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Lunch on Embarkation Day: What’s your go-to?


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What’s your go-to Embarkation Day Lunch? 

Windjammer is the go-to for a majority of cruisers, but I assume most people don’t know what else is even open. MDR has the Chops Grille lunch menu for The Key holders, but what’s left? 

I remember going to Park Cafe on Grandeur a few years ago right after boarding, and it was a ghost town. Inspired by Tip #3 in today’s main site post (https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/01/21/10-tips-worked-out-our-royalcaribbeanblogcom-staffers-2021), I haven’t even thought about Playmakers, this will likely be our go-to when we hit Oasis in October. 

Spill the deets! 

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We never had a real go-to before. Our first cruise, we ended up getting on just before muster, then our luggage came and we were so hungry and exhausted we just ordered room service.

For our second and 3rd  I think we did Windjammer and Sorrento's respectively.

But on our 4th cruise we were on Odyssey and had access to Coastal Kitchen. It was so nice to sit back in a calm atmosphere and enjoy being waited on that I'm pretty sure it has become an instant go to if the ship has one.

And fortunately we're on Allure this year!

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