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LIVE from Oasis of the Seas 9/16-9/23

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Day 5!

Our last port day was a full beach day at Great Bay Beach. It started relaxed with room service and breakfast in bed. Just fun to do it once during the week. 😀 After that it was a leisurely get ready to meet the group at 9:45. We did the typical herding in line to and from the water taxi and were sheparded to a fairly packed area with chairs, umbrellas with drink and food service. It was definitely a party feeland  fun to meet others. Also we were informed that since there was not a second group our 3 hour beach adventure was actually all day with the return taxis running every ten minutes or so. It was enjoyable but completely opposite of the relaxed, room to spread out beach time of Mehgan's beach yesterday. Vote goes to yesterday!

Back on board with a fantastic dining room dinner. Service has been top notch with offers of seconds every time we finish our plates or for something different if we leave a bit left over. 

We tend to search out quiet places on the ship so we strolled around the track after dinner taking in the moonlight and the appearance of the planets as it got darker as more stars could be seen.

The ice show on the Oasis was more high energy than the others I have seen and was appreciated. Studio B on the Oasis seems to be the same size than other classes but better designed to move crowds in and out. The Freedom and Voyager versions all had a single choking point. 

Talking about quiet spaces, we finished the evening with the Central Park violen concert. 6000 people on the ship and you can find entertainment with a few dozen people spread out under the stars and among the plants listening to a pair of talented artists. 

Next up is a first of two sea days! Who knows what Oasis adventures awaits!!




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Day 6 mid-day live update

(Wrote it but never sent it until now. Consider part one of today!)

A relaxed start of the day led us to Johnny Rockets for breakfast. The sweet spot seems to be about 15 minutes after opening so you miss the line waiting to open and it filling up later on. Service was spot on and the food delicious. 

We took the back stage tour and learned a lot. Of note was that the Andrew Loyd Webber company has sign off on each performer and the music is not live as the company was worried about quality. With that said each instrument has its own track so mixing is up to the director. 

Since I know some do not appreciate the show I asked if it will be replaced at the next dry dock. No confirmation on that but I was told that the agreement was for 6 years or 10 performing groups which will be close to being done at drydock. They could always negotiate a new contract but I would bet on a new show. 

Some odds and ends. The water was shut off shipwide at night for maintence and the Opal theater shows had to be cancelled last night due to a computer malfunction. They are working on it today and promised at least a variety show as a replacement. That may be interesting!!  In name of live, I leave you with my current view. Enjoy!


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Day 6 continued...

The weather was fantastic with following winds keeping the wind well in check on deck. With us doing 20 knots, I would say the apparent wind was about 10 mph. Super comfortable as we made home base on the sundeck right before the solarium starts. It's a great place to have the best of both the solarium and pool deck fun. 

Finished the daytime off with a five mile run on the track. Hope to do another five tomorrow as it's my incentive to eat just a bit more 😁

Talking about eating, the food on the 2nd formal was delicious as the lobster tails came out. What was lacking was the organization. This particular service was slow while the wait staff seemed to be running  around.  Please share, if anyone knows, what is so different about the 2nd formal night that makes it so hard?

The main stage computer was still down so no show tonight besides a comedic magician who did a fun yet corny 25 minute set. He is a current entertainer on the ship who offered to do magic. The effort was appreciated. 

Although disappointed with not seeing Come Fly With Me we stumbled into Dazzles and stayed 90 minutes listening to an talented and energetic band called the Temperature. We missed their Motown show a day ago but caught this country and rock themed show that had us dancing the night away. Just wish Dazzles was a but bigger as the audience was full and chairs hard to come by.

A stroll around the ship took us to midnight so we turned in. One more day and we hope go out with a bang!!




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Day 7!!

The weather has really been perfect. For all our concern about hurricane season it was by far the best cruising weather of my 4. All the others in January had days that were to cold or rainy.  Today was the best of the best with super clear skies and temps in the mid 80's.

So with Jeffrey reminding us of the hundreds of things to do we wound up doing none of them. What we did do was...

- have breakfast at the Park Cafe

- start the sun bathing on deck 16 close to the solarium like yesterday. 

- explore more of the ship and have lunch at the Wipeout buffet. 

- move to the sundeck to relax and read. Seriously a dozen people max there. Took some great photos!

- ran five miles again around what must be the best track at sea. 

The evening was a nice solid meal at the main dining room followed by packing. A long relaxing hot tub soak by ourselves was in order to reflect on the past seven days. After a quick change we capped of the night at Dazzles with some music with the house band. 

Like many people posting on the RC Blog, I was a little worried about trying the "big" ship. For all those who may read this at some point, the Oasis class is worth doing and will not disappoint!

I will get back to land and write a recap of  the good and the bad in the next day or so.  Thank you all who with your discussion posts have guided me to make great choices for the past seven days and those following and posting on this thread. I didn't think I would do this but am glad I shared. 

Enjoy a few photos from today!





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Back up north and a day at work already complete. Disembarking was smooth except for a lengthy line through customs. Rented a car to fly out of Jacksonville and had enough time for two beach stops. Now on to the recap...

The ship. Although my posts tend to be fan boy positive it really is that I don't sweat the small stuff.  Case in point was that the technical glitch prevented Come Fly with Me and that the main dining room ground to halt during the second formal night. With that said, stuff happens. So many other new things dwarfed those issues. For me the top take aways from Oasis were:

5. You can find quiet spaces among the 6000 guests. From the sun deck to the few chairs at the back of the track to Central Park, you can find space

4. Talk about Central Park, RC designers nailed that space

3. The solarium forward of the aft elevators transformed the feeling of the space compared to Freedom and Voyager classes

2. The extra width of the ship is evident on the extra space for the Royal Promanade. It makes a big difference on flow. 

1. I am an explorer big time and thought I would do and cover everything within a week. Not so, I have venues and places on my list for the next time on an Oasis class ship. 

Port stops:

Bahamas - the Segway excursion was a bucket list adventure that was worth it. Although it's packaged with beach time it is so limited just book it in your mind as  a Segway event. We did it at Blue Lagoon which has an amazing history. Worth the read of the book they give you at the end of the tour. 

Saint Thomas - The five star tour is really two and a half stars. I  hoped for a island wide tour with history and it really was a shuttle between 3 places. As mentioned, the Mehgan's beach stop was the highlight. Of course our self walking to the 2nd oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere also made the port stop worth it. 

Saint Maarten - We did the simple Great Bay Beach day and it was nice. It is totally a commercial beach so I guess you get what you pay for. We did meet a lot of nice people on the lounge chairs around us. Still, I think we will go off on our own to some other more isolated location. 

Finally, we have been a once a

January cruiser for just a few years. This was a special trip so we opted for an inside room. I was a bit worried but we were totally fine. If we can cruise twice a year with one being inside I would gladly do it each and every year! 

Again, I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions from what I posted. If not, I will see you on the other threads and in 118 days, I will be back here for my January cruise out if San Juan!!

Happy cruising!!



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3 hours ago, Kansas Cruiser said:

I thank you also for the wonderful posts....we have a lot to look forward to in just 19 days!

We are not late night people so I'm not sure how much of the night life we'll see.....but I'm now intrigued to at least try!

So happy for you  enjoy!! 

We really are not late people either. We my time dined at 5:30 and then walked or went to the schooner bar for some piano music. Most nights we had a reserved show booked at 8:30. Except for Cats, they are about 45 minutes. 

Anything after that was totally up to how we felt. We could call it a night, stay mellow with music in Central Park or listen to music in Dazzles. After that our big excitement was watching the captain do his 10 minute update on TV. 😁 Captain Claus rules!!

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