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5 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

I guess this is what happens when you live in the swamp, like me.  There is only ONE thing that comes to mind whenever someone mentions "agency" around here !

That's who @twangster is, he's Jason Bourne, no wonder there are not pictures of him, he's a ghost, he uses the cruise industry as a cover to travel from country to country.

He's ID must have gotten burned over on Carnival...

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48 minutes ago, Rimmit said:

Yes,  we have been super busy.  Since going on that cruise we have been to Disney for a week and spent two weeks in Eastern Europe,  plus holiday stuff.  We are super far behind on things we want to do,  but am definitely meaning to finish the final couple days.

Hey, @Rimmit I think you posted in the wrong topic LOL. Glad you have fun in Europe and Russia.

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I know on the smaller ships the Concierge lounge is somewhat dominated by P, but I dont necessarily mind it, I'm there for the views, snacks and drinks, not trying to have a haves and have nots experience.  It does feel though as a new suite guest that this sentiment is kind of echoed in the concierge lounge.  The P's looking down their noses at the suite guests who havent paid their dues to be P (and hey it takes a WHILE to become P, so hey I get it)  and then the suite guests looking down their noses at the P's going "they're in an inside stateroom and they get to come into OUR lounge, we paid more money than them"

I dont think on the smaller ships that there would be a separate suite and P lounges and have them utilized enough to be worthwhile to either passenger, but I am hoping that on the larger ships we see more of a "norwegian Haven" experience with more exclusive benefits but at an increased cost for the suite to have the separate area for the suite guests.  And if the Pinnacles want that experience, then I'm sure in the Pinnacle benefits there might be a route for access to the suite only area (cabin upgrades, etc)

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