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You Know You're A Cruise Nerd When...

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47 minutes ago, iamjohnbamber said:

You always have a countdown going until your next cruise!

In my case, I count down work days which feels like it goes faster! :-) 



That made me laugh ...... Here's the front of our refrigerator from back in March .... We're down to 92 Days now.  See if you can figure out what's really being said here and why there are two numbers.


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Just realized one...you know you're a cruise nerd when...you open the cupboard door where the drink glasses are...and half the glasses are various styles of martini glasses, shot glasses and other assorted drinking vessels...you brought back from the various cruises you've been on...many complete with RC branding!

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Another sign of a frequent nerd. You plan cruises and cabins based on when you hit crystal block milestones.

Running into that right now. Based on current bookings, if I get more than 13 extra points I won't get a Harmony block in May. That is limiting any other unexpected cruises. Hopefully on the Symphony group cruise as a family we'll have all four sisters.


Funny the stress caused by a paper weight.

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Just now, Matt said:

I've spent a lot of money on in-flight wifi for just checking the boards!

I was able to use my United miles to get the WiFi on here, less than 2k miles for 2 hours of connection time... so not bad. 

I also just did a 15-minute FB Live from my seat, 35,000 feet up. I have no idea how well it worked on the ground but the fact that I could do it is beyond impressive!

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9 hours ago, DocLC said:

Your spell check auto corrects everything to names of Royal Caribbean ships and restaurants. Rita's, Sabor, and Izumi, as well as Oasis and Allure, come up a lot. 

That, and when your phone auto corrects Windjammer to Windjamere, and offers "of the Seas" (which it just auto capitalized lol) and "book it" after yolo, as a suggested word. My phone is now officially an honorary cruise nerd! 


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