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  1. Sure did. Just clicked on the notification and it brought me to this topic, lol
  2. Day #15 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/31/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-15/
  3. You're getting ahead of the blog, but a couple days later they revealed where the name came from. ? Day #14 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/29/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-14/
  4. All those are good choices. Really can't go wrong. I really enjoyed the Anthem. I know the Quantum class got a bad rap at the beginning because of Dynamic dining, but we really enjoy the quantum class ships. They are awesome for inclement weather. Day #13 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/26/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-13/
  5. Day #12 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/24/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-12/
  6. Day #11 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/23/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-11/
  7. It's definitely Oasis. We were debating a B2B on the Oasis to justify the drive. We are going with friends, and that's the only cruise dates that would work and the anthem dates in Feb. wouldn't work which killed me as we had a killer deal on the Feb. 3rd 12 night Anthem sailing. We hate driving to FL to catch a boat. In the end we are doing the Enchantment 4 night on Feb. 4, going to Disney for two days, and then hopping on the Oasis on Feb. 10. I was looking at Spring Break Airfare from you area, as we have some friends that tried to recruit us onto the Celebrity Silhouette Mar. 24 sailing out of FLL. It wouldn't work as we had a wedding on Apr 6th, and the rehearsal Apr. 5 when we disembark. The wedding was in DC, so I was looking at BWI, IAD, and DCA for possible flights. The flights weren't awful. For four of us, I got it down to 900 dollars on SWA. Not great, but not $2000 dollars expensive. Ultimately they decided to have the rehearsal dinner midday so logistically it won't work for us as we had to make 1015 direct flight that would land at 1230, but that left no margin for error. It was nice itinerary going to the really south caribbean and 4 ports we had never been to before and we've been pretty much every where in the Caribbean that isn't Cuba. We are instead doing the Mar. 22nd Grandeur, and possibly one of the Bermudas on the Anthem or Grandeur in April. It'd be nice to hit up Boston, as we have only been there once and only briefly. If you are tiring of the Caribbean I've been stalking some Prestige cruises deals. They quoted me $5600 for a 13 night Princess cruise starting in Singapore ending in Tokyo, with 3 nights hotel in Singapore WITH AIRFARE out of ORD. That is insane. We couldn't make the dates work, but it was sooo tempting. The 3400 is a great camera. All DSLR's take awesome pics these days. The higher end cameras just take marginally better pics, and only if you truly know how to use it to it's full extent and then process the pics correctly afterwards, otherwise, it's just as good as a 3400 or Rebel imo. Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll move up the camera world over time.
  8. Day #10 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/22/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-10/
  9. I use a Canon 5D MK IV. No filters. Lightroom Classic to process on the computer. Good helps reduce lens flare esp, when the sun is the side of the pic. More importantly it helps keeps my kids hands off the lens. we have never done he Oasis class ships in all our cruising. Every time we schedule it we have conflicts. We are schedule for it This Feb 10 so we will see if it sticks. I doubt I will like it as much as the Grandeur. For me the smaller the ship the better, although with kids there is a balance. I did a couple expeditions that were 14 nights long and only 80-50 people per expedition without the kids. It’s so nice to really get to know people, and on a mega ship it’s hard. We still keep in contact with cruise friends from 15+ years ago
  10. We’ve been on 13 different ships in RCI’s fleet and in all honesty the Grandeur is one my favorites. It is not the prettiest ship and it needs a definite face lift as it is looking a bit tired these days but, we love the smaller ships. We like meeting new people and on the bigger ships you see people once and that’s it. On the Grandeur as you well know you really make some great friends. Not so much on the larger ships. Plus the walking with kids on larger ships can be tiring. If it was just me and the wife we’d probably never do the mega ships unless the intinerary suited our needs. Totally understand the school calendar thing. We homeschooled zack this year to buy us some more vacation time. Might do it one more year until Lucy gets to kindergarten and put them both back in school.
  11. Very informative, thank you for posting that. We will definitely consider it the next time they have those free drink package deals with a balcony. We almost booked the last time they had one as the price was insane. We have done Disney twice and over 150 Days in RCI. Disney is super hard to justify during peak season, and I find it good to hear we aren’t the only ones that think that. We have lots of DVP friends who continually push DCl on us, but the price is insane when you can get a product like RCI for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost based on time of year.
  12. I figured as much. We live in KY so Baltimore is just a 6.5 hour drive for us, so It is our closest cruise port and have done the Grandeur twice as it is so convenient. What was your son’s name. I will ask Zack if he remembers him. If you saw 7 year old boy running like a crazy person that was probably zack. The Grandeur is definitely not the most exciting ship in the fleet but the kids club is really all Zack needs to stay entertained., but the extra amenities like an ifly and bumper cars don’t hurt.
  13. Our kids travel with us 99 percent of the time, and they have never cruised without them. They have logged countless days on cruise ships at this point. We were going to go on the Anthem on the Nov. 25th sailing 11 nighter southern caribbean. Did the 12 night in 2017. We cx'ed last minute though and took a penalty as we got a killer deal on some airfare to Europe, so we will do some independent land exploring of Paris, Prague, Budapest and Moscow. Not nearly as relaxing as a cruise, but should be an adventure. We will definitely be regretting it a little when we are freezing to death in Moscow instead of laying on a warm caribbean beach, lol. Saw you were on the Grandeur earlier this year. We did the 12 night sailing in the end of march. Were you on it by chance? We have done every major US cruiseline, and we feel RCI is the best bang for buck, esp with kids. Disney is better for kids, but it’s double to triple the cost and we only do it on occasion. We have never done MSC but I’d love to hear your opinion when you do one. Day #9 https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/10/21/northern-transatlantic-cruise-live-blog-day-9/
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear you took your son when he was young. It always kills me when I hear people say you are crazy to take a kid/baby on a cruise. It’s the best vacation with a baby/young child and we’ve tried pretty much every kind. Please let us know if there any particular topics or articles you’d like to see. We want to write what people want to read.
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