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Passenger on Allure was killed in Roatan zip line accident and his wife badly injured

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The couple (from Israel)  were in their  honeymoon cruise , they book the excursions from RC (Extreme Carib zip line tour).

The accident happened few days ago, only lately it was published they were on Allure. The wife was treated in Honduras and later flown to  a Florida hospital for extra treatment, hope she will recover soon.

From the information that was published in the local newspapers it seems  the wife was first on the zip line and she might been stuck while the husband was sent and collide with her. the accident is still under investigation. I guess RC will  need also to check what happened and there connection with such vendors.

More information : 



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26 minutes ago, mworkman said:

WOW...i can't believer Honduran Institute of Tourism is blaming the victims?

In one of the articles yes , 

Not sure how they can blame them , the operators are the one that tells you when to start, they are the one that suppose to know if the line is clear or not , very strange , but I guess they are trying to protect the tourism in the Island, very wrong way of doing so if you ask me  

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this is so sad and for local officials to try to shift blame to the couple borders on criminal and even though I realize the government is just throwing one more block in the difficulty factor when it comes to the upcoming lawsuit I have yet to hear an apology from the government, operators of the tour or for that matter anyone just remember when you are out of the country (US) there safety standards are no where near ours you take responsibility like it or not for your own safety and can assume nothing cruise on my friends I hope ROYALS insurance is paid up there in for some stormy seas 

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Very Sad, starting a new life together and it ends in tradegy 

The fact that a person lost their life and another is seriously injured is bad enough but for the Honduran Institute of Tourism to point the finger of blame at the couple involved is shocking and insulting. By blaming the couple involved they are trying deflect the poor safety procedures in place, bad publicity means less $$$$$$$. If cruiselines stop using these excursions or stop visiting these ports then it will harm the honduran economy, they cannot afford to let that happen so will pass the blame or cover up what happened best they can 




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