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A Tiny Slice of Mariner 5 night blog!


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Dinner was nice, we had a quiet table on deck 3 next to a window where we could watch the sea outside. Our servers were very personable and it was quick, food was fine.  

Question, I never saw this before when our rooms were ready all the cabin doors are left wide open with your cards outside of course. Just seemed a bit off putting. 


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@Neesa no matter how many times we cruise, Sail-Aways never disappoint!  Every single time is exhilarating, filled with anticipation of a brand new journey.  I’d be right there with you doing “the floss dance”☺️!  I’ve never been on mariner or even read a Mariner live blog so I’m excited to follow.  Happy 16th to your daughter! Bon voyage!   

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Wow! Like you, I’ve never encountered a surly room Steward before. Not the way to start things off very well, is it? But oh how special that they brought out that cake with a birthday candle! And you all have a terrific attitude. And it looks like nice weather! Hoping you have a great week and following along.

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@Sweety yes. Perfect for two. Gorgeous view but spoiled by the Oasis class for sure. I think this itinerary is perfect for this ship. So looking forward to Labadee tomorrow. Mark cruise director "Bing Bong" reported 1200 kids on the ship. The ice show under the big top was our favorite ice show yet. The ship is packed, every venue but the cabin views, ahhh.. 1030 we are attending the loyalty show. Waiting on room service now...pics on the way!


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So I've been trying, pics won't upload this morning when I can I will, for me when reading blogs my favorite part is the pics. 

We ordered from main dining room for breakfast, was amazed at the freshness and quality, we had power wraps and breakfast burritos. Tea, juice and fruit. It took a little longer then expected but it arrived hot, yes I said it...hot! Very nice leisurely staring out at that view. 

It's pretty quiet up here except for the occasional golf balls bouncing around but we have a reprieve it is windy, so it's rocky no goofball above noises as of yet! Last night was a slightly different story.

Oh, not as rocky as I thought it would be. Still patch free but we will see, the Oasis in March still the most uncomfortable as far as motion for me. 

I thought I would miss the balcony, never in 18 sailings have not had a balcony...I don't. 

That's all for now...

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Oh I forgot, while up here the people watching is so much fun. We have a Happy Birthday sweet 16 banner hung here and while I'm dancing around and waving at everyone who looks up some yell up happy birthday as they can see the banner. What fun. Some really warm and fuzzy feelings about humanity with this cabin experience. The windows take over my psyche and the dancing, waving and silly faces with the little ones, fun fun fun!

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I stayed in 1810, which was right in front, and my internet was pretty bad. I could post but had to go on deck and do the pictures. The views are stunning, but I hate being at the front of the ship. Do you find the captains announcements to be loud?

I would also agree that "Under....." is one of the best Ice shows, it is so funny and entertaining.


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I have a program on my phone that reduces image sizes so they upload better over Voom.  The stuff straight from a phone camera is typically 3MB or more in file size so by reducing them to 1200 pixels on the long edge they end up typically under 500kB which uploads so much better over Voom.  I've been using this approach for years.  

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Posted (edited)

Cutting my photos size seems to be working thanks @twangster.

Room service, excellent!

Loyalty "party" 14 pins seems to be not many top tiers pretty empty.

Napkins folding super fun!

OMG no ducks, I am looking like crazy. 






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14 pins on board not 14 loyalty members
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Oh boy. I must be having a lovely time, I just posted all about the Bamboo Room under dining and my Jamie's question. Readers digest version, Bamboo Room nice.

No blue towels in room, QR code request yielded nothing. Will get on Barefoot Beach and the Beach Club I hope.

Ice bucket went bye bye, did he think I would use it as a garbage? I asked for ice, he is not the best but I'm not complaining about him I can always make do just fine.






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Santiago is back! I knew it unless he is reading this he was just having a bad day. 

Tonight, at cabin turn down not one but two towel animals and a cruise Compass! 

And, drum roll please, the return of my ice bucket with ice. I believe he saw I was able to commandeer another garbage can...

At the Royal Theater now, a 70s and 80s music show. I'm looking forward to it!





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The suite lounge was standing room only, I ordered my ginger ale and left. I don't enjoy it like that & as an aside grown people walking past the sink, past the sanitizer right to the snacks offerings buffet style help yourself, just why? The youngsters tonight seemed sugared up and ready to rumble in there, poor Dudley. We made a quick exit. If we don't arrive earlier tomorrow we are going to skip the lounge moving forward, its kind of small for the capacity.

The theater was packed at 1930 and the show started at 2000. 

Adam Kario juggler was announced after an entertaining musical number by the cast. CD Mark Bing Bong said we were in for a treat, eye roll I don't enjoy jugglers.

OMG this guy Adam was hysterical,, the comedy along with the juggling had my eyes tearing, yes he was that good. The singing and dancing was nice but this guy stole the show. Great evening, tomorrow Labadee!




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Wowza, your room is gorgeous!!

and yes, full capacity….isn’t it funny how ‘normal’ now feels like some kind of travesty? So many people. That hot tub! Yikes! Who wants any part of that? I’m not sure I’ll ever readjust.

Food looks delicious! So glad the entertainment is great. On Allure, I scanned that towel code as well and got nothing. 

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Skipped breakfast and walked to Bare Foot Beach. It was nothing short of breathtaking in the morning only one other couple, no kids yet so right in the water we went. 

Landed amazing chairs and umbrella up front on the beach, retrieved our towels and floating mats and the water was our for about 40 minutes.

Cabanas, remember those prices? Huh, one over water and two standards booked, that's it all others remained empty. Um, hello Mr. Liberty are you listening? Lower the price and you will rent more yielding $$$ the cruiseline needs, gees!! I'll crop and have more pics later. Lovely day at Labadee!!!



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Dinners in the MDR are really good this sailing. We don't allow the phones at the dinner table but I had to sneak the Mississippi Mud Pie. Our servers are great, they rival #CK servers. Amazing young men, so personable and attentive. 

There is no body lotion, not even in the suites. I had to go down and spend a stupid amount of money because I looked like a baked alligator. My bad but I'm spoiled they usually have it, there were 2 other ladies in the shop for the same thing. 

Suite lounge again packed even earlier then previous, it reminds me of a Disney sailing concierge, lots of kids in there, going crazy with the sweets offerings. It was standing room only and the kids were having fun but I wanted to relax, not possible so we smiled and left to the diamond lounge, ahhh problem solved. Just old birds like us in there, lol. To Dudleys credit he appeared in the Diamond lounge checking if we were all right, he is a prince among men. Of course we are, no worries he profusely apologized but I told him there was nothing for him to apologize for. It's going to take a lot more then that to upset me. Dudleys attention to detail is what sets him apart. He really seems to be engaged in everyone having a great vacation.





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