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Allure of the Seas Tips

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A couple lesser known food options which also appear in Matt's list that I would strongly recommend:

Breakfast at Johnny Rockets - My wife is not a big fan of buffets so this made-to-order breakfast option if great.  The food is really good.  It has not been crowded the times we've gone there for breakfast.  If the weather is nice, it's a great option for eating breakfast outside on the Boardwalk.

Park Cafe - This is a great alternative for lunch or just a light snack throughout the day.  They have a salad bar which is a nice option when I spend most of the cruise overeating.  The staff builds the salad for you, but you let them know what you want on it.  They also have several sandwich options which are smaller in size, so you can try a couple different ones if you can't decide what you want.


The Sun Deck on Deck 14 is also a great place to get away from the action.  Follow the directions in Matt's link above on how to get there.  You feel like you're just walking to the end of a hallway.  Unfortunately, when we sailed on Allure in Oct 2021, the deck chairs on the Sun Deck were stacked and roped off so there wasn't anywhere to sit.  It was still a nice place to get away.

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There is so much to do, you're going to love it. Go see mama mia in the Theatre. Enjoy a glass of wine at Vintages in Central Park. Make sure you take in the aqua show at least once. Have a pre-dinner cocktail in the champagne bar which will go away when Allure gets amped (the robot bar has no personality). Eat outside at Chops in Central Park. Have breakfast at johnny rockets on the boardwalk (its included)...The list goes on and on...Most importantly have a great time!

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9 hours ago, loki007 said:

Go see mama mia in the Theatre.

Um.  NO.  Not even maybe.  It's NO.  I HATE Abba, and Meryl Streep is my cousin (same last name)- not a single movie of hers I like. 

But thanks, we are looking at booking on Allure.

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I have been on the Alluere with my Parents some years ago.

3 of us took the Zip Line. (I was so afraid, realley freaking afraid, i`m afraid of hieght, of flying, of loosing control but it was soooo cool. Even my Mother did, at her age of 72.)

I took private lessons on the Flow Rider, i was first timer and they taught me some tricks. It was cool it was Fun. Worth it.

The shows are always amazing epecially in the Agua Theater. DON`T forget to Book the Shows, or else you have to wait and maybe, only maybe you can nocht watch the Show. (Tip, try to watch the show from from a different view from the upper deck. Not my first choice but... you will have a other side of view.

Take a Picture with the Surf Boards in front of the stairs, where you go to the Flowrider, it`s a nice place for Photos and at Night it`s really empty.

Food. Like Matt would say. Hibachi at Izumi. try it it`s absoloutly worth it.

All Oasis Class ships are really about, Planning your Cruise, Shows, restaurants, excursions. It`s more fun to plan then standing in Lines.


Cruiser79, have fun and enjoy your Cruise, you will not regret your Choise of the Ship, the Allure are waiting for you.

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3 hours ago, CrimsonCruiser said:



I know Boardwalk Donuts has them for free on Allure but I read that they are only available in the mornings for as long as they have them (when they're gone, they're gone). I plan to send the family member who rises early to go pick some up for us once or twice on our April cruise...

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