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Current Tropical Weather in Caribbean

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Here's a fun link. Unless you are really into NHC Discussions the terminology can be overwhelming - like someone posted up thread. I've always liked pictures better than words. You can inarge the dipaly to include the entirety of western Africa where storms, this time of year, usually, not always, originate, see what's emerging then tracking what looks like cirulation out 7d. You can also change the forecast models between ECMWF and GFS (the two most commonly used forecasting models - there are a ton of others). IN a few days, you'll start hearing about another system "coming off the African coast." You can see it on the Windy model and track what the two models say it's going to do ..... head out into the eastern Atlantic. 

The other salient point about Hurrican Season in the Caribbean is that we are approaching the historic peak of it (September 15th). Forecasting has gotten good enough these days that ships - the big ones - can sail safely during this season. That is because, as has been mentioned, the cruise ships just sail away from them. The best place to be with hurricanes threatening is on a big ship that can do 30 knots if it has to and cruise ships can. They just go where the hurrican is not forecast to go. The worst place to be is tied up in port!


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