itineraries. Empress is smaller than Vision class but she has a bigger heart (and a smoke free casino).
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    Cruise Planner Sale July 15, 2019

    Darn it John, I was JUST going to book that stateroom and YOU pulled it offline for 15 minutes with your mock booking. Shame on you! 😁😁
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    Royal Frustration

    Reading this thread as I sit on hold to book a drink package..... eep!
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    Where did I leave off? Oh yes, Blue Lagoon. After the dolphin encounter it turned pitch black outside. We decided to catch the 2pm boat back to the ship because if we didn’t get that one we’d be stuck there until 4pm. Good thing we did. It started lightning and thundering. On the way back we even saw two water spouts. The ride back was fun. It was a very lively crew that got everyone up to dance.
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    Drink sale of the day, half off Margaritas! My plan for this visit to San Juan was some photos during golden hour after sunset so I waited for the WJ to open at 6pm and had some dinner before venturing off. Walking up hill I found a view that included Empress in the distance.
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    Splashaway Bay located outside of Thrill Waterpark is complimentary. Located sort of between Skipper's Grill and Captain's Jack. Noted that this kid's waterpark does allow swim diapers.
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    Perfect Day Cabanas include what?

    An empty pocketbook.
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    Nope... We didn't hang in the schooner bar tonight!! For @JLMoran and anyone keeping track, the drink count....hmmmm....I might have lost count. Miami vice (that should have been a lava flow), insanely strong Bahama Mama, blue Hawaiian, at Germaine and champagne, 2 glasses of wine and 2 shots of amaretto. Whoever (and I'm so sorry I can't remember) suggested white mocha coffee and adding amaretto... Amazing!!! So good. Anyway team drink pkg made out today for sure. In other news, on allure in March and majesty in June, a glass of Oberon Cabernet was 15. It is $18/glass on this ship. Crazy ridiculous :(. I will miss it!!! Jane
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    Time for an update! Adventure - Chris Brown joined early July (for 2 months?). Allure - Jimmy Rhodes until late July/early August then Mike Hunnerup (date?). Anthem - Dan Whitney started July 13 until August 29. Mitch Merucci returns from August 29 until January 5, 2020. Brilliance - Rob McNally joined late April (unknown how long he is onboard) Empress - Cecy del Razo joined mid July for 2 months then Elvis Pinto returns mid September Enchantment - Bobby Broughton until August 28 and will return October 28 for 4 months. Explorer - Clo O'Connor joined July 21 until sometime in October. Freedom - Katy McCullagh (former AM on HM & SY) started mid-June (for 2 months?). Grandeur - Cory Rogers until August 8 when John Blair returns from his vacation. John is on GR from August 8 - November 30. Harmony - Dennis Charles started July 7 until September 29. Marc Walker returns September 29 for 4 months. Independence - Cuddy Cudworth started June 11 until October. Jewel - Simona Ferraiuolo started early July (for 2 months or 4 months?). Liberty - Brian Leavitt until August 11 (next CD unknown). Mariner - Marcelo Alvarado is onboard until early September (next CD unknown). Majesty - Tanya Yates Tongue (Tornado Tanya) returned in June (for 4 months?). Navigator - Hugo Arenas until mid August then Cory Rogers (for 2 months?). Oasis - Mike Witte until August 18 (next CD unknown). Ovation - Joff Eaton returned June 21 for 4 months. Quantum - Paul Rutter returned in April and will likely be on vacation soon (next CD unknown). Radiance - Susan Adams until late July (next CD unknown). Rhapsody - Michele Scarpato started late April (for 4 months?). Serenade - David Bradshawe until mid September then Carly Boileau returns (for 2 months?). Spectrum - Fang Lixin joined mid June (for 4 months?). Symphony - Mike Szwajkowski until August 17 then Ricky Matthews for 2 months. Mike returns from his vacation late October/early November. Vision - Steve Davis returned May 6 for 4 months. Voyager - Michelle Oliveira returned late May for 4 months. I think that this is all of the available info. I have no idea where to start regarding AM info so only doing a CD list for now.
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    Is 12 nights too much?

    We did a 12 night on Brilliance back in 2005. It wasn't the Baltics, it was the Med, round trip from Barcelona. That cruise was one of the best and most memorable vacations that I have even taken! The sights were breathtaking and beautiful! Definitely worth the commitment and cost. I still remember when we booked that trip, Hubby questioned if it was "worth it"? We both have no regrets as we have some of the best memories and moments from that trip. I feel like it's one of those trips that if you don't do it while you are young, then life (work, kids, other commitments) bogs you down and you might miss your chance at it until much later in life. We look back to that trip 14 years ago, and if we did not YOLO and go then, we would still be waiting to go today. So glad that we did!
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    Oasis class ships......

    Not even sure why, but that made me laugh out loud (in a good way)!
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    Moderator Note: Please refrain from name calling or other personal insults, including labeling others in a negative way based on their preferences. I'll weigh in on dress code simply by reminding everyone that simple human kindness is far more important than dress code or anyone's take on the subject. Thanks!
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    Hell yeah...it would make me stay, not leave.
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    Matt in top 10 - We call him #1

    Thanks all for the very kind words and compliments. Thanks to you for all of your helpful and insightful advice, commentary and humor on these boards. I'm really glad we have this wonderful place to talk about the most important thing in the whole wide world.
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    We took an Uber to the beach here in Ft. Lauderdale. My crab phobic son decided to snorkel again. He saw fish and even a stingray! That made his day. For some reason stingrays are on the okay list. 🤷‍♀️ The water is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We swam/snorkeled for a couple of hours, then went to have pizza right across the street. Best pizza crust ever and I’m not a crust eater. Now we are taking Lyft back to the hotel to swim some more. Looks like a storm is rolling in.
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    check in

    I still have 9 days to go before I can do mine. Hope it's sorted by then. I want to be able to check in the very nano-second it opens up! 😜
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    It became really dark and overcast, but never ended up doing anything. We enjoyed pool time, the bbq and also smacked on mozzarella sticks and funnel cake. We met one other local, but decided the name giving business wasn’t our thing so we let him remain nameless. We headed back to the ship to take advantage of the water slides while it wasn’t busy.
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    jill wozhere

    Dogs on Board

    Dogs are the best. I love my dogs and I already have pangs of regret at the thought of having to leave them for two weeks. It would be lovely to have your dogs with you everywhere, but sometimes it is in everyone's best interest, including their own, to leave them at home, with a reliable carer. I wouldn't consider bringing them on a cruise. I think they would be better off at home. We live on a farm, so they have lots of company and room to move about and sleep inside in their nice warm pet beds.
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    ^^^^ this ^^^^
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    Transfer booking to TA benefits?

    When I first started using a travel agent, I was interested in just the benefits they could provide (i.e. onboard credit). In the years since, I've learned the real value of a good travel agent is the service they provide you. Essentially, they make my life easier and simplify the booking process, as well as being my advocate to Royal Caribbean if/when an issue arises.
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    Yes 😊 and maybe tomorrow if I squint hard enough, I might be able to spot @twangster on Empress. So close...😆
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    How do you stand the wait??

    Drink Package Training
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