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  1. Thank you for the response. I’m not trying to get the job done faster lol it’s just I prefer to drink doubles and drink less drinks and consume less liquids is all. I guess I’ll either order an extra shot on the side to add to my cocktail or bring some extra cash for tips:) thanks
  2. Hey! We bit the bullet and bought the deluxe drink package lol! I prefer to drink less liquids and stronger drinks. Do any of the cocktails have 2 ounces?or are the all only 1 ounces? Do you have to Order a cocktail and then a min later ask for a shot of vodka so u don’t pay extra? Thanks first time cruiser
  3. We paid $18.99 for 2 devices surf and stream for our December cruise on allure of the seas
  4. Wonderful blog, I’ve enjoyed the pictures and everything you’ve been doing looks incredible! Thank you so much for checking on the vodka soda price! I really appreciate it:)
  5. Glad you’re enjoying the cruise so far! Would you be able to check the price on a vodka and soda water? Looking forward to reading more of your blog!
  6. Thanks for you input! hopefully someone has a price for me
  7. I just see the price of vodka only that’s why I’m asking what the price is? Better idea of I need a drink package or not.
  8. First cruise ever and we are so excited! Haven’t decided if we are buying the drink package yet. How is vodka and soda water priced per drink? If the vodka is 7.95 is that the drink price or is there an extra price for the soda water mixer? Thanks so much!
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